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"It's important to remember the golden rule of the Trump era; nothing is too stupid to be true." ~Seth Meyers
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~It is presently 107° and 11% humidity.


Jul. 14th, 2017 03:01 am
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~Well, some fucking good news. The State of California is going to pay the $134 Medicare deducts from my Social Security benefits. I had been pretty spun about that.
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~The Primary Long Term Goal of The Sisterhood [SH] is the creation of a Transhumanist Amazon Republic aka a New Matriarchy. This envisions Females aka Sisters to be optimized etc via genetic engineering and cybernetic augmentation, while Baseline Human Males are eliminated through lack of births and natural attrition. Sisters will bear their Daughters live, with the birthing process eased and enhanced by cybernetic augmentation. Live birthing*, shared nursing and collective child raising will create a deep psycho-biologic bond among all Sisters, one that will ultimately be reinforced by Neural Interconnectivity, aka 'cybernetic telepathy’. *not being ‘hatched’ from a Uterine Replicator

These Sisters will constituent an elite Ruling Class because, as our Basic Tenets state, “We Believe that the Male of our species, individually and collectively, is too aggressive, unstable, and Ego driven” and that “only the Female of our species, individually and collectively, has the proper Nature and Temperament to accomplish the above tasks and pursue the above goals and that therefore the Female of our species must become Paramount.” [see The Basic Tenets for details of those tasks and goals]

SH will also create a whole series of genetically engineered Servitors, based upon Male DNA, all extensively modified to be SH's Working Class. This Servitor class will be birthed from uterine replicators and have neural control implants even before birth. They will be generated solely by a single State Ministry, which will maintain ownership of them. Individuals, groups and organizations may lease Servitors, but said leases will specifically determine proper treatment and will be strictly enforced.

This Servitor Class will have as many subtypes as are required and each will be programed to find pleasure in accomplishing his task, so no coercion will be required nor will it be tolerated. These various Servitors will be supplemented with robots, but only in a few cases. It is easier to 'downgrade' the biological than to upgrade the purely cybernetic and less resource intensive to produce as Servitors will by grown, not constructed. Thus, the age old problem of Labor will be solved

On a related note, SH is strongly opposed to 'hard’ AI as such constitutes an extreme existential threat to the Human Species in whatever form we take. But SH does understand the need for 'soft’ AI, but only under the very strictest of controls.

In the lead-up to all of this, Sisters are able to join SH by Pledging themselves to Goddess and SH. In addition, Males can become part of SH by fully submitting to one or more SH Sisters, or to SH Itself, within the context of the BDSM paradigm. This interim phase is governed by the rules of Gynofascism.

Once SH is fully established, Baseline Females will always be welcome to take Modification and Augmentation in order to join SH. Baseline Males will have the option of being 'converted' to one of the higher end Servitor Classes. Baseline Humans of either gender who do not wish to be part of SH will be comfortably supported in exchange for sterilization and the harvesting of their DNA etc.

See Liber Sorores: The Book of The Sisters

I should reblog this at least once a week.
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~Today was brutal. Made it up to 112°. Just after it got light Le-Le and I put the old AC unit back in her bedroom window for the first time in three years. The heat has been so bad, much hotter than it usually is, that she was rightly worried about getting an MS attack.

That knocked the shit outta both of us. But the AC had helped. All the cats had been laid out in the hallway under the swamp cooler. Now they're all hiding in her room. LOL

Le-Le just rolled back into bed and I will after my BFC [Breakfast Cycle; coffee, fruit or yogurt, a PBJ, various supplements and meds] Need to go down to Lancaster to WinCo as the cupboards are bare. And need to do that before shit starts to cook, though only 105° predicted for today.

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~Had a number of personal 'shocks to the system' this past week. None major, but cumulatively they knocked the shit out of me. Not going to relate details, but they covered childhood trauma trigger, money issues trigger, mortality issues, excessive heat and a general fear of loss. Just got over being sick earlier – profound exhaustion and the spins – and tbh I'm still no prize in the general well being dept.

