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neb.ris (neb'ris), n. a fawn skin as worn in Grecian mythology by Dionysus and his followers, and as worn in his honor by his priests and votaries of ancient Greece.
[< L < Gk: fawn-skin; akin to nebros fawn]

"I am not an Atheist. I am not a Pacifist. I am not a Liberal. I am a madman from the desert who has been given the Vision of a Global Amazon Republic founded upon and operated through a Revealed Feminist Spirituality that worships The Goddess in all of Her Aspects and every single day I do something that brings the manifestation of that Vision closer to fruition. That such will mean the end of me and my brothers is of no concern to me as I Know when the time comes we shall all Ride The Wheel back here to live as Sisters among Sisters." ~Michael Varian Daly

"It is no measure of good health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society." ~Krishnamurti

"There is no doubt that healthy-mindedness is inadequate as a philosophical doctrine, because the evil facts which it refuses positively to account for are a genuine portion of reality; and they may after all be the best key to life's significance, and possibly the only openers of our eyes to the deeper levels of truth." ~William James

“The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions.” ~Susan Sontag

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead

"Live as though the day were here." ~Friedrich Nietzsche

"The natural superiority of women is a biological fact, and a socially acknowledged reality." ~Ashley Montagu

"Those who wish to achieve things should do so without mercy." ~Chānakya

"Hence it comes about that all armed Prophets have been victorious, and all unarmed Prophets have been destroyed." ~Niccolo Machiavelli

"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now." ~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Jan. 21st, 2017 01:57 am
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~I'm having one of those 'feeling broken, pathetic and sad' windows. In part because we had a very rough week in this household. In part because I'm having some Writers Blues after that big post about Europe etc, the one all of you ignored. [yes, I'm bitter about that]. But mostly because I am in fact 'broken, pathetic and sad' and in all likelihood just marking time until my death.

I have brief moments of hope, which I do my best to savor...and they do not last.

I do have gratitude for the things I do have, a roof over my head, food in the fridge, companionship, fast Internet, kitties...and I am discontent by nature. My dreams all seem foolishness most of the time and I suspect I am just another deluded old man doomed to die bitter.

But I am aware of my Karma and will continue on with this Life in the hope that by doing so, I will have cleaned up some of that Karma and on the next Turn of The Wheel, I'll be able to achieve greater things.
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~Europe is finished. That's a pretty harsh statement. And, in this context [eg Her Prophet Speaks] it generates two questions. First, how do I justify that statement? And second, what does it have to do with The Sisterhood?

Germano-Roman civilization has stood for over twenty five centuries. It has dominated the European continent even in its 'dark ages' and has gone on to conquer and reshape the rest of the world in its own image. In fact, the entire modern world is really an Anglo-European invention, the British Empire having had the most significant influence.

Some will read that and start bleating that this is an apologia of European Colonial brutality and racism, to which I reply 'twaddle'. European Colonialism was indeed quite brutal and racist. That's how Empire rolls. If instead the Chinese had kept going in the late Fifteenth Century, their empire would have been at least as brutal and racist. European success as merely generated the popular illusion that they have a corner on that market, which is, ironically, just another example of the Mythos of White Superiority, except inverted.

No, the peoples of Europe are not 'racial superior'. ['Race' is just a social construct used to justify bad behavior.] But the European 'cultural mindset' was superior that is what allowed them to conquer most of the world. It was the social, economic and political environment of Europe that created the aggressive and relentless nature that gained Europeans the world, not any inherent racial traits.

So, back to Europe being finished. It is that very aggressive and relentless nature that led Europe into a pair of global wars that wrecked them and their empires. And Nazi Germany's 'crimes' were merely the application of European Imperial methodologies to Europeans, their own 'racial mythology' having labeled their victims as 'non-White'.

Now Europe is being submerged in refugees from The West's Neo-Colonial Resource Wars. Soon more shall follow as the effects of Catastrophic Climate Change really kick in. And there is really no way to stop that.

