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polyamory, n.
poly • am • ory
The fact of having simultaneous close romantic relationships with two or more other individuals, viewed as an alternative to monogamy, esp. in regard to matters of sexual fidelity; the custom or practice of engaging in multiple romantic relationships with the knowledge and consent of all partners concerned. —Oxford English Dictionary, 2006
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If each day falls
inside each night,
there exists a well
where clarity is imprisoned.

We need to sit on the rim
of the well of darkness
and fish for fallen light
with patience.

Si cade día cae
dentro de cade noche
hay un pozo
donde la claridad está encerrada.

Hay que sentarse a la orilla
del pozo de la sombra
y pescar de la sombra
y pescar luz caída
con paciencia.
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~Given that I am an admittedly fanatic proponent of Female Supremacy, it is entirely understandable that one would think me a sexually submissive male...and one would be totally wrong. I am in fact an aggressive and dominant Sexual Sadist, what is called a Bondage Master. I take great pleasure from inflicting sexual pain, though my own tastes run purely to Masochists who themselves take pleasure from soaking up that manner of punishment.

But that is why, my Sisters, when I tell you all these harsh truths about my Brothers, you really need to believe me. I think just like them and have seen the kind of world that thinking has produced. I simply have had a Spiritual Awakening and am now more concerned with the survival of our species rather than the needs of my own still Beloved Cock. [being old helps]

However, such has not change my nature one wit. If anything, that has sharpened it...and part of my Work is to show you, my Sisters, exactly how you need to handle my Brothers if you wish to make this world safe for yourselves and your Daughters. And trust me, that is not through 'peace, love and understanding'.

It is via The Boot and The Whip, things my Brothers understand on a visceral level. My Sisters, only when you have completely sexually dominated them via their Reptile Brains will your Path to Power truly unfold before you...

...and so it is.
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~The late winter rains were coming down hard. Erika watched them spatter against the reinforced French doors of her private office and sighed. She'd had a long day dealing with the usual crises that came with Monsoon Season in SoCal. She was safe and dry here in The Sisterhood's fortress Security Headquarters high up along the crest of the Santa Monica Mountains, but the winter storms created problems for Sisterhood operations throughout the rest of the city and as SH Security Chief, those were her problems, too.

She had most of them handled and had finally relaxed for a bit when her door chimed.

“Come in!” she snapped rather more harshly than she planned.

The door opened and she was relieved to see it was Saramina, her newest trainee assistant, tall, tan, with long dark hair, which she now wore up. Erika had only just taken her to bed a week ago. Everyone who applied for the position knew that Mistress Erika would seduce them, so don't sign up if you're not prepared for that.

Given the legends around her, the waiting list to be Mistress Erika's assistant was quite long.

Erika smiled at her, noted she was carrying a good sized package. “And what do you have there?”

Saramina smiled, bowed her head slightly. “It comes from the Special Biologicals Bureau, your Grace.” She placed the package on Erika's desk, waited.

Erika distractedly waved her hand at the nearest chair, focused her attention on the package. Saramina sat.

The package had a holomessage strip attached. Erika pressed her right thumb on it, activating the thing. It glowed and projected a hologram in the air just over the package, the head of a dark skinned woman with a blonde buzz cut. She looked all business.

“Greetings, Your Grace,” the projection said. “I am Doctor Aurora Kidane, assistant director of the Special Biologicals Bureau. This package contains your personal Mark Six Bioform Phallus, Detachable. It has been fully tested and is ready for general use. This particular Mark Six is of course made from your DNA and will work only with your body.”

“Well, fuck me,” Erika muttered. “The old bastard has kept his promise.”

The projection continued. “The Mark Six is inside its nutrient container, which, like the Mark Six, is keyed to respond to your DNA only. Inside the package you will find a full set of operating instructions. If you have any problems or questions, please contact me. Blessings upon you, your Grace.” The projection faded.

Saramina stirred. “Your Grace,” she said, her voice a whisper. “Is that a Bitch Rod?”

Erika gave her a wicked grin. “Yes, my dear. It seems so. Would you like to help me break it in?”

Saramina flushed a deep red. “Oh yes, Mistress,” she said in a husky tone.

“Good,” Erika said. “Seal the door and block all non-emergency messages.”

Erika pressed her right thumb to the strip and the package opened to reveal an egg-like container that appeared to be ceramic, its surface a swirl of pastel colors. On its top was a diaphragm portal. Next to that was another holomessage strip. Erika keyed it.

For the next few minutes the hologram played, showing in minuet detail the nature and function of the Mark Six. Erika and Saramina watched in quiet amazement. When it was finished, they were both very quiet.

“Well,” Erika said finally. “That was something.”

“Yes,” said Saramina in an even more soft whisper.

They looked at each other and grinned like naughty children. Erika pulled off her pants and panties, while Saramina began to undress entirely. As was Sisterhood custom, they were both clean shaven.