It hasn't helped that I spent the past few hours 'following the news' from my various sources. That always taxes my Faith. I worry that I'm simply too late and that The Sisterhood will not have the time and space needed to get off the ground. I suppose I'm more obsessive than fanatic. A fanatic would have no doubts.

I found myself wishing I'd met our High Priestess a decade ago. The problem there is that she was only nine years old back then. And the woman who I'd originally asked to be HP a decade ago, who had in fact started me on this Path and inspired so many details of SH, she turned out to be a short sighted petite bourgeois [redacted expletive]. But like so many other Americans, she is a slave to the Cult of Individualism. Her grandchild are going to pay a price for that. And yes, I'm still bitter about that and have lost all respect for her.

So, here I am, bitching and moaning on the Internet in the middle of the night like I have for the past sixteen plus years. At least the completion of our Holy Book/How To Manual is realistically in sight. No small feat I have to admit, however grudgingly.

I suppose I should express Gratitude for having Companionship, a roof over my head and food in fridge, though I really need to go shopping soon. But it's gonna be 110° today, so that ain't happening until tomorrow.

And there you have it....
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~I was just speaking to Her Grace, FHP/SH, and I said to her, “It's not even that I'm all that altruistic. I want the species to survive and for that The Female must Dominate.” And I believe with a total and complete conviction that The Sisterhood is the best Path forward for that to happen in the most effective manner. It is really that simple.


Jun. 28th, 2017 08:02 pm
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~I really miss writing in restaurants. I've done some of my best work there. But I have been too broke to do that for years now and that has taken its toll on my creative process.

I've been working on the Liber for-fucking-ever. [Well, seven years and change] I just wrote like a hundred words the Women's Shelters section earlier and then it felt like I was moving through glue and I ground to a halt. I started to terribly miss my old haunt, the Norm's on Lincoln and Colorado in Santa Monica. It's gone now though, replaced by a hipster burger joint.

But even if I could just drive down to the Denny's in Lancaster at around 1 or 2 in the morning on a regular basis I'd be grateful...and far more productive. *sigh*

I'm supposed to mutter something both witty and cynical here, but I have nothing....
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~It's down to 73° now and the air coming out of the swamp cooler is cold, but I'm letting it run, making the house cold. We have one more day of this heat wave [103° today, down from a 106° prediction] and then we're done. High 90's for the rest of the week, which is the usual around here and we can handle that easy.

Been sleeping through most of it. Just as well as we're broke as fuck once again at the end of the month. /sigh

I should be writing. Well, writing more. I have been scribbling a lil bit on the Liber and a few short stories. I never really stop writing, even if it's just trolling assholes on the Internet. LOL

Not much else to talk about. Just getting by and watching The Donald wreck the GOP and the Dem Civil War heat up. Life in The Desert.

...and there ya have it.
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I have been emailed a few times in the past week or so by Ms Stephanie Scott, Admissions & Account Assistant, Los Angeles Film School. LAFS was a pretty cool place when I checked out, that was long ago. But I'm a gentleman and also a Hollywood Rule is "be nice to those you meet on the way'll meet them again on the way down".

Dear Ms Scott,

I'm a fat old man on Disability who's last contact with your institution was nearly twenty years ago, so I'm assuming y'all are having 'enrollment issues'. That's a shame. I liked the feel of the place, I just didn't have the bread to enroll.

Presently I am living in a double-wide in a mobile home park up in the High Desert. The film industry is a distant and sad memory, so while I appreciate your offer, I'll have to pass.

I do however wish you the best of luck, my dear.

M. Daly
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~It is presently 103° and 11% humidity. 107° predicted for tomorrow and 109° for Mon, Tues and Wed.
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But… obstruction of justice!

