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~I keep reading endless numbers of articles and essays about how Trump became president. And none of the them really seem to get it. Chris Hughes comes close, but he seems to have lost his mind. Can't blame him really, as everyone is dancing around the elephant in the room; we are in fact already IN Collapse, eg, The System is in Terminal Failure.

We are in Late Stage Capitalism. What that means is as the profit margins get narrower, The Owners need to squeeze harder to extract said profits. This has been going for a few decades now, but for the general public, the 'balloon went up' with the Crash of '09, which was the direct result of The Big Squeeze. Wall Street et al created a Housing Bubble of insane proportions via all manner of shady and even illegal marketing and accounting games.

When the shit hit the fan, they got their political lackeys to use Tax Payer Money to 'reimburse' them for their loses and left said Tax Payers out to dry. Roughly 40% of the American Middle Class Wealth was lost. FORTY PERCENT. That meant eroded tax bases, gutted pension funds, wrecked state and municipal bond portfolios.

That is what Obama inherited. And, being the Corporatist he is, he bunted economically. The perfect example is the ACA [which originated with The Heritage Foundation, a very right wing think tank]. He'd promised a Public Option over and over and over again on the campaign trail. Withing a month of his Inauguration, it had vanished, forcing thirty million Americans into the clutches of the Insurance Industry. [see The Big Squeeze]

Eight years later, after more and more of that kind of betrayal from the Democrats and the insane slavering obstructionism of the GOP, the American Electorate had come to hate the establishments of both parties. And two Insurgent candidates emerged from outside of each party; Bernie and The Donald.

We all know what happened. The 'undisciplined' Dems suddenly became Very Disciplined and sandbagged Bernie. And the infamously disciplined GOP fielded a slate of total buffoons and got its clock cleaned.

Even then, Hillary should have won. She did in fact 'win' The Vote. But her ground game sucked so badly [arrogance], and the Dems had alienated so much of their own base [more arrogance], she lost four states by roughly 120K votes in total.

And that boys and girls, is how Collapse works. The System becomes so rotten that a Black Swan like The Donald can end up in the White House. Now The Deep State has to game The System [delegitimatizing it even more] in order to fix the problem and do a reset, eg a Pence White House, which while ugly, will at least be relatively stable.

But we are still in Late Stage Capitalism and Collapse is still underway and no one has any real idea what to do about that ...except, of course, More Of The Same, which is a well known definition of insanity.

Toss the now inevitable Catastrophic Climate Change into the mix and one can be certain that the next century or so is going to be 'very interesting times' indeed.

You can kill yourself now if you wish....
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~So, as expected, The Electoral Collage confirmed The Donald as President Elect, which was an easy call, for all the sturm und drang. 'Gullible' is the kindest word I can think of for those of you who believe they would otherwise.

I have been reposting the following meme once again: “No argument from me that The Trump White House is going to be a Chaotic Clownshow Clusterfuck. What I keep beating the drum for is reforming the Democratic Party so it can take on the wreckage the GOP in 2018. Because the GOP is going to be in flames by then.

The current Democratic leadership is vile and corrupt. If you people really want to create change, contact U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders office and ask how you can help:

It's not that I believe any of that will save The Republic. The Republic is fucking dead. But I do hope that such can stave off Total Collapse until 'other solutions' manifest. Note that we are already IN Collapse, but that is process, not an event, and there are possibilities for managing it, though at this point it is not stoppable and we can only 'go through it'.

I have also been reposting this meme once again: TO DEFEAT THE CORPORATE CONFEDERACY TAKES PATIENCE AND GUILE

“Do not expect to defeat The Corporate Confederacy at the ballot box. Big Money can power its way through almost any election cycle. That is not however a call for Revolution. Big Money can power its way through those as well and rather unpleasantly.

Instead it must always be remembered that by its conscienceless and rapacious nature, the thing sows the seeds of its own destruction. Therefore what is required is both the ability to survive its collapse and to have another functional structure extent to replace it. Anything else is empty rhetoric.”

Those who know me are aware of what 'other functional structure' is that I am working on: The Sisterhood. My next several years are about Guiding and Mentoring our First High Priestess into her role as Leader of The Sisterhood. She has great promise, but is very young [though also very old] and her task is daunting.