Naked below the waist, Erika placed her thumb on the diaphragm portal, which fanned open, revealing a mass of bright and moist pink tissue. Within a second or so, a phallic glans emerged through the pink mass. Erika grasped it firmly, but gently, and withdrew the entire thing.

The first two thirds of the thing looked like a normal uncircumcised human penis when almost entirely tumescent, in this instance about eight inches in length and two and half inches in girth. It glistened with the residual moistness of the nutrient fluid.

Where it differed was at the other end. At the base of that first eight inches curved 'pad' that projected from the shaft. It was of the same tissue, but there was cartilage beneath the skin, flexible, but strong. Its shape was near vertical 'above' the shaft, but almost a crescent curve 'below', both edges being soft and rounded.

Past that 'pad' the shaft continued for another five inches with a very different knobby texture and a kind of bulged tapering.

Erika laughed. “It looks like a large purple pickle.” Saramina giggled uncontrollably.

Erika gave her a wicked grin. “On your knees,” she commanded. Saramina sobered, inhaled deeply and knelt before Erika.

Erika stood with her legs apart and Saramina quickly moved her face between Erika's thighs and began licking. Erika gasped slightly. After just a few moments she stroked Saramina's hair. “That's good,” she said.

Erika squatted slightly, opening up her thighs a bit more. Grasping the 'cock' end of the shaft, she guided the 'knobby' end to her vaginal lips and then slipped the thing up inside of her.

Triggered by contact with her own now increasing vaginal secretions, it immediately began to attach itself, micro-fine tendrils extending, seeking matching tissue. Erika gasped as they pierced into her flesh, stinging and tingling. As she got the far end all the way up into her vaginal canal, the pad secured itself onto her labia and clitoris and sealed itself into her skin, the tendrils penetrating into her lips and clit.

She swayed a bit, the sensations making her dizzy.

Saramina looked alarmed. “Are you okay?” she asked, frowning.

Erika steadied herself, got a funny little smile. “Yes...I think so.” She shook herself a bit. “This feels...really fucking weird.”

Saramina didn't respond. She was too distracted by watching Erika's new 'cock' growing to full tumescence, the glans completely emerging from the foreskin. “Fuck,” she whispered.

Erika looked down at her new...'appendage'. “Fuck,” she whispered slightly louder than Saramina. Then got a wicked grim, looked at Saramina. “You know what to do,” she said with more than a hint of command.

Saramina smiled with a mixture of nervousness and anticipation, then leaned forward and took the thing in her mouth.

Erika shuddered, gasped loudly. “Ohshitfuckme!” she exclaimed.

Saramina pulled back abruptly. “Are you okay?”

“Yes! Yes!” Erika said breathlessly. “Keep going,” she said with urgency.

Saramina leaned forward again, once more taking Erika's 'cock' into her mouth.

Erika hissed, “Yesssss...” and put her hand on Saramina's head, pushing her down. Saramina now began to move her mouth and lips on the shaft with more confidence and vigor. Erika moaned and gasped, slowly thrusting her hips back and forth.

Saramina pulled back, took Erika's 'cock' out of her mouth. Erika looked down at her with an expression of both lust and concern. “What's the matter, darling?”

Saramina blushed, smiled shyly. “I've never sucked a cock before,” she said softly.

Erika grinned widely, pulled Saramina to her feet, kissed her deeply, passionately, then said, “Darling, you're a natural cocksucker.”

They both laughed loudly, then Saramina dropped back to her knees and began sucking Erika's 'cock' with enthusiasm. Erika's moans and gasps got very loud and intense. After several minutes of that she pushed Saramina off and down unto the thick Persian rug that covered the floor.

Erika climbed on top of Saramina, kissed her. “You ready, girl?” she rasped.

Saramina was near ecstatic. “Yes, Mistress,” she growled, “Fuck me with your cock!”

They both laughed at that. Erika knew what to do. She'd used strap-ons many times. She pulled Saramina's legs apart, held the shaft of her 'cock', then slowly slide it into her warm deep wetness. She began to shudder a bit as she did so. This feeling was new.

When Erika had fully entered her, they both let out a long deep sigh, unaware they'd been holding their breath.

“Ohhhh, this is sooo nice,” Erika coo'd, holding herself in place.

“Oh, yes,” said Saramina softly. “Much better than a strap-on.

Erika got an evil smile. “This is how men maintained control for so long.” Then she pulled it out a few inches and thrust back in. Saramina gasped with pleasure.

They looked into each others eye, smiled. “Death to Patriarchy,” Erika said. Their smiles widened. “Death to Patriarchy!” Saramina yelled.

Then Erika began to fuck her in earnest, thrusting in and out rigorously. Saramina clutched her tightly, thrusting her hips back against Erika's fucking just as hard, had the first of her many orgasms.

After a few minutes Erika started to have what she knew was an orgasm, but unlike any she'd ever had before in her life. She arched her back, holding her 'cock' deep inside Saramina, her body rigid. Her 'cock' gushed liquid in violent spurts. That lasted nearly a minute. Then she collapsed on Saramina, who hugged her tight.