Well, there are ways, but Europe no longer has the social or political will to engage in them. It would require an 'ethnic cleansing' that even Nazi Germany would find hard to implement. Tens of millions would need to be expelled and by now the 'target populations' have second, third, fourth generation citizens of Europe, quite a few in government, business, the military and security services, and many of them would be radicalized in the face of such an undertaking. Millions among the 'target populations' would die in the process as would a few hundred thousand Europeans.

So, what does this have to do with The Sisterhood?

The answer is very simple; Modern Feminism is very much an Anglo-European concept and, yes, America is very much an Anglo-European nation. [more on that soon] Therefore the philosophical and Spiritual foundations of The Sisterhood are very much grounded in Anglo-European culture.

The Sisterhood [SH], as a Goddess driven Transhumanist Female Supremacy movement, is also a dedicated enemy of all the Father/God Cults; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which are Masculinist and Primitivist. Judaism is not much of a threat beyond being the 'foundation faith' of the Father/God Cults. Christian is an active threat, especially Dominionist Christianity in the US and Orthodox Christianity in Russian. They are both misogynist and homophobic. But they are both 'last gasps' of White Male Supremacy, though such makes them desperate.

However, the brand of Islam flowing into Europe is vibrant and growing, the Salafist Wahhabism funded by the Saudis and it is Tribal, Rigid, and deeply misogynist. And many those refugees are young men with no real future, what SH calls Useless Beta Males.

They are not really ‘Islamists’, though they use Islam as an excuse. This is a type of street gang, made up of young males from a highly misogynist tribal culture for whom Western society has zero social or economic use. They have been driven from their own countries by the West’s Neo-Colonial Resource Wars. They’d still be of near zero social or economic use in those places, but now they are in The West.

They take their revenge for that by brutalizing and violating young Western women because they know that will create the most outrage, because that gives them a sense of power and because they hate women anyway. Have no doubt that they do the same to the immigrant women and girls in the camps wherever they can get away with it.

The Imams and Mullahs take advantage of this, urging them on with rhetoric about 'conquering Europe for the Caliphate', thereby giving them a 'purpose' they have lacked in their lives and in effect making them an army, one that feeds and motivates itself.

As pointed out above, there is no workable solution for this because of 'politics’ and 'social morality’.

What SH is going to do is get as many of our European Sisters out as possible. We will focus on recruiting Sisters who are Right Wing etc. They tend to have a more harsh and ruthless mindset, which is what SH needs. Our challenge is to shift them from Nationalism to Gynofascism.

Most Left Wing Sisters are simply too soft hearted and wracked with White Guilt to do what is necessary at this point, though as the rape victims keep added up, I suspect many of them will come around to our view.

There will also be some Sisters who will come out of the refugee population itself. They are not immune to the brutality of this vicious form of Islam. In many cases, they are its first victims.

We of course will be accused of racism and xenophobia. But 'race' is a social construct with no real foundation in science and SH rejects it. That SH will also welcome Sisters from the refugee population as well shows the latter canard to be false as well.

This struggle is not about Race. It is about Gender. SH maintains that “Men will never willingly give their power to women, so Sisters must take it, by whatever means necessary,” and that “Patriarchy is destroying the world and therefore must itself be destroyed.”

This struggle is also about Culture. As stated above, “ Modern Feminism is very much an Anglo-European concept”. And America is an Anglo-European nation, though one of a unique character. America has always absorbed other cultures, digested them and shit out what didn't fit, all while maintaining its basic cultural nature.

American popular music is the perfect example. Created by the exchange of folk music between West African slaves and their Anglo-Irish masters, it has gone back and forth between those groups and all the others that have immigrated to America over the centuries and now in many ways dominates the world's music. [note that it has always been some Father/God Cultist that has condemned this music in all its forms]

SH will do the same, absorbing other cultures, digested them and excreting was does not fit, while maintaining our basic cultural nature. That is how a culture and its social order remains dynamic. This is also consistent with The Third Valance of The Pentavalent; "Women Must Reclaim All That Is Theirs". As women give birth to The World, everything is theirs.