The greatest obstacle I see is that most want to hold onto what they have, even though it is fairly obvious that our present social and economic structure is dissolving under our feet. Far too many are in total denial about that and such is how knuckleheads like Donald Trump come to power.

With his cabinet of kleptocrats, militarists and outright idiots, he is only going to accelerate the process of Collapse. Hillary would have maintained the steady slide downward and Bernie would have slowed it. But none of them could stop because they are ultimately all working within the system that is itself fatally damaged.

Yes, this is all very bitter and cynical and here is where I get to sneering part. Most Western humans [Middle Class Europeans and Americans] that I've met live in a fucking fantasy land. They think that the prosperous post WW2 World is 'the way things are supposed to be', when in fact that world is a political and social anomaly.

Well, kids, that fantasy is ending. Now we are getting back to 'the way things have been' for most of history, The Rich on Top and The Poor on The Bottom, and not much in between. Guess where most of you are going to end up?

And so it fucking is....
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~First, the term 'useless' is not meant to be an insult, but a literal description, Beta Males for whom society and its economy really have no use. Of course, it is actually far worse than a insult; it is a term of existential annihilation. And regardless of their degree of education or intelligence, most of these Useless Beta Males are aware of that on some level.

Not all that long ago there was a series of uses for these men. There were jobs in factories, work in the fields, and wars to fight and die in. But Modern Technological Civilization has reduced that need drastically and now there are tens of millions of mostly young males for whom said civilization has almost zero use and will likely never have one again.

Automation has replaced them in the factories and the fields and even the militaries of the largest nation states are much smaller than they once were. This is a trend that will continue apace.

As I said, these Useless Beta Males understand that somewhere and that scares them. Most of them will never have even marginal employment and because of that they will will find it almost impossible to find a mate and reproduce...and that is where the real trouble starts.

Reproduction is where Males achieve Immortality, by passing their genes on to the next generation. Most would not think of it in that fashion, but it is programmed by evolution into the reptile portion of our brains.

And that is what I mean by ' existential annihilation'. Faced with the above, these Males 'know' on a fundamental inchoate level that they are utterly doomed. That generates an unthinking terror, which all too often turns into a blind unthinking rage. Such emotions require an outlet. That leads to alcoholism, drug addition and suicide.

But it also leads to Terrorism, Mass Shooting, Rape...and Men's Rights Activism, which is merely a sophistic justification for the latter behaviors. I included MRA as a kind of joke, but its underpinnings are genuinely dangerous in that it IS a 'social and political justification' for Beta Males to act out violently against Women.

When we are dealing with such basic biologically hard wired instinct, social engineering and legislation are largely ineffective. Gun Control and 'Don't Rape' campaigns are not only ineffective, but generate anger at those they are primarily aimed at; those legions of Useless Beta Males. These things tell them 'we don't trust you' [we don't] and to 'sit down and be good boys' [they can't]. In essence, they are dismissive and that only fires the Useless Beta Male's fear and rage.

So what is the solution? Given the nature of our Modern Technological Civilization, there is none. We really have no realistic ways to make them 'useful' again. It is no longer socially or politically possible to cull these Useless Beta Males. And logistically I'm not sure it would even be possible to actually kill off tens of millions of mostly young males – they'd fight back, you know – though that would provide employment for a few million of them in the process.

No, we're just going to have to ride this out until 'organic processes' – the aforementioned addictions and violence – cull them over the long run, inefficient as that may be.

That said, in time The Sisterhood will have use for some of them, to wit: "Based upon past experience with the BDSM community, it is fairly clear that a goodly number of Beta Males will seek to submit to Sisters within the context of Gynofascism. Once inside The Sisterhood, Beta Males will fall into three general categories;

One, those who are Collared and left physically 'intact'. They will be In Service as The Sisterhood requires, each depending upon their particular skills and talents. This would include physical labor in the actual building of Sororal facilities, going out into the wider world to earn money to help fund The Sisterhood and as Pleasure Servers for those Sisters who still desire The Cock.