Then Erika rolled off, lay next to her.

“Wow!” Erika exclaimed. “Yeah,” Saramina said earnestly.

They lay there quietly for a moment. Saramina noticed an the juice running out of her pussy, tasted it. “Yup, defo femme ejack.” She gripped Erika's still mostly erect 'cock'. “This thing is a fucking miracle.” Erika smiled at her, still a bit overwhelmed.

Saramina leaned over and began to suck on Erika's 'cock' once again. Erika signed contentedly. It became fully hard almost immediately. Saramina shifted, swung her leg over Erika and mounted her, quickly sliding her 'cock' inside her pussy. She smiled down at Erika. “My turn now, Mistress.” Erika smiled, made a slight thrusting move with her hips. “Do your worst,” she said with a leer.

They went at it like for another three hours, in several positions, then retired to the office shower. Where they spent another forty minutes or so, Erika fucking Saramina hard up against the shower wall while hot water flowed over their bodies.

After toweling off, they padded naked back into Erika's office. It was still pouring outside.

“Moment of truth,” Erika said, giving her 'cock' a few more rubs with a towel and regarding the egg sharped container on her desk.

She placed her thumb on the designated place and the diaphragm on top fanned open, revealing the pink tissue inside. Carefully, she slipped the head of her 'cock' into the tissue. Immediately, the meat of the 'cock' began to detach itself from her flesh. She gasped a bit as all the micro-fine tendrils began to rapidly withdraw...and then it was separated. She slid the entire thing into the opening, where it was swallowed up completely, the diaphragm cycling shut.

“Goddess fuck,” they whispered simultaneously. They looked at each other, grinned widely. “This fucking changes everything,” said Erika.

Saramina nodded. “Yes, your Grace. Everything.”

Erika picked up her panties, gave Saramina a kiss.

“Back to business, darling.”

They dressed quickly. Erika sat behind her desk, Saramina in her usual chair.

“Take a letter,” Erika said. “CC it to the FHP, too.”

Saramina lifted her WorkPad, adjusted the mic. “Ready.”

“Dear Doctor Kidane, I am most thoroughly impressed with the Mark Six...” She and Saramina grinned at each other. “...and I am strongly recommending to the Council of Elders that The Sisterhood fund full production and distribution of Mark Six's as soon as is practicably possible. Goddess Bless you for the work you have done, Doctor. I firmly believe the Mark Six will bring about a revolutionary change. Yours, etc.” She waved her hand at the last words.

They sat quietly for a moment, the only sound the rain hitting the windows.

“Changes everything, Your Grace,”Saramina said softly.

Erika nodded with a slight smile. “More than we yet realize, I expect.” She chuckled. “Eva is going to be so pissed that I got mine first.”
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"...a select number of like minded men, who shall be called Korettes [koor-et-teez]

Korettes are named after the ancient Greek Goddess Kore', sometimes known as Persephone. Kore' has also been known as a Triple Goddess, Her Three Aspects being Persephone [maiden], Demeter [mother], Hecate [crone]. Korettes is an ancient term itself, translating both as "Sons of Kore" and "Male Servants of Kore".

I suspect that many of The Korettes will be the 'property' of The Temple's Domme Sisters, some powerful out in the world when not wearing their Collar, some full time, live in slaves residing in, and directly serving, The Temple itself. This will also provide a useful alternative model of the male's role for the girls growing up in The Temple."

As such an Oath of Initiation for Korettes was required. This is the first draft:

I, [name of Initiate], do Swear all the following in The Eternal Presence of The Great Goddess, She of The Ten Thousand Names. I willingly submit my Flesh, my Thoughts and my very Soul to the service of The Sisterhood of The Pentavalence. I give over my Flesh, my Thoughts and my very Soul as property to all Sisters to use as they require. As a male I understand and accept that my Flesh, my Thoughts and my very Soul are to be subsumed into the Service of The Sisterhood until my death, that my life only has worth in such Service. I willingly submit my Flesh, my Thoughts and my very Soul to the project of establishing Goddess' Dominion here on this world, a Matriarchy guided by The Sisterhood I now Serve. May Goddess strike me dead if I violate this Oath or dishonor The Sisterhood in anyway. I am now and forever Korette, my Duty to Serve and Obey.

So mote it be.

[sign and date here]
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~I have been working on the concept of The Sisterhood and its liturgy, its metaphysics and its nuts and bolts plans for over twenty years now. I talk to anyone who will listen about it and live my entire life is dedicated to the Work of getting from the page into an actual working Spiritual movement. My reasons for this can be read in the Preface.

The plan has been that once SH actually gets underway, I would begin to fade into the background, and whichever Sister had assumed the mantel of leadership would be front and center from there on out. We now have a brilliant, beautiful and tempestuous young woman working hard toward assuming that mantel. She has a long ways to go and many challenges to face and overcome, but I am more optimistic than I have ever been. She truly wants SH and has the skills and talents to make an excellent High Priestess.