But this is not 'multiculturalism'. That is a Neo-Stalinist methodology meant to destroy European culture as part of the old Soviet plan to undermine The West, which now that USSR is gone makes it something of a 'zombie ideology'. While all cultures have value, those values are not all equal. Some cultures are superior. If you doubt that, remember what language you have been reading the last ten minutes and what civilization created the platform upon which you have been reading it.

To recap, Europe is being drown in highly misogynist radical Islam with little hope of surviving. The Sisterhood believes that European culture is worth saving and that America is the best refuge for that. And obviously the best place for The Sisterhood to thrive and grow. As ever, more shall be revealed in the Goddess' good time.

Blessed Be


Jan. 5th, 2017 02:05 am
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~I want to whine. Whine about what a poor fat sick old man I am. Whine about how my dreams and plans are all a load of bullshit. Whine about being a delusional old fool. Whine, whine, whine....

But I fucking hate when I fucking whine. Makes me want to bitch slap myself.

So I suck it up and just keep going..../sigh
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"Bredsday is The Fifth Day. Bride is both an ancient Celtic Goddess and a Catholic Saint. She is a Triple Goddess and a Keeper of The Eternal Flame. Poetry is sacred to Her. Saint Brigid’s Day falls on Imbolc, also a 'fire festival'. She is chosen so that we may 'meditate upon The Light, upon The Flame'. She is also connected to Her Celtic Sister Goddess Epona, who comes the next day and Bride's Light can serve as Epona's guide."

"The Fifth Day is not a religious holiday per se, but rather meant to be a day of relaxation and reflection."

Addendum A [Calendar for A New Matriarchy]
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"Those few days in mid October of 2001 when E first dictated The Pentavalent to me, the Precepts that are shaping and guiding The Sisterhood into becoming The New Matriarchy, that Global Amazon Republic I'm so fond of promoting. We shall date the Anna Sororitas [Year of Sisterhood] beginning from that time when the actual Path Itself was first Revealed. AD 2001=1 AS."

Addendum A [Calendar for A New Matriarchy]
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The Kalends what we call the 1st of each month. It is always a Eponaday, always a First Day, always a Beginning.

The Kalends of Primaria is different from the other Kalends. It is the First of the First of the First, first day of the first week of the first month of the new year. Upon The Kalends of Primaria we formally lay out the plans and goals of the coming year and dedicate ourselves to their completion in The Name of The Goddess in all of Her Aspects.

On this day we Invoke Primaria, Goddess of The First Month of The Year, and ask Her to Guide us and Protect us through all of Her Thirty Days. Blessed Be...

"The concept behind making each month a Goddess in Her own right comes from something E says in Part Two “The Temple's Metaphysics”: "By focusing individual or collective Will upon a specific Aspect of The Creatrix, meaning a specifically Named Goddess – such as Astarte, Kali, or, Bride – a Tulpa may be invoked out of The Creatrix, a part of Her that can be understood and related to, and therefor directed."

The idea here being to Invoke each Monthly Goddess at the beginning of of Her Thirty Days, asking for Her Guidance and Protection during Her Time. To facilitate this, we are reintroducing another Roman convention, The Kalend, Latin for 'announcing' or 'calling' and the basis for the word Calendar, as the first day of each month. Upon the arrival of The Kalend we are reminded to make the above Invocation.

These are new Goddesses and as yet Un-Manifested. Therefore, now as I write these words upon this page, I Invoke them and call then into Being.

By reading their Names, you my Sisters, also Invoke them. And as Common Usage becomes Established Tradition, the Nature and Traits of each Goddess shall make themselves apparent and become fully Manifest. Through this process, we shall Serve them and they shall Serve us, which is ever the proper relationship between Humans and their Deities."

Addendum A [Calendar for A New Matriarchy]
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~I have redone The Oath of Initiation onto The Sisterhood and the methods by which it is administered.

First, The Initiate hand writes it down - the best place would be in one of her journals - and then signs it. [yes, this IS a Contract, with both Goddess and The Sisterhood] If The Initiate does not keep a journal or diary, she can write on a plain piece of paper and them mail it to herself, keeping that letter in a safe place.