Two, those who are Collared and Feminized. These would not necessarily be TG/MtF's as much as males who wish to more strongly identify with The Sisterhood by becoming proto-females. The Feminization of young Beta Males is a crucial step on the path to the New Matriarchy. This will begin with Transvestism and proceed through implants and hormone treatment, but stop short of sexual reassignment surgery. Therefore they are *not* women [e.g. Sisters], but only Feminized Males. They too will also be In Service as The Sisterhood requires, though it is expected their particular skills and talents would be utilized by our Domme Sisters in 'fishing' operations for valuable Alpha Males.

Three, those who are Collared and castrated. There is a small sub-set of deep submissives who desire this outcome in order to become desexualized. This would be done surgically and would be either partial [just the testes] or complete, depending upon the desires of the individual. They too will also be In Service as The Sisterhood requires, each depending upon their particular skills and talents, as stated above. It is expected that their Service will tend to be more 'extreme'.

These Collared Beta Males will be granted the title Korettes [koor-et-teez]. This title comes from the ancient Greek Goddess Koré, sometimes known as Persephone, Goddess of The Underworld e.g. a Death Goddess. By 'taking The Collar', these males are now dead to their old lives. Koré is also a Triple Goddess, Her Three Aspects being Persephone [maiden], Demeter [mother], Hecate [crone]. Korettes is an ancient term itself, translating both as "Sons of Koré" and "Male Servants of Koré".

All Beta Males outside of this paradigm will considered redundant and disposable."

As ever, more shall be Revealed....

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Jul. 24th, 2016 06:22 pm
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Here's the Good News/Bad News regarding the 2016 Presidential Election. A Clinton II White House and a Trump White House will each suck badly, just in their own special ways. But neither one will be the fucking Apocalypse, so chill the fuck out with that noise.

That said, I'm inclined toward a Trump White House – which would almost certainly be a chaotic nightmare, as opposed to Hillary's battened down Corporatist horror show – because if he defeats Hillary, that will likely destroy the Clintonista wing of the DNC. And will almost certainly wreck the GOP in the following four years...if he doesn't say fuck it and walk away beforehand, that is. [Trust me, The Donald is perfectly capable of that]

And then maybe, just maybe, Bernie et al, could salvage something out of all that wreckage. That's the Good News.

The Bad News is that either White House will not make a great difference in the overall state of things. We are in Collapse, which is not tattooed barbarians roaming the highway, but the general break down of the Social Contract, the one where The Rulers agree to allow the rest of us to have decent lives while we allow them to be Rich and Powerful.

Extreme Climate Change, endemic economic inequality, and the final brutal stages of Capitalism are all in the pipeline and we seem incapable as a species to stop we therefore get to ride them out.

Even Bernie has said – many many times over – no single President can turn that around. And I suspect we're going to see far tougher times ahead before we as a race come out the other end. And I seriously doubt the American Republic will come out of that other end with us..... enjoy what you have now. What you do come November probably won't make that much of a difference in the long run.

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Jul. 23rd, 2016 11:54 pm
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~Back some time in 2012 Vince Lamb said he hoped 2013 would be ''a better year'. I told him, 'no, it would be worse...and so would every year after it for the foreseeable future'. And looking out at the mid-point of 2016, I can see I was right. But once one knows the patterns, one can generally predict the future.
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"Every call to ban AR-15's just makes more of them fly off the shelves. And 3D printer tech is reaching the point where they'll be able to make them 'on the DL'.

We've always had guns and semi-auto battle rifles, too. Millions of M1 Garands and M1 Carbines flooded the market during the 50's and 60's, but mass shootings have only been a social phenomenon for the past few decades. Clearly something else besides the availability of weapons is going on here. My take is that this is a fundamental social breakdown...

...and the average American is still roughly ten times more likely to be shot by a cop than a mass shooter."

Nebs Sez

Apr. 20th, 2016 05:02 am
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The Dems and the GOP are both ‘owned’ by Corporate Money. Corporate interests nearly always get their legislative needs met, while We The People get shined on.

Each party 'makes the proper noises’ to its respective bases, but their campaigns, and the jobs they get when they either lose or retire from office, are wholly dependent upon Corporate largess. One does not bite the hand that feeds.

So for example, the Dems will 'fight for gun control’ and the GOP will 'fight for expelling the illegals’, but note that almost nothing has happened with either. That is because those are issues that help divide the Electorate and therefore keep each party in power because we’re too busy fighting each other over 'table scrapes’ while The Corporations eat their full.