To those of you who support The Sisterhood, I request that you Pray to Goddess that our nascent High Priestess finds within herself all she needs to succeed in these endeavors. After all, my Sisters, she is working for your future.

That said, there is one other whom I am required to acknowledge and that is my long time Companion Le-Le. She is Sister One, the first woman who came to SH. I have not called her that in far too long. If not for her presence, love and support, this fat old man known as Her Prophet would not be here, at least in the moderately decent shape I am in.

Le-Le is quite and can be shy. But she is immensely strong and resilient. More than one who have taken her gentle quietness for weakness have found out to their regret how strong and tough she can be. She is also a experienced and Talented Witch. It is her Majick that protects this house. And her steady presence that has been there when my own spirits flagged, which they have oh so many times.

As SH grows – Goddess Willing – there will be many 'bright lights' that will illumine it, our nascent High Priestess foremost among them. But Sister One must be acknowledged and Honored, for without her, there almost certainly would have been no Sisterhood. Sister One is the Rock upon which The Sisterhood is being built.

Her Prophet has spoken...
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~In so many things, I am quite resolute and determined. But in 'matters of the heart', I can be impulsive and very immature, a weak foolish old man who is still healing from Damage left over from before most of you reading this were born, Damage I am fairly certain I shall take with me to my grave.

I have deleted a number of posts that immaturity generated. That is all I shall say on the matter.

As for the rest, I am hoping to resolve the issue positively, though I suspect such an outcome is unlikely. I kind of feel that in my guts. But I have dedicated the past year and half of my life to guiding and nurturing this special young woman who had professed a desire to be a Priestess of The Sisterhood, and my Duty and my Love for her requires I follow through the end, no matter the expected outcome.

If however she does not stay on this Path...well, then she is not meant to be our High Priestess, all her extraordinary gifts notwithstanding. But even then, she has had a powerful impact upon this Work and she will always be remembered with Love and Honor.

And I, as ever, will go on. I must remain on this Path and continue to do this Work even in the face of such a loss. But I have faced loss and broken hopes on this Path before and likely will I again...and I will persevere.

My One Great Hope is that I will live long enough to see The Sisterhood become a reality beyond my dreamings. I Pray to Goddess that such may come to pass...

...and so it is.
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~It's been a week since the first anniversary of my mother's death. [Feb 15...she would die right after Valentine's Day] I'm just getting to that now as I've been dealing with the living, as needs must.

I felt it probably 'good form' to address the event, even though I feel next to nothing about her 'death'. We had not spoken for thirteen and half years, so she was effectively dead to me already, not in the hostile “You dead to me!” way, but more like an old movie actor “Gee, I didn't know they were still alive,” kind of way.

So no Pain or Sense of Loss around her death. All that, and there is quite a lot of it, is related to events during her life. But, I'm not really in the mood to expound upon that right now.

Let us just say she was a complex woman and that I both loved and hated her, that she could be wonderful and funny and also an absolute fucking cunt, and leave it at that....
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~The Primary Long Term Goal of The Sisterhood [SH] is the creation of a Transhumanist Amazon Republic aka a New Matriarchy. This envisions Females aka Sisters to be optimized etc via genetic engineering and cybernetic augmentation, while Baseline Human Males are eliminated through lack of births and natural attrition. Sisters will bear their Daughters live, with the birthing process eased and enhanced by cybernetic augmentation. Live birthing, shared nursing and collective child raising will create a deep psycho-biologic bond among all Sisters, one that will ultimately be reinforced by Neural Interconnectivity, aka 'cybernetic telepathy’,

These Sisters will constituent an elite Ruling Class because, as our Basic Tenets state, “We Believe that the Male of our species, individually and collectively, is too aggressive, unstable, and Ego driven” and that “only the Female of our species, individually and collectively, has the proper Nature and Temperament to accomplish the above tasks and pursue the above goals and that therefore the Female of our species must become Paramount.” [see The Basic Tenets for details of those tasks and goals]

SH will also create a whole series of genetically engineered Servitors, based upon Male DNA, all extensively modified to be SH's Working Class. This Servitor class will be birthed from uterine replicators and have neural control implants even before birth. They will be generated solely by a single State Ministry, which will maintain ownership of them. Individuals, groups and organizations may lease Servitors, but said leases will specifically determine proper treatment and will be strictly enforced.

This Servitor Class will have as many subtypes as are required and each will be programed to find pleasure in accomplishing his task, so no coercion will be required nor will it be tolerated. These various Servitors will be supplemented with robots, but only in a few cases. It is easier to 'downgrade' the biological than to upgrade the purely cybernetic and less resource intensive to produce as Servitors will by grown, not constructed. Thus, the age old problem of Labor will be solved

On a related note, SH is strongly opposed to 'hard’ AI as such constitutes an extreme existential threat to the Human Species in whatever form we take. But SH does understand the need for 'soft’ AI, but only under the very strictest of controls.