Second, at an appropriate time and place, The Initiate reads The Oath to an already Initiated Sister. As of now, that will be very simple, whatever ceremony to be determined by the Initiated Sister. As time goes on SH will develop Ritual for this.

The purpose for both reading, writing and reciting this Oath is to have The Initiate's mind process The Oath on multiple levels, to make sure it is deeply engrammed into her brain. In that context, it is a good idea for The Initiate to have done at least a read through of Liber Sorores [The Book of The Sisters] so they have some knowledge of what they are getting into

I, [name of Initiate], do Swear all the following in The Eternal Presence of The Great Goddess, She of The Ten Thousand Names. I Pledge my Body, Mind, and Spirit to the service of The Sisterhood of The Pentavalence. I Pledge to abide by and support the Tenets and Precepts of The Sisterhood, as set forth in The Book of Sisters, and to share them with all of my Sisters, whenever possible. I Pledge to show Love and Compassion for all of my Sisters, to give them my Loyalty and to accept theirs. I Pledge to show Love and Compassion even for those Sisters who are still Enslaved by Patriarchy and seem lost to The Goddess. I Pledge my Body, Mind and Spirit to Goddess, however She may manifest Herself to me. I Pledge to dedicate my Body, Mind and Spirit to establish Her Dominion here on this world, a Matriarchy guided by our Sisterhood. So I Swear, by all I hold Sacred, that my Pledge is true and freely given and I Swear Upon my Honor and at risk of Her Wrath, that I have willingly taken this Oath.

So mote it be.

[sign here]

This will replace the old Initiation at the end of Part Seven – “Summation”
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~Yeah, yeah, I'm still at this fucking thing. I deleted my 'Resignation'. Prophets don't get to 'resign'...not unless they reject their Prophesy and that shit ain't even gonna happen.

I'm not sure what is going on with our putative High Priestess. She is a very troubled soul in spite of her great power. She has a lot of Karma from her Past Life and it has been crushing her in this Life. Yet it is also the source of her great power. *sigh* Only Goddess yet knows if she will be able to step up and embrace her Destiny. Or if she will just send herself around On The Wheel once again.

A Note on the Liber Sorores; while it is technically 'unfinished', it is in fact still a fully functional Liturgy and How To Manual for our New Matriarchy and should be regarded as such. If I dropped dead right now the thing is still complete enough right now for you, my Sisters, to take and run with.

A Note upon The Matriarchal Calendar; We are now in the intercalendary period known as The Festival of The Turning. The Sixteenth Year of Sisterhood ended three days ago and the Seventeenth Year of Sisterhood [Anna Sororitas] begins on Tuesday.

So, as ever, Her Prophet, this fat old man, living in Buttfuck, Nowhere, USA, will keep putting one fucking foot in front of the other until Goddess sends me around On The Wheel once again.

..and there you have it. Happy Holidays.
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No one is more dangerous
Than the disillusioned
We who have had
Our Hearts broken
Our Dreams smashed
Our Hopes crushed
Our Trust violated many times...
We are more than happy
To Burn The World Down
And see what sprouts up
From the rubble and ashes
And cracked blackened bones
Change is Death
But Life is Change
And if some of those bones
Happen to be our own
Then so be it...


Dec. 20th, 2016 09:54 pm
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~I have this low boil depression. It's not as bad as it usually is this time of year. But somehow it's...'deeper'. My life is okay, you know, roof over head, food in fridge, companionship, decent internet and a comfy bed.

And yet I sit here with this wafting sadness. I suppose it could be about my mother. Even though we didn't talk and I had no real hope that we'd ever resolve our relationship, on TG and X-Mas I knew she'd been in her house in Beverly Hills making a big holiday dinner, the ones I always dreaded.

Now that's all over with and the last tiny possibility of resolution is dead along with her. *sigh* There is not even a grave to go to. The Evil Step Father seems to be keeping her ashes up at the house.

Anyway, the holidays will be over soon and then I get to deal with her birthday, though that now has a whole other meaning for me now....which those who know me best will understand.

