Dec. 25th, 2016

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~I have redone The Oath of Initiation onto The Sisterhood and the methods by which it is administered.

First, The Initiate hand writes it down - the best place would be in one of her journals - and then signs it. [yes, this IS a Contract, with both Goddess and The Sisterhood] If The Initiate does not keep a journal or diary, she can write on a plain piece of paper, keeping that in a safe place.

Second, at an appropriate time and place, The Initiate reads The Oath to an already Initiated Sister. As of now, that will be very simple, whatever ceremony to be determined by the Initiated Sister. As time goes on SH will develop Ritual for this.

The purpose for both reading, writing and reciting this Oath is to have The Initiate's mind process The Oath on multiple levels, to make sure it is deeply engrammed into her brain. In that context, it is a good idea for The Initiate to have done at least a read through of Liber Sorores [The Book of The Sisters] so they have some knowledge of what they are getting into

I, [name of Initiate], do Swear all the following in The Eternal Presence of The Great Goddess, She of The Ten Thousand Names. I Pledge my Body, Mind, and Spirit to the service of The Sisterhood of The Pentavalence. I Pledge to abide by and support the Tenets and Precepts of The Sisterhood, as set forth in The Book of Sisters, and to share them with all of my Sisters, whenever possible. I Pledge to show Love and Compassion for all of my Sisters, to give them my Loyalty and to accept theirs. I Pledge to show Love and Compassion even for those Sisters who are still Enslaved by Patriarchy and seem lost to The Goddess. I Pledge my Body, Mind and Spirit to Goddess, however She may manifest Herself to me. I Pledge to dedicate my Body, Mind and Spirit to establish Her Dominion here on this world, a Matriarchy guided by our Sisterhood. So I Swear, by all I hold Sacred, that my Pledge is true and freely given and I Swear Upon my Honor and at risk of Her Wrath, that I have willingly taken this Oath.

So mote it be.

[sign and date here]

This will replace the old Initiation at the end of Part Seven – “Summation”


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