In the lead-up to all of this, Sisters are able to join SH by Pledging themselves to Goddess and SH. In addition, Males can become part of SH by fully submitting to one or more SH Sisters, or to SH Itself, within the context of the BDSM paradigm. This interim phase is governed by the rules of Gynofascism.

Once SH is fully established, Baseline Females will always be welcome to take Modification and Augmentation in order to join SH. Baseline Males will have the option of being 'converted' to one of the higher end Servitor Classes. Baseline Humans of either gender who do not wish to be part of SH will be comfortably supported in exchange for sterilization and the harvesting of their DNA etc.

See Liber Sorores: The Book of The Sisters
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~I keep reading endless numbers of articles and essays about how Trump became president. And none of the them really seem to get it. Chris Hughes comes close, but he seems to have lost his mind. Can't blame him really, as everyone is dancing around the elephant in the room; we are in fact already IN Collapse, eg, The System is in Terminal Failure.

We are in Late Stage Capitalism. What that means is as the profit margins get narrower, The Owners need to squeeze harder to extract said profits. This has been going for a few decades now, but for the general public, the 'balloon went up' with the Crash of '09, which was the direct result of The Big Squeeze. Wall Street et al created a Housing Bubble of insane proportions via all manner of shady and even illegal marketing and accounting games.

When the shit hit the fan, they got their political lackeys to use Tax Payer Money to 'reimburse' them for their loses and left said Tax Payers out to dry. Roughly 40% of the American Middle Class Wealth was lost. FORTY PERCENT. That meant eroded tax bases, gutted pension funds, wrecked state and municipal bond portfolios.

That is what Obama inherited. And, being the Corporatist he is, he bunted economically. The perfect example is the ACA [which originated with The Heritage Foundation, a very right wing think tank]. He'd promised a Public Option over and over and over again on the campaign trail. Withing a month of his Inauguration, it had vanished, forcing thirty million Americans into the clutches of the Insurance Industry. [see The Big Squeeze]

Eight years later, after more and more of that kind of betrayal from the Democrats and the insane slavering obstructionism of the GOP, the American Electorate had come to hate the establishments of both parties. And two Insurgent candidates emerged from outside of each party; Bernie and The Donald.

We all know what happened. The 'undisciplined' Dems suddenly became Very Disciplined and sandbagged Bernie. And the infamously disciplined GOP fielded a slate of total buffoons and got its clock cleaned.

Even then, Hillary should have won. She did in fact 'win' The Vote. But her ground game sucked so badly [arrogance], and the Dems had alienated so much of their own base [more arrogance], she lost four states by roughly 120K votes in total.

And that boys and girls, is how Collapse works. The System becomes so rotten that a Black Swan like The Donald can end up in the White House. Now The Deep State has to game The System [delegitimatizing it even more] in order to fix the problem and do a reset, eg a Pence White House, which while ugly, will at least be relatively stable.

But we are still in Late Stage Capitalism and Collapse is still underway and no one has any real idea what to do about that ...except, of course, More Of The Same, which is a well known definition of insanity.

Toss the now inevitable Catastrophic Climate Change into the mix and one can be certain that the next century or so is going to be 'very interesting times' indeed.

You can kill yourself now if you wish....
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This question was posted in SH's Facebook community Transhumanist Matriarchy.

Q: I was having a convo with a coworker today about transhumanism and he made the argument that immortality would make morality obsolete. I argued that most people interested in transhumanism are more concerned with advancing civilization than breaking social moors, so morality is in this sense already obsolete. He replied that the way we would process information would change to a cold, emotionless, and logical thought-based system over our humanity. Thoughts? How would you reply to this?

A: Depends on what flavor of TH you're talking about?

I'd say your coworker is thinking of the Brain Box Mafia, Michael Anissimov and his lot, who want to get rid of their bodies all together and upload their brains into computers. Those guys turned out to be immature misogynist White Neo-Nazi Fuckboys who lacked social skills. LOL

There is the more mainstream TH which is basically about humans being optimized via genetic engineering and cybernetic augmentation, optimized for improved function and longevity. How much of each, and in what manner, depends on which 'ideological' subset one is talking to. Some are big on AI, some not so much. As with most cutting edge movements, there are many factions.

Now, regarding this community, The Sisterhood [SH] is all about Females be optimized etc via genetic engineering and cybernetic augmentation, while Baseline Human Males are eliminated through lack of births and natural attrition. Sisters will bear their Daughters live, with the birthing process eased and enhanced by cybernetic augmentation.

These Sisters will constituent an elite Ruling Class because, as our Basic Tenets state, "We Believe that the Male of our species, individually and collectively, is too aggressive, unstable, and Ego driven" and that "only the Female of our species, individually and collectively, has the proper Nature and Temperament to accomplish the above tasks and pursue the above goals and that therefore the Female of our species must become Paramount." [see The Basic Tenets for details of those tasks and goals]

SH will also create a whole series of genetically engineered Servitors, based upon Male DNA, all extensively modified to be a myriad working class. This Servitor class will be birthed from uterine replicators and have neural control implants even before birth. They will be generated solely by a single State Ministry, which will maintain ownership of them. Individuals, groups and organizations may lease Servitors, but said leases will specifically determine proper treatment and will be strictly enforced.