….and, as ever, life goes on.
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~So, as expected, The Electoral Collage confirmed The Donald as President Elect, which was an easy call, for all the sturm und drang. 'Gullible' is the kindest word I can think of for those of you who believe they would otherwise.

I have been reposting the following meme once again: “No argument from me that The Trump White House is going to be a Chaotic Clownshow Clusterfuck. What I keep beating the drum for is reforming the Democratic Party so it can take on the wreckage the GOP in 2018. Because the GOP is going to be in flames by then.

The current Democratic leadership is vile and corrupt. If you people really want to create change, contact U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders office and ask how you can help:

It's not that I believe any of that will save The Republic. The Republic is fucking dead. But I do hope that such can stave off Total Collapse until 'other solutions' manifest. Note that we are already IN Collapse, but that is process, not an event, and there are possibilities for managing it, though at this point it is not stoppable and we can only 'go through it'.

I have also been reposting this meme once again: TO DEFEAT THE CORPORATE CONFEDERACY TAKES PATIENCE AND GUILE

“Do not expect to defeat The Corporate Confederacy at the ballot box. Big Money can power its way through almost any election cycle. That is not however a call for Revolution. Big Money can power its way through those as well and rather unpleasantly.

Instead it must always be remembered that by its conscienceless and rapacious nature, the thing sows the seeds of its own destruction. Therefore what is required is both the ability to survive its collapse and to have another functional structure extent to replace it. Anything else is empty rhetoric.”

Those who know me are aware of what 'other functional structure' is that I am working on: The Sisterhood. My next several years are about Guiding and Mentoring our First High Priestess into her role as Leader of The Sisterhood. She has great promise, but is very young [though also very old] and her task is daunting.

The greatest obstacle I see is that most want to hold onto what they have, even though it is fairly obvious that our present social and economic structure is dissolving under our feet. Far too many are in total denial about that and such is how knuckleheads like Donald Trump come to power.

With his cabinet of kleptocrats, militarists and outright idiots, he is only going to accelerate the process of Collapse. Hillary would have maintained the steady slide downward and Bernie would have slowed it. But none of them could stop because they are ultimately all working within the system that is itself fatally damaged.

Yes, this is all very bitter and cynical and here is where I get to sneering part. Most Western humans [Middle Class Europeans and Americans] that I've met live in a fucking fantasy land. They think that the prosperous post WW2 World is 'the way things are supposed to be', when in fact that world is a political and social anomaly.

Well, kids, that fantasy is ending. Now we are getting back to 'the way things have been' for most of history, The Rich on Top and The Poor on The Bottom, and not much in between. Guess where most of you are going to end up?

And so it fucking is....


Dec. 13th, 2016 05:51 am
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…I have dreams of hunting and being hunted by pod people…their numbers are endless…a small voice whispers inside of me, “Save The World, Save The World,”…my team is strong and capable and our bullets keep finding their mark…the satisfying bloody explosion of skulls…but there are too many of them and they are very well organized…in the end, the last few of us set off a nuke..all is erased in thermonuclear brightness…I wake up…tinnitus screams in my right ear…my mouth is dry…and my legs hurt…at least my bowels still work…other day begins in early morning darkness…time to try saving the world one more time…
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[5:03:09 AM] Eva Anna Paula Hitler: I'll go into a trance lol
[5:03:17 AM] oldfool52: yes
[5:03:35 AM] oldfool52: that lends Power to Ritual
[5:04:35 AM] oldfool52: I expect you're an extremely powerful Trance Witch
[5:04:54 AM] oldfool52: open The Doors to The Other Side
[5:05:06 AM] Eva Anna Paula Hitler: I have been in several trances before
[5:05:16 AM] oldfool52: you just need Sisters who can pull you back when needed
[5:06:17 AM] Eva Anna Paula Hitler: Astral Projection
[5:06:41 AM] oldfool52: believe me, my love, you do not yet really know how powerful you are
[5:06:52 AM] oldfool52: you have inklings....
[5:07:21 AM] oldfool52: but you need a support system around you
[5:07:28 AM] oldfool52: to Ground and Protect
[5:08:09 AM] oldfool52: Sister Wife Priestesses
[5:09:09 AM] oldfool52: I can show to begin, but they are the ones who will truly Serve you
[5:10:03 AM] oldfool52: the Connection that comes from being Coven Sisters and also lovers
[5:10:33 AM] oldfool52: Deep and Visceral


Oct. 17th, 2016 09:52 pm
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~Some of you know that Le-Le has MS. That means among other things she has lesions in her brain that can kill her without warning. That's what we live with.