That was okay when the economy was in decent shape, but for most Americans, the Crash of '09 has never really ended. The average American is still struggling to get by, while The Rich have apx $36 Trillion Dollars stashed in offshore accounts.

So the core base of each party has rebelled.

For the GOP, this has produced Donald Trump. For the Dems, Bernie Sanders. Whatever one thinks of their respective platforms and ideologies, it is very apparent that each party establishment hates them and has done its best to derail their campaigns. That is because they each truly represent the Will of Their Party Base and that is not what The Corporations want.

Trump is pretty much a lock at this point. And Sanders is closing in on an increasingly hapless Hillary. If the GOP does a 'political maneuver’ and steals the nomination from Trump, expect bloodshed. If the Dems squeeze Sanders out, I expect that Hillary will still win in November. The GOP simply does not have the numbers anymore.

But the Democratic party will be ripped open. Too may of us are sick of being lied to by Center/Right Corporatists who pretend to be Liberals [Hillary & Obama] and having a 'social issues' bone tossed to us to shut us up while they feed the Corporations every single thing they want.

Capitalism is in its Terminal Phase where it is now devouring its host. As I Posted/Tweeted a few years ago, “No domestic industry left. Massive unemployment. Crushing personal debt. The bankers still free. Drone strikes. Drug war. Social violence. Paralyzed politics. Diminishing public services. 65 US vets committing suicide every single day. 200,000 homeless children nationally.

I could go on and on. That is what Collapse looks like, not tattooed barbarians racing along the highways. The steady slide downward.”

Hillary talks 'incrementalism', but as we say in AA, “Half measures availed us nothing.” ...and time IS running out.
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~Today there was another mass shooting. There will be the usual cries for 'sensible gun control' and guns sales will jump and maybe some useless cosmetic law will be legislated. The Issue is not guns; it is Social Collapse.

But that is far too complex and painful a set of issues to address, so most will latch onto their favorite bogeyman and ignore the larger patterns, because facing the larger patterns means really and truly actively making changes and almost no one wants to face that.

Most will simply bitch and moan and point fingers at their enemies and wait for whatever 'savior' they believe is coming. Jesus. Peak Oil. The Singularity. Or some such. All End Times Thinking and a perfect excuse to do fuck all....

I got a bit depressed in the face of this, my usual worry that “I'm too late.” I don't know. Maybe I am. But maybe I'm not. So, I keep going with 'this thing of ours' and decided to list our Forward Positive Motion.

The Trucklette has new tires and a clean bill of health. That means I can go down into LA to meet with a couple of Sisters to plan incorporating The Temple. And when Kat, my First High Priestess, comes into town in the near future, we can sit down face to face. Her Path and The Temple's are slowly, but steadily converging.

And I've been communing with two young Sisters in Germany, who actually are sisters. They are intelligent, dynamic, beautiful and deeply interested in The Sisterhood. They're both quite thoroughly mad as well, but such is needed for this Work. They have years of Training ahead of them, but they could very well be the future of The Temple.

So, that's the state of things to date. I'm still feeling a bit down, but I shall continue on, no matter what. That's the thing about the Prophet game; no one ever gets out alive...

EDIT: The above was written yesterday around 5PM. I brain numbed with Mass Media for a while after and then went back to bed. The World is still fucking insane, but at least I'm a bit more well rested.

Note To Self: Do some work on The Explanation.

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Oct. 4th, 2015 03:15 pm
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"All you finger waggers here are called them “thugs” and “ungrateful idiots” and so on. But these kids can read the writing on the wall.

Our schools have become prisons. Our prisons have become slave labor camps. Our Middle Class is being crushed out of existence. Rents and costs keep rising, but wages are stagnant. Unless you come from Money, a collage education makes you a debt slave for life. And even the crap jobs out there are slowly but steadily being automated away.

So why not go on a killing rampage? One last orgiastic burst of rage at the system that is grinding you down, and then die, knowing that we'll talk about you for weeks and weeks...until the next nihilist killer comes along to splatter against the windscreen of Modern America."

What this country doesn't need is more victums like you.