SH is strongly opposed to 'hard' AI as such constitutes an extreme existential threat to the Human Species in whatever form we take. But SH does understand the need for 'soft' AI, but only under the very strictest of controls.

Regarding 'morality'...I'd say all morality is subjective and that it changes from one society to another. There are some 'universal' basics like respecting the lives of ones fellow 'citizens' and so on, but those are practical and about maintaining stability in the social order. TH is just another form of society and it will create its own morality. Given that nearly all TH includes Neural Interconnectivity, aka 'cybernetic telepathy', I would think a TH society would be highly moral as one could 'feel' one's fellow's feelings.
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He was a composite of ghosts
lost in the shadow of her Dark Lover
projecting his borrowed dreams
onto her shining image
walking into heartbreak
and utter destruction
I could almost feel sad for him
if he were not such
an arrogant presumptuous fool
Instead, I shall wait patiently
and when that blow falls
I shall sneer at him
from the loving warmth of her arms
finally, after so many years of loss,
being the one 'who gets the girl' least I hope I will
yours truly could very well be
on the road to heartbreak, myself
but not to destruction tho
love completely destroyed me years ago...


Feb. 6th, 2017 07:50 am
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~Man, I'm fucking tired....

Last week was exhausting for a dozen different reasons I'm too fucking tired to get into. But the topper was on Saturday afternoon when I felt well enough to go drop in the rent and do a little local shopping. The trucklette got about two/three feet down the driveway and then stopped dead. The dashboard flashed CHARGING SYSTEM FAILURE me. Even the steering wheel locked up.

I was not happy. Called AAA. They arrived quickly....and it's the alternator belt, not anywhere as bad [or expensive] as I had feared. The mechanic is closed weekends, so here I am, first thing Monday morning, waiting to call and hope they can fit me in today. /sigh

Had a really bad emotional meltdown Saturday night. Gonna skip the details on that, too. Not sure I could relate them and not meltdown again tbh. Just the usual “not enough/why bother” shit. Far too many of you know that I expect.

Anyway, there y'all have it. I'm having coffee and watching the clock...

...and so it is.
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I, [name of Initiate], do Swear all the following in The Eternal Presence of The Great Goddess, She of The Ten Thousand Names.
I Pledge my Body, Mind, and Spirit to the service of The Sisterhood of The Pentavalence.
I Pledge to abide by and support the Tenets and Precepts of The Sisterhood, as set forth in The Book of Sisters, and to share them with all of my Sisters, whenever possible.
I Pledge to show Love and Compassion for all of my Sisters, to give them my Loyalty and to accept theirs.
I Pledge to show Love and Compassion even for those Sisters who are still Enslaved by Patriarchy and seem lost to The Goddess.
I Pledge my Body, Mind and Spirit to Goddess, however She may manifest Herself to me.
I Pledge to dedicate my Body, Mind and Spirit to establish Her Dominion here on this world, a Matriarchy guided by our Sisterhood.
I so Swear, by all I hold Sacred, that my Pledge is true and freely given and I Swear Upon my Honor and at risk of Her Wrath, that I have willingly taken this Oath.

So mote it be.
[sign and date here]


Jan. 21st, 2017 01:57 am
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~I'm having one of those 'feeling broken, pathetic and sad' windows. In part because we had a very rough week in this household. In part because I'm having some Writers Blues after that big post about Europe etc, the one all of you ignored. [yes, I'm bitter about that]. But mostly because I am in fact 'broken, pathetic and sad' and in all likelihood just marking time until my death.

I have brief moments of hope, which I do my best to savor...and they do not last.

I do have gratitude for the things I do have, a roof over my head, food in the fridge, companionship, fast Internet, kitties...and I am discontent by nature. My dreams all seem foolishness most of the time and I suspect I am just another deluded old man doomed to die bitter.

But I am aware of my Karma and will continue on with this Life in the hope that by doing so, I will have cleaned up some of that Karma and on the next Turn of The Wheel, I'll be able to achieve greater things.
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~Europe is finished. That's a pretty harsh statement. And, in this context [eg Her Prophet Speaks] it generates two questions. First, how do I justify that statement? And second, what does it have to do with The Sisterhood?

Germano-Roman civilization has stood for over twenty five centuries. It has dominated the European continent even in its 'dark ages' and has gone on to conquer and reshape the rest of the world in its own image. In fact, the entire modern world is really an Anglo-European invention, the British Empire having had the most significant influence.

Some will read that and start bleating that this is an apologia of European Colonial brutality and racism, to which I reply 'twaddle'. European Colonialism was indeed quite brutal and racist. That's how Empire rolls. If instead the Chinese had kept going in the late Fifteenth Century, their empire would have been at least as brutal and racist. European success as merely generated the popular illusion that they have a corner on that market, which is, ironically, just another example of the Mythos of White Superiority, except inverted.