The House is as likely to vote to impeach Trump on this or indeed any other illegal/unethical thing he’s actually currently doing as I am to sprout a peach tree out of my tailbone. This is your occasional reminder that today’s GOP has no moral or ethical center, and apparently works under the belief that the entire point to the life of the average American citizen is to fork over their progressively declining wages to large companies to make the very rich that much richer. Trump’s helping with that goal, so why would they get in the way with that? Trump could tromp into the White House rose garden, club Sean Spicer to death live on Fox and Friends, and then skull-fuck the bloody corpse, chortling about his electoral college victory all the while, and all you would get out of the GOP is Paul Ryan’s patented little grimace, and the general argument that it’s the president’s prerogative to skull-fuck the corpse of any of his staff, so why is the mainstream media making such a big deal about it.

So, yeah. Don’t pick out your glittery impeachment pants just yet. You’re gonna have to wait for 2019 at the earliest for that.

Also, for the record: I do not endorse anyone, including but not limited to the President of the United States, doing anything to Sean Spicer to bring about his death or even his mild physical discomfort, in the White House rose garden or indeed anywhere else, much less then skull-fucking his corpse, bloody or otherwise, on live or recorded television, streaming on the internet or even in private. Please do not kill Sean Spicer, ever. He’s already dead inside. That should be enough for anybody.

~John Scalzi
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“Is no such thing as overkill. Anything worth breaking is worth breaking a lot.”

~Marko Kloos, Fields of Fire
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~I've been at the Prophet racket for over twenty one years now and as you might expect, I've gotten a whole lotta bullshit along the way.

Death threats, of course. Pretty standard among the pinky dicked low brow scum who call themselves Christians and/or patriots. But The Sisterhood [SH] is not non-violent and this household has always been armed, so those spineless fuckers never showed up.

I've been called a pedophile as well - always a good 'go to' accusation to 'demonize' someone - as I have always talked to teenage girls about SH as this is all about their future. Note that our High Priestess was still 17 when we first started talking.

The one that is both my fav and the most annoying is that I'm 'on drugs'. Well, yes, for Depression and Diabetes, and a fair amount of ibuprofen as my old carcass hurts a lot. The 'annoying part' is that I've been Sober in The 12 Steps since Oct 17th, 1995 and I work hard to remain so.

And yes, that I'm 'crazy' and the idea of a New Matriarchy as presented in the Liber Sorores is 'ridiculous' and 'absurd'. Yes, almost as 'ridiculous' and 'absurd' as the little Jewish cult centered on a martyred slave god seemed to Second Century Rome. Really, where was that nonsense ever gonna go? LOL

But hey, I got nothing better do, right? Crazy fat old man living with a crazy old cat lady [and lots of cats] in doublewide in a mobile home park full of poor Whites and Latinos out in Bumfuck Nowhere, USA. [well, this IS the Desert, classic 'prophet turf'] Might as well just keep scribbling and babbling.

Speaking of 'scribbling', I am making decent progress on the Women's Shelter's portion of Part Five. Goddess willing, the Liber will be published this Autumn.

...and so it is.


May. 21st, 2017 09:04 am
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“The Power of Three is considered the highest connection to the source…each faith or belief has a source of three that connects them to their power source and higher level.” ~Rose Ann Schwab

Liber Sorores: Part Six: “Building a New Matriarchy – The Trikona”


May. 12th, 2017 02:55 am
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~The primary reason I've been so depressed is because I have the huge cyst on my right bicep. It was just a little pimple like thing for a few months, but in the past week or so, when my tooth was infected, it has ballooned to the size of an avocado pit. And I'm fucking scared.

I am going to the local clinic, but they can't see me until next Friday. I may take myself to the ER before then.

But what this has done is kicked in all of my self worth issues and most damaging, the deepest fear I have, the one pounded into me by my family the first fifty years of my life, that I cannot have any happiness or success and what little I might get, will soon be taken away.

