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neb.ris (neb'ris), n. a fawn skin as worn in Grecian mythology by Dionysus and his followers, and as worn in his honor by his priests and votaries of ancient Greece.
[< L < Gk: fawn-skin; akin to nebros fawn]

"I am not an Atheist. I am not a Pacifist. I am not a Liberal. I am a madman from the desert who has been given the Vision of a Global Amazon Republic founded upon and operated through a Revealed Feminist Spirituality that worships The Goddess in all of Her Aspects and every single day I do something that brings the manifestation of that Vision closer to fruition. That such will mean the end of me and my brothers is of no concern to me as I Know when the time comes we shall all Ride The Wheel back here to live as Sisters among Sisters." ~Michael Varian Daly

"It is no measure of good health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society." ~Krishnamurti

"There is no doubt that healthy-mindedness is inadequate as a philosophical doctrine, because the evil facts which it refuses positively to account for are a genuine portion of reality; and they may after all be the best key to life's significance, and possibly the only openers of our eyes to the deeper levels of truth." ~William James

“The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions.” ~Susan Sontag

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead

"Live as though the day were here." ~Friedrich Nietzsche

"The natural superiority of women is a biological fact, and a socially acknowledged reality." ~Ashley Montagu

"Those who wish to achieve things should do so without mercy." ~Chānakya

"Hence it comes about that all armed Prophets have been victorious, and all unarmed Prophets have been destroyed." ~Niccolo Machiavelli

"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now." ~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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~Started writing a whole...'essay' on the Vegas thing, but I just ran out of stream. I'm pretty depressed because I feel like Collapse is 'speeding up' but The Sisterhood is crawling along and that shit will crash before SH can get far enough along to survive said crash.

This has triggered suicidal ideation, but that is fucking frustrating too because I cannot abandon those who rely upon me. Plus I am also all too well aware of the 'suicide from despair' Karmic Reset Button.

So I whine here again, suck it up some more, sleep it off, etc. and so on....
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..from Oct. 26th, 2008 at 10:28 PM, with a slight edit..

..this is a comment I made in a friends LJ..

"I have come to the conclusion that The Great Experiment of Mass Democracy has failed. It has taken me a few decades to be willing to admit such an outcome, but it has been driven home to me over the past half dozen years.

You've known me long enough to be fully aware that Politics to me is like Sports for most American males. I eat, breathe, and sleep the stuff, have done so since I was a kid, and these days I can do that 24/7/365.

But even with that capacity and inclination, modern society and civilization and all of its myriad mechanisms is still too much for even someone like me to keep track of in an effective fashion. The 'average citizen' is then far more lost in, and overwhelmed by, these things, even those who share my inclinations, and there ain't all that many of those.

Joe Bageant's Anonymous Political Consultant said here; “The mastery of the political right over the past thirty years has been primarily to better understand the irrational factors in politics. Conservatives have always understood that when it comes to politics, people rarely act in their rational self-interest but instead on emotion, fears and the perception of their interests.”

Most people do not want to wake up, especially here in The Republic. Too fucking scary. And a fair number of those are in fact constitutionally incapable of waking at all.

Another type of social order is needed. What that new construct might be is now the responsibility of the Aware Individual." ...I ended there, but kept thinking about this...

Participatory democracy does not seem to work when the citizen base gets beyond five or ten thousand. At that point 'political mechanisms' seem to grow almost organically and began to remove the process from the reach of 'the average citizen'. The increase in social complexity creates the Political Specialist. Add Economic and Technological Systems, and 'the average citizen' is finished ...except as a Cipher for Those Who Rule.

However, any discussion of 'qualifying' the Franchise brings howls of rage and, given past performance, rightly so.

But should not the electorate of such a powerful nation as this be required to meet some Standard beyond accident of birth? Should not 'the average citizen' be required to pass something like The Naturalization Test our new citizens must take before being entrusted with a Vote?

It's really not that hard a test...if you have a fucking brain in your head.

Of course, I'm not holding my breath in that matter. But I am pursuing a Course of Action.

In the long term, my own personal belief on where we need to go is to use a version of Heinlein's Federal Service Model as a transition to a society that is some combination of the two cultures Peter Hamilton calls Edenism and Adamism. I suspect we'll get a bit closer to the latter.

The above set of paths are templates I propose for the path of The Sisterhood in this matter. Of course, I know things will shift and change.

One of the most interesting things I've read in the last few years came from William Gibson, Godfather of Cyberpunk. He was amazed that in his very prophetic novel Neuromancer, he had completely overlooked the potential impact of cellphones, totally dropped the ball on the subject.

I take his revelation to heart, both as a writer and as Her Prophet.

For those that dismiss this as mere 'sci-fi thinking', please note you happen to be reading this on The Internet and probably own one of those pesky cellphones, too. Science Fiction is Right Now.
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...I wrote this back on June 22nd, 2012 at around 3am..we had just found a new place to live [where we are now] and were abandoning the old house after months of legal hell..I just came across this and am reposting it is still quite relevant...

~I grew up in an extreme and dysfunctional environment full of emotional violence. I live with the Damage it caused to this very day.