No, the peoples of Europe are not 'racial superior'. ['Race' is just a social construct used to justify bad behavior.] But the European 'cultural mindset' was superior that is what allowed them to conquer most of the world. It was the social, economic and political environment of Europe that created the aggressive and relentless nature that gained Europeans the world, not any inherent racial traits.

So, back to Europe being finished. It is that very aggressive and relentless nature that led Europe into a pair of global wars that wrecked them and their empires. And Nazi Germany's 'crimes' were merely the application of European Imperial methodologies to Europeans, their own 'racial mythology' having labeled their victims as 'non-White'.

Now Europe is being submerged in refugees from The West's Neo-Colonial Resource Wars. Soon more shall follow as the effects of Catastrophic Climate Change really kick in. And there is really no way to stop that.

Well, there are ways, but Europe no longer has the social or political will to engage in them. It would require an 'ethnic cleansing' that even Nazi Germany would find hard to implement. Tens of millions would need to be expelled and by now the 'target populations' have second, third, fourth generation citizens of Europe, quite a few in government, business, the military and security services, and many of them would be radicalized in the face of such an undertaking. Millions among the 'target populations' would die in the process as would a few hundred thousand Europeans.

So, what does this have to do with The Sisterhood?

The answer is very simple; Modern Feminism is very much an Anglo-European concept and, yes, America is very much an Anglo-European nation. [more on that soon] Therefore the philosophical and Spiritual foundations of The Sisterhood are very much grounded in Anglo-European culture.

The Sisterhood [SH], as a Goddess driven Transhumanist Female Supremacy movement, is also a dedicated enemy of all the Father/God Cults; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which are Masculinist and Primitivist. Judaism is not much of a threat beyond being the 'foundation faith' of the Father/God Cults. Christian is an active threat, especially Dominionist Christianity in the US and Orthodox Christianity in Russian. They are both misogynist and homophobic. But they are both 'last gasps' of White Male Supremacy, though such makes them desperate.

However, the brand of Islam flowing into Europe is vibrant and growing, the Salafist Wahhabism funded by the Saudis and it is Tribal, Rigid, and deeply misogynist. And many those refugees are young men with no real future, what SH calls Useless Beta Males.

They are not really ‘Islamists’, though they use Islam as an excuse. This is a type of street gang, made up of young males from a highly misogynist tribal culture for whom Western society has zero social or economic use. They have been driven from their own countries by the West’s Neo-Colonial Resource Wars. They’d still be of near zero social or economic use in those places, but now they are in The West.

They take their revenge for that by brutalizing and violating young Western women because they know that will create the most outrage, because that gives them a sense of power and because they hate women anyway. Have no doubt that they do the same to the immigrant women and girls in the camps wherever they can get away with it.

The Imams and Mullahs take advantage of this, urging them on with rhetoric about 'conquering Europe for the Caliphate', thereby giving them a 'purpose' they have lacked in their lives and in effect making them an army, one that feeds and motivates itself.

As pointed out above, there is no workable solution for this because of 'politics’ and 'social morality’.

What SH is going to do is get as many of our European Sisters out as possible. We will focus on recruiting Sisters who are Right Wing etc. They tend to have a more harsh and ruthless mindset, which is what SH needs. Our challenge is to shift them from Nationalism to Gynofascism.

Most Left Wing Sisters are simply too soft hearted and wracked with White Guilt to do what is necessary at this point, though as the rape victims keep added up, I suspect many of them will come around to our view.

There will also be some Sisters who will come out of the refugee population itself. They are not immune to the brutality of this vicious form of Islam. In many cases, they are its first victims.

We of course will be accused of racism and xenophobia. But 'race' is a social construct with no real foundation in science and SH rejects it. That SH will also welcome Sisters from the refugee population as well shows the latter canard to be false as well.

This struggle is not about Race. It is about Gender. SH maintains that “Men will never willingly give their power to women, so Sisters must take it, by whatever means necessary,” and that “Patriarchy is destroying the world and therefore must itself be destroyed.”

This struggle is also about Culture. As stated above, “ Modern Feminism is very much an Anglo-European concept”. And America is an Anglo-European nation, though one of a unique character. America has always absorbed other cultures, digested them and shit out what didn't fit, all while maintaining its basic cultural nature.

American popular music is the perfect example. Created by the exchange of folk music between West African slaves and their Anglo-Irish masters, it has gone back and forth between those groups and all the others that have immigrated to America over the centuries and now in many ways dominates the world's music. [note that it has always been some Father/God Cultist that has condemned this music in all its forms]

SH will do the same, absorbing other cultures, digested them and excreting was does not fit, while maintaining our basic cultural nature. That is how a culture and its social order remains dynamic. This is also consistent with The Third Valance of The Pentavalent; "Women Must Reclaim All That Is Theirs". As women give birth to The World, everything is theirs.