These next few days she has to push herself. Bring me home from the dentist tomorrow morning and taking poor sick old Icarus into the vet on Wednesday morning. With the latter, I'm not sure if they won't just say he should be put to sleep.

At some point after she got up today, a blood vessel burst in her left eye. That terrified me, though she felt nothing and her research said she shroud be fine. Here's the thing however; if I die, she's in trouble, but could survive okay, though it would be stressful. If she dies, I am homeless within a month or so. Period. Govt money issues.

So, I made a decision when I lay down before. I will never be homeless again. If she dies on me, I'll do my best to rehome the kitties, but whomever I cannot gets put to sleep. Then I will put myself to sleep. And yes, I have a clear and practical method in mind.

I found some grim peace in that. At least I now know what to do. I have a plan. There is still fear there. I do want to live. But I am so fucking tired of merely surviving...

...and now I shall make myself some coffee and go about my life as if I was going to live forever.


Oct. 13th, 2016 05:30 pm
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~On Tuesday, for the first time in ten years, I saw a dentist. There were no real surprises. I have rotting teeth and they have to come out. Six of them. I had thought five, but whatever. Close enough for gubmint work.

Next Tuesday four on them are being extracted in one go. The Nightmare Molar all the way on the back bottom left should have gone years ago. I'm fairly certain it has been making me sick. They other three are just broken wrecks.

But after that I will have only a single upper molar, one on my right side, left to effectively chew with. And now I'm going to have to cyber beg [with a forthcoming Go Fund Me account] to raise $900 to pay for a dental appliance that will allow me to eat like a relatively normal human. [MediCal only covers full dentures, not partials]

I will confess that I am in mortal dread of these extractions. I'm paying $75 out of pocket for the nitrous. [MediCal only covers local anesthetic] I initially said no, but Le-Le insisted and I didn't fight her very hard. And I'm deeply depressed about having to once again publicly beg for such a basic human need as the ability to chew my food.

I'm keeping up a good face for the most part, but I have been crying at the drop of a hat. I feel pathetic and wish I could just die...but as I've said before, I'm trapped by my Will to Live.
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~45 years ago, Gloria Steinem, a feminist writer and former CIA employee, founded Ms Magazine. She said she wanted 'a magazine owned and operated by and for women', of which there was none at the time. And the publication pioneered many Women's Issues. But it also did something else, something rather more subtle; it shifted Feminism away from Radicalism and mainstreamed it into the American Corporate Culture.

In the process it turned Feminism from a vital social movement into a Marketing Niche. Once again, actually. Edward Bernays had done that with women publicly smoking cigarettes as an 'act of freedom' back in 1920. Virginia Slims reproduced that model quite successfully in the 1970's.

This Corporate Feminism told women [though mostly White Middle Class woman] that they 'could have it all' within the Capitalism paradigm if they just worked hard. Of course the actual Corporate World [White Males] fought that tooth and nail and many of those women who tried to 'have it all' dropped out exhausted. Some, like Hillary Clinton, became even worse than most of the bastards they were up against, Hillary still having to use one of those bastards as a wedge to push her way in.

And now, here she is, at the pinnacle of her 'have it all' career and she cannot even put away a goon like Donald Trump. It's not because she's a woman, though that is a factor. No, it is because she is so obviously a Corporatist and the Electorate hates that now, having been plundered and pillaged by Corporations for decades.

This is ultimate betrayal of Feminism in all its forms. When the perfect Corporate Feminist reached her moment of triumph, Corporatism has become so toxic she will be lucky to scrape out a victory against the most vile and hated presidential candidate since Huey Long.