Hell, I'm fine. Fat old man on SS tucked away in a trailer park in the middle of nowhere. Got the old lady, the cats and our guns.

PS LOL @ 'victums'.

Nebs Sez

Sep. 13th, 2015 08:36 am
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"Gun Control is a sad little White Liberal band-aid upon the gaping wound of Corporatist Capitalism. White Liberals cling to it as a panacea for a collapsing Social Order because they lack the moral courage to face the possible loss of the cruel and unjust system that they themselves still profit by.

So White Liberal point to Guns and say, "This, this, we must purge this and we shall be whole again!" And then utterly ignore the rot and corruption that drives that violence to begin with, because to do so would mean looking at their own culpability in these horrors and giving up much of their own comfortable lifestyle..or what is left of it anyway.

The flood is not coming. It is here. It just has not risen high enough to drown you yet...but it will.

PS In case you're too dense, 'flood' is a metaphor for Collapse, which is not tattooed barbarians roaming the highways, but the steady, relentless erosion of the economy and public services by the rapacious greed of The Corporate Confederacy...which gives no fucks about your 'positive attitude'."

[As you can tell, I'm in a 'mood' today and was 'debating' Gun Control before I had my coffee.]

Nebs Sez

Sep. 21st, 2014 04:21 pm
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Michael Varian Daly
Catastrophic Climate Change will handle the issue.

Runaway global warming will end all life on Earth; that is not a solution.

Michael Varian Daly
No it won't. Life is amazingly tenacious. There is Life at the bottom of the ocean and in the bellies of volcanoes. Life has survived asteroid strikes and volcanic 'nuclear' winters.

Hell, CCC won't even kill us off. We're like cockroaches. Yes, things are going to be unpleasant for a few centuries, but we'll survive..and keep our technological civilization, too.

Keep in mind that the total population of the Earth when Columbus first set foot on Hispaniola was apx 480 million. That's barely 5% of today's total. Or two thirds of the US' total.

So, stop being an alarmist and start figuring out how to help us survive, because we're already past the Tipping Point and The Age of Storms is upon us....
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~Two items first...

One: It seems that all the political leaders in Ukraine are kleptocrats of one type or another. And that Yanukovich, the leader who was most willing play ball with Putin, is also the most thuggish of the lot. Now that he has thoroughly screwed the pooch, Putin has to make the best of a pretty bad situation.

Two: Putin may be a son of a bitch, but he is neither stupid nor crazy, so forget all the Hitler analogies. The man is an ex-KGB colonel, meaning he is a ruthless pragmatist.

Okay, now for the 'mind reading'....

As the HQ of The Russian Black Sea Fleet, the Crimea is utterly non-negotiable for Russia. Now that it is back in Russian hands, they are not going to let it go. Hopefully the new leadership in Kyiv understands and is willing to swallow that shit sandwich. I'm not hopeful of that outcome, but one never knows.

Eastern Ukraine is a much dicier proposition. Putin probably hopes that they will except a few extra 'privileges' as ethnic Russians within Ukraine and not try for separation. These are the 'events on the ground' I have spoken of in the past few days.

If the majority Russian eastern provinces go for succession, then Putin is faced with two equally bad choices: A, let them hang out to dry and see how things turn out in a Ukrainian civil war or B, go in and help them, thereby becoming embroiled in said civil war.

The former would very bad for Putin domestically, abandoning fellow Russians to the 'fascist wolves'.

But the latter has the potential to become a suppurating nightmare.

Ethnic Ukrainians hate Hate HATE the Russians and so do the nations of Eastern Europe. Poland, which hates the Russians as much as the Ukrainians, shares a long border with Ukraine. I have little doubt that 'volunteers' and arms of all types would flood over said border if Russia intervened in a Ukrainian civil war. In all likelihood, they'll flow anyway. And there's lots of old Warsaw Pact gear floating around, so who could say where it came from.

I have said that such would be 'Yugoslavia writ large'. Think easily ten times as large, with ethnic cleansing and militia atrocities on a massive scale. I would not be surprised if the death toll reached over a million.

In addition, the gas lines to Europe would definitely be cut, both by accident and on purpose, and the EU's economy is rather shaky at the moment. A Ukrainian civil war would almost certainly cause another global economic meltdown and who knows where that would lead.