But this is not 'multiculturalism'. That is a Neo-Stalinist methodology meant to destroy European culture as part of the old Soviet plan to undermine The West, which now that USSR is gone makes it something of a 'zombie ideology'. While all cultures have value, those values are not all equal. Some cultures are superior. If you doubt that, remember what language you have been reading the last ten minutes and what civilization created the platform upon which you have been reading it.

To recap, Europe is being drown in highly misogynist radical Islam with little hope of surviving. The Sisterhood believes that European culture is worth saving and that America is the best refuge for that. And obviously the best place for The Sisterhood to thrive and grow. As ever, more shall be revealed in the Goddess' good time.

Blessed Be


Jan. 5th, 2017 02:05 am
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~I want to whine. Whine about what a poor fat sick old man I am. Whine about how my dreams and plans are all a load of bullshit. Whine about being a delusional old fool. Whine, whine, whine....

But I fucking hate when I fucking whine. Makes me want to bitch slap myself.

So I suck it up and just keep going..../sigh

PL Wannabes

Jan. 1st, 2017 08:24 am
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~I had remembered about a half dozen or so of my Past Lives [PL's] before I met Eva Anna. None of them are a big deal. Interesting to be sure, but no one famous.

Over the years, I have encountered a lot of 'Cleopatras' and 'Julius Caesars' during my PL work and while traveling throughout the New Age Community. They were usually mousy little people and I didn't believe them. They were clearly just trying to make themselves 'more' off of the dead.

Since I met Eva Anna and have spent time around her, I have seen the same syndrome. Lots of NS wannabes. Some run a good game, but there are some who are total fuckups, who do not even do basic homework, like noting that the person you're supposed to be was still fucking alive when you were born!!

And when Eva Anna called a few of them on that, they went psycho on her, defamed her as widely as possible and then ignored all those inconvenient facts. *sigh*

But Eva Anna is really The Gatekeeper of NS/PL's. As I have said elsewhere, “Eva Anna is not just Eva B’s reincarnation. She is her living embodiment in this Life.” She has also suffered through her PL. It's not a 'game' for her. I can testify to that as well.

So those wannabes piss me off, too. I'm looking at you, 'Nancy' and Leni'. As for Kali, no you're not Dr G. Actually we're pretty sure you're Helga G.
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'you should be introduced as Eva von Baianberg for this thing' [more on that]

The Wölfin Foundation, a non-profit organization to help and support women and girls world wide.

The Wölfin Foundation's goals are to provide grants to projects, organizations and businesses that help women in a substantive way.

Die Wölfin-Stiftung, eine gemeinnützige Organisation, um Frauen und Mädchen weltweit zu helfen und zu unterstützen.

Die Ziele der Wölfin-Stiftung sollen Zuschüsse für Projekte, Organisationen und Unternehmen gewähren, die Frauen in einer materiellen Weise helfen.

Where The Wölfin Foundation will primarily focus is the areas of Women's Reproductive Science and Life Extension Technologies. [I'll give you a 'cheat sheet' on this] Death is a disease and can be cured. [you can quietly suggest that these are personal issues you are passionate about, but can be vague about details]

Focus on related businesses and projects started by women. Provide support in the form of planing, organizing, funding.

Provide scholarships and living grants for talented young women who seek to work in these fields.

The Wölfin Foundation will be a European based organization to begin, but we will eventually seek expand to North American as well. [always emphasize Europe...the rich are conservative and want Europe to survive. You'll have no issue being supportive of the concept of Europäisch Kultur. If anything, you'll have to restrain yourself LOL]

These Human Enhancement Technologies are the future of the race. The primary goal of The Wölfin Foundation is to make certain that women are well represented in the development and distribution of these technologies.

“Death is a disease. Diseases can be cured.“

“I plan to live a thousand years.“ Those who work in this field have said that the first human to live a thousand years has already been born. You plan to be one of them.

Whole body goal: implanted computers [credit card sized] just under the skin [side of the chest/arm pit] to guide medical nanites [sub-microscopic robots in the circulatory system] that use raw stem cells [regular injections] to constantly repair the every part of the body.

This would also assist with pregnancies and live births.

There would be a security company dedicated to protecting these implants. It would be a highly coveted career because the employees would themselves have this tech in their bodies. And this would make the job 'personal'.

The Rich love this stuff. The want to live very long lives and enjoy their wealth. Plus this stuff is going to be expensive and that will divide the race into The Enhanced and the Baseline. The Rich love that shit, too.

You'll need to hire a law firm – which you should do anyway! – to set this up. It should be structured to be international with the aim of setting up another HQ in LA. [see Law Man]

This will help 'grease the skids' of your immigration to the US. And it creates a perfect 'neutral mechanism' to fund the founding of SH etc.

Get [DD? MC?] to donate a few mil once you have him fully locked down [Collared in person and having had 'a taste' of you] [not sure about that scenario at this point obv] Future donations can come from other SD's and MP's.


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