Thia has crippled me this week and try as I might to fight it, I am sinking deeper and deeper into a really Black Depression...and the hope I had clung too now seems a cruel joke.
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I lay upon my bed
pleasant flaccid numbness
a depression hangover

I think of...things
colored pencils arranged by shade
neat patches of farm land
a kitchen tables set for breakfast
bathed in the golden light of morning
English actors playing Swedes
Order against Chaos
Life Against Death

I just lay there
a pleasant flaccid numbness
but my bladder requires attention
and I have a day that I need
to get through as if it meant something... Faith is weak
I cannot hear my Spirit Guide
and I fear my Death
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~A few days ago I wrote the following, “I never wanted to be a 'guru'. It's a brutal and heartbreaking Path and usually ends in failure and a lonely or violent death.” Grim, but not really all that pessimistic if one honestly reviews the historical record. Prophets are usually hated in their own times and tend to die unheeded.

The past day or so I have been under the weather and tired and that always gets me all emo and shit. I whine and cry and beat my breast...and then I get past that and keep on.

I expect I shall do that again. I'm already half way there. And at the moment I'm really fucking tired. I should have slept six or seven hours, but only managed three.

So now of course all my fears and self doubt are crawling out the woodwork and clawing at me. I've wept a few times, fallen deep into despair and self pity. [I fucking hate self pity!!]

I'm also washing my bed linen and plan to wash my hair. [waaaay overdue] And I'm blathering here into this desk top file. Not much else I can do right now. Too tired to really focus on any serious writing and I don't feel like watching any of the shows I've got downloaded. [a fuckton tbh]

I'm sorta stalled right I'll shut up now...

PS Mercury goes Direct tomorrow.
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Richard, your games are over. You've been unmasked as a fraud. You are not rich. You are certainly not Wolf. I know that for a fact because I have spoken with him directly via Eva. He utterly despises you btw.

And Tracy said you're not even a Wagner.

Yes, it was me who texted her the other night. She said, “Tell her to stay away from him,” regarding Eva. I understand she screamed at you. Good. You need to be screamed at.

Eva played your game for a while, but she and I never stopped talking. Our bond is not romantic. It is Spiritual. I stood with her last year through a very very dark time. Some might say I saved her life, but that would not be true. We can only save ourselves. I merely helped her to save her own life.

You on the other hand have driven her crazy.

While you were leaving stupid “We're married” IM's to Eden, you were sending Eva pix of you cutting yourself to try to guilt her. That is evil and triggering. You have triggered her ED issues. You have triggered her PL issues. You have stressed her to the point of being suicidal. You have stressed her so much she has gone into hospital.

You are mentally ill and need help. Time to go and get some.

If you do not go away, Eden and I will make it our mission to stop you. If that requires outing you as a rabid Nazi and possible pedophile to your employers and to the world, then so be it.

I'm doing this here discreetly for Eva, not you. If it were solely my call, I'd put this on every Internet platform I have. Suing me for slander would be useless as I'm on Disability and that cannot be garnished in civil matters.

I will not communicate with you further.



May. 1st, 2017 03:05 pm
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~I'm really hating my life right now. April was fucking awful. My best kitty buddy died. He was only four months old. Apple bricked my fucking phone for over some bullshit that I had nothing to do with. And we were fucking broke again by the middle of the month for the third month in a row

I had hoped this month would be better. Started doing The Five Rites yoga and ordered a pair of five pound free weights … and now I have a tooth infection, the one right under the only upper molar I have left, so it keeps getting irritated. And it is leaving me too exhausted to keep up the yoga.

We did start a Go Fund Me for my upper partial denture last fall and got a whole fucking eighty five bucks. [it will cost a grand] And with my 65th birthday coming up I get forced onto Medicare and lose my Adult Dental coverage under Medical.

This is when I start wanting to die, when I cannot stand it anymore, when I see that I simply will never win and why fucking bother....

If I lived alone, I would kill myself at this point. But I cannot abandon Le-Le and the kitties like that … but I am soooo fucking tired …


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