I'm fairly certain that Putin understands all of these factors and will do his best to tamp down passions in the eastern provinces. But these are The Bloodlands and history has shown us that in those lands the Worst Case is usually the most likely scenario.

Another Charming Thought: a Ukrainian civil war could destabilize Belarus.

EDIT: some maps to help visualize the situation.
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"All politics is local." ~'Tip' O'Neill

~Which is why, in the end, democracy fails. Because humans are, as a rule, 'provincial', which is a socio-cultural way of saying that they are primarily concerned with their own immediate sphere of interest, tend to ignore everything outside of that sphere and react with fear/anger whenever the larger sphere impinges. That prevents most humans from thinking 'globally' or even 'nationally'. Now hold that thought...

"Why should I concern myself with how many die? Even the Christian Bible says what is man that God should be mindful of him? For me men are nothing but a brain at one end and a shit factory at the other." ~Aurelio Peccei, founder and first president of the Club of Rome

In 1972 The Club of Rome published a historical document, “The Limits to Growth,” described by Wikipedia as a “book about the computer modeling of unchecked economic and population growth with finite resource supplies.” I remember at the time it generated a lot of speculation and controversy, but for the general population, like so many things before it, it went down The Memory Hole, eclipsed by Watergate and then the Fall of Saigon. [see "All politics is local."]

Aurelio Peccei was one the authors of that report and his sentiments are fairly clear.

“The Limits to Growth,” were also, I have come to believe, a warning to the population of Earth from The Western Financial Elites; “Since you are obviously incapable of controlling your own affairs and managing your our resources, we are going to gather up as much of them as we can lay our hands upon, build ourselves safe havens and let the rest of you drown in your own shit. In fact, we plan to expedite that by making things as bad as possible in order to get this over with as fast as possible.” In other words, a Culling.

I suspect they made that decision not so much because they are evil – though there is certainly some sociopathic reasoning in the mix – but because, seeing that “All politics are local,” they already knew that the solutions required to head off Global Catastrophe would be impossible to implement. Keep in mind that at the time The Cold War was still going strong, America was socioculturally unraveling and China had just wrapped up The Cultural Revolution.

In that context, I really cannot fault the logic, even if I am one of those likely to culled.

I have imagined snippets of conversations such as these, uttered not at secret meetings in darkened rooms, but at bright social gatherings over cocktails:

“Let it all got to hell.”

“They will rebel.”

“We make Consumerism ubiquitous and fund their social hatreds.”

“But we cannot control something like that.”

“No, but we can guide it and we can survive it. We'll surf the apocalypse.”

If I were in their position, I'd do much the same thing, though as those of you who know me will understand that my 'grand scheme' is of a somewhat different design. And because of that, while I expect this Culling will more or less succeed, I have my doubts that it will play out at all close to what The Elites hope for.

But the die have been cast and now what shall be, shall be...

Nebs Sez

Jun. 25th, 2013 01:26 pm
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"The Global Climate has never been 'harmonious and balanced'. That's a Nature Lover's fantasy. It is fluid and dynamic and a warming trend was very likely on the menu anyway. However, that trend would have unfolded over a couple/three centuries and been 'manageable' from the human point of view.

But what we humans have done is to pump tens of trillions of tons of hydrocarbons into that fluid and dynamic system and supercharged it. Now it is getting warmer faster than it would have and the mean temperatures will be higher. Plus its storm systems will be far more violent. That is not simply natural 'climate change'; that is Catastrophic Climate Change.

It is probably that we are past any point of stopping this or even of ameliorating it. We just get to ride it out. We will survive this. We're like fucking cockroaches. But it's going to an unpleasant transit and a lot of us are going to suffer and die because of it."
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...from "The Hipcrime Vocab": In which 'escapefromwisconsin' not merely refutes the various claims of The Austerity Mafia, but completely eviscerates them and then outlines - in detail - a whole raft of positive solutions to the present 'crisis'...

I - Where the Workers Are Going.