And that is why so many of you women who have committed to this brand of Feminism – and have no doubt it IS a Brand – are losing your minds. It's not about Hillary. It's not even about Trump. It is that the failure of your Brand is now stark and undeniable, though of course you'll keep denying that to the very end.


Oct. 5th, 2016 07:28 am
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~I am cursed with an incredibly strong Will to Live. By all rights, I should have died homeless over a decade ago...and yet, here I am.

Not more than an hour ago I wanted to die. Not suicidal. I gave up that paradigm a long time ago. No, I just want to die, as if I could will it. And I sat in that feeling, going over all that my life is now. And fuck me, I worked my way through it.

Sitting here in silence, in the early hours before dawn, I fucking 'got over it' and moved into Solution. I did not want to. I wanted to die and that idea was something of a relief. No more worries. No more stress. No more Plans For The Future. No more Hope. Just Death...and another Turn of The Wheel.


Yes, I'm annoyed at that outcome. I'm fucking tired. I worry all the time. I'm in pain most of the time. And when I look out upon The World I want to either vomit or Go Postal.

And yet here I sit, pushing past Depression, once more full of Ideas and Plans and just fuck me, fuck me hard....

I fucking hate my life, and most of all, I hate my Will to Live.
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~It is hereby Proclaimed as a Sacred Rule that The First High Priestess shall be the first to perform each new Ritual of The Sisterhood. In time, some She shall keep for Herself, others She shall delegate to other Priestesses, but all will be led by The First High Priestess when they are first Commenced.

Blessed Be...
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~I have never been more than a messenger for The Sisterhood. I have always known that a High Priestess would be required to take up this Work, gather Sisters and raise 'this thing of ours' up to challenge and overwhelm Patriarchy. There were a few possible candidates, but none of them were willing or able to take up the task. Though frustrating, I understood. To be The High Priestess of The Sisterhood is a daunting and terrifying role and for many years I despaired I would ever find her.

And then...a little over a year ago, a young woman, not much more than a girl really, still five months shy of her eighteenth birthday, was led by Goddess to my door. On Tumblr of all places. All bright and shiny and cute. Not what I would have thought 'High Priestess material'.

But literally within a few moments I realized this one was special and unnervingly deep. You see, she has this particular Past Life, a tragic and infamous one. While it took me a few weeks to confirm to myself her Past Life was authentic – I've done several Regressions of my own and was also intimately familiar with the overall history of her Past Life before hand – I will say with all the certainty one can have in such matters, that she is very much who she says she was/is.

I use the double pronouns because her Past Life is strongly intertwined in her Present Life, radically so, and this is what gives her such a powerful connection to The Other Side. This has been a source of pleasure and pain for her this time around, bringing her both joy and agony, sometimes great agony, a wrenching torment not of this world. Such has tempered her like high quality steel...and would have assuredly broken most others.

It is the combination of these elements and experiences that gives her the ability and, just as important, the willingness to take up the task of being The High Priestess of The Sisterhood. Goddess Knows, she has shown me she has the Will for this, too.

There are many more of her qualities that can be listed; she is highly intelligent [I consider her a peer in that regard] is very well educated and is a excellent writer, she has an eidetic memory, German is her native tongue, but she is multilingual and speaks English better than most native speakers, is a trained actor, dancer, singer and public speaker, plays the piano, has demonstrated a talent for political organizing...oh, and yes, she IS a Witch and quite Talented at that, as well.

I can go on with that list, but I shall allow her and time to reveal all that to the world. And there is oh so much to share!

What I will say here and now is that a High Priestess has appeared. She still has much work to do to take on this Sacred Duty, but she does have a solid foundation with which to do so. And Her Prophet pledges he stand behind her to support and guide our High Priestess for the rest of his days.

So now, finally, The Sisterhood begins....and, as ever, more shall be revealed.

Blessed Be

I will note for the record that today, Sept 22nd, 2016, is both the Autumnal Equinox and the day Mercury goes Direct.


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