One of my blog posts that got a bit of attention was this one-What if a Collapse Happened and Nobody Noticed? In that post, I pointed out that waiting for a collapse was a rather foolish proposition because it is already happening. The problem is, people tend not to see it because it does not conform to certain preconceived notions of what a collapse "should" look like-notions fostered by Hollywood rather than by history, including shelves empty of food, dry gas pumps, ATMs unable to dispense cash, and chaos and rioting in the streets.

Also, the unevenness makes it hard to detect. Gasoline was indeed rationed - but only in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. There are still plenty of suburbs, but total miles driven is slightly down for the first time ever, the average age of cars on the road is at an all-time high, and many of those homes lie empty and deserted. The pumps still dispense gas, but you're paying more for it without a corresponding raise in salary. Some areas are gentrifying and gaining population, whereas others are virtual ghost towns. There is indeed mayhem and civil war in the streets - but it is in Syria. There are indeed deactivated ATMs, but they are in Cyprus. An unknown wag coined the term Detroitification, and I think I will co-opt it. Like a spreading mold, it's coming to a town near you.

We humans are designed by evolution to respond to immediate threats, but slow-motion catastrophes simply do not register or generate any source of alarm. Another of the underlying themes of this blog is to remind people that it is indeed happening, but is subject to what I'll dub the Gibson Principle - the future is already here; it's just not evenly distributed. If you look closely, though, you'll see the subtle signs everywhere. See for example - California water managers despair over snowpack, and FAA to close 149 air traffic towers as budget cuts bite. If every single one of these towers ever reopens, I'll run through the streets naked.

Just as I attempted to gain notoriety by being the first to actually predict collapse, I will now predict the date of the arrival of the post-work society. It is right here, right now. [con't below]

Part I:

Part II - The Other Wards of the State:

Part III - Corporate Welfare:

Part IV - A Modest Proposal:

Part V - But, But, But...:

Part VI - The Alternative:

Part VII - Conclusion:

Part VIII - Charts:

Some Additional Notes:
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~Slowly, but steadily I'm finding myself drifting into indifference. I'm not 'giving up'. That would be decisive. I'm just fucking tired...and there's also that low boil depression of mine.

I've been working on The Explanation for nearly five years now and I'm pretty much stuck at this point. And no one is showing up to help. I suspect some of you want to, but y'all are just as stuck as me in your own ways. The rest are simply too caught up in the minutia of your lives to truly notice how you're being herded into a corner.

Le-Le and I have been battered from pillar to post the past few years. Trolled. Betrayed. Evicted. And then her VA lawyer drops her case, likely because of Sequestration, so that extra funding fades even further into the future....

...I don't know why I keep bothering. I'm just so fucking tired.

And the deeply profoundly fucked up thing is we're actually doing better than probably four fifths of the people on this planet.
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~The most dangerous situation modern Feminism faces is that it is busy fighting for equality in a Social Order that is breaking down. Within that context, what specifically is the real worth of anything Feminism is actually going to be able to achieve?

This not at all defeatism or a call to surrender, but rather to take a hard look at the battlefield and at the goals for which we are fighting. If the existing Social Order is breaking down – which it clearly is – then does it not make more sense to work toward building an entirely new Social Order instead of fighting over the last scraps of the old one, which is after all, based wholly upon Patriarchy?
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"It is no measure of good health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society." ~Jiddu Krishnamurti

“If everyone swept in front of their own doorway, the whole world would be clean.” ~Goethe

“There is no more neutrality in the world. You either have to be part of the solution, or you're going to be part of the problem.” ~Eldridge Cleaver

~I found this linked on a friend's Facebook Wall:

“We're stoked to be finalizing our pranafying, culture-inducing retreats of yoga, art, music, gastronomia, ecstatic nature & healing waters... Registration will open THIS WEEKEND, (( 1st COME, 1st SERVE )) for: June ITALY (Tuscany/Capri/Roma), August BRAZIL (Rio de Janeiro & Bahia), November Thanksgiving JAMAICA (Ocho Rios). We're offering these one of a kind 'yoga meets culture immersion' retreats hosted by locals in each country to 25 people per retreat max to ensure a deep and meaningful experience. Stay tuned!!”

I was going to go into a whole rant about the self-absorbed cluelessness of American's White Middle Class, but then the title of this post came to mind and I decided to save my energy for other things. The first three quotes cover it nicely I believe.


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