I don't say that as a Victim; I survived it. I state it as a simple fact of who I am, much the same as my height, my gender and my eye color.

I also grew up with Privilege and Money. Combined with my Damage, all that gives me a unique view of the world, a valuable and hard won perspective. And...

...that Damage also makes me very..'jumpy' in situation like the one we're in right now. Our personal prospects are actually pretty good, but we have to wait things out and there is uncertainly and I don't do well with that. Too much imagination in some ways, imagination skewed toward 'negative outcomes'.

This is when I start to doubt myself and my Path - “Who do you think you are?” “You're too damaged to do this work.” “No wonder no-one will follow you.” - and so on. Self examination can be a double edged sword.

I then have to remind myself once more that I am not supposed to be a Leader, but merely a Guide. It is from among you, my Sisters, that our Leaders are to be found, and especially from among those Sisters who will grow up inside The Sisterhood, who will be nurtured and trained to Own their Power and Know their Path from their earliest days.

That is what keeps me going on some of these long empty nights.
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~On August 30th, 2004, I first wrote the words The Temple of The Pentavalent down upon paper. I was living in a shithole Sober Living house off of Centinela Avenue in West LA. But I was doing okay.

The idea had been bubbling in my head for a few years, but was finally clarified after a conversation with She Who Refused* a few days earlier. It was the first time 'this thing of ours' actually got a name, which is why I chose to make it The Sisterhood's Birthday. Plus it is close to my own and therefor can be used to mask Her Prophet's birthday in the future to aid in my fading into the background.

In the past few years we have begun to call this The Sisterhood [or SH for short] instead of The Temple. That more clearly and quickly conveys who and what we are. But The Temple of The Pentavalent is our name for legal purposes.

Now, SH seriously enters into its adolescence. Our First High Priestess is working hard on her part of our growth and will soon leave her teen years behind. And this fat old man is still working upon The Liber and is getting closer to finishing it everyday. Honestly, that is really in sight.

The Sisterhood is a massive undertaking. Some days I think myself insane for even considering it. But our First High Priestess is a Sign of Goddess' Favor in and of herself. So we persevere...

...and so it is.

*that shall for now on be how I refer to my ex-friend who not only refused to accept being FHP, but...well, I shall not speak ill of her anymore...She Who Refused is how she shall be known for now and that is harsh enough...
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A lot of what in spoken of in the Liber Sorores is about an elite of powerful high functioning Sisters. But The Sisterhood cannot forget our wounded and damaged Sisters out on the streets or trapped in destructive relationships or in their own addictions. Most of them will probably never be part of SH per se, but the SH Oath of Initiation says 'to show Love and Compassion with all Sisters’ and that Pledge must be honored.

The original text said, “The Sisterhood will create a network of shelters and housing for women [for non-Temple members and not related to the residences listed above]. This will include at least one large overnight shelter with support facilities, various shelters for battered women, addicted women, and multi-year transitional living programs. We will also get into the permanent housing business, through Section 8 and/or whatever programs are available.”

So the following categories are listed:
Day Time Drop-Ins:
Big Shelters:
Transitional Shelters:
Specialized Shelters:
Permanent Housing:

Day Time Drop-Ins:

“The Sisterhood’s first project is a Women’s Drop-In Center. The drop-in center would be a converted store front or other street level former business space. It would clearly be ‘faith based’ and staffed by members of The Sisterhood trained in its operation. The Center will provide the following:

~a safe place for homeless women to be during the day
~two free meals a day, breakfast and lunch
~a mail drop
~shower and laundry facilities
~a nap room
~references to social services, to mental health and drug counseling [these reference services would also be available to non-homeless women 'in need’], and to transitional housing”

I wrote that over a decade ago. My own time homeless showed me first hand that it is especially hard on women. It can break them far worse than it usually breaks men. And most who end up homeless are usually broken in some way or another by the time they end up 'outside’.

All the usual standards that women are held to by society go out the window when they become homeless. Forget 'looking good'. They're luck if they can stay clean on a regular basis. As time passes, if gets worse. Loss of teeth is high among the homeless and that has an especially profound negative effect upon women.

Plus women are far more physically vulnerable to crime. Rape is common. And often homeless women have to trade sexual favors to get by. Male behavior among the homeless is even worse than in 'normal' society.

So The Sisterhood's solution is to create a network of shelters, from bottom to top, that is Women Only.

Big Shelters:

Those types of shelters are the usual entree point into 'the system' for the homeless. The various social service agencies will the homeless to a Big Shelter to get them off the street at least overnight. Plus Big Shelters provide an additional layer of 'processing' to sort out the type of help each person needs.

The homeless fall into three basic categories; the Economically Distressed, the Addict/Alcoholic, and the Mentally Ill. Obviously, there is often some overlap. But they are usually clearly set into one of three in terms of need. Part of a Big Shelter's job is to properly sort them out and send them on to where they can get the best help.

SH Big Shelters would be Women Only with no Male Children over 10 allowed in the main shelter. There will be a special annex for Male Children 11-14 next to the main shelter with a male staff made up of Korettes, a mini shelter effectively.

The Main Shelter will have between 300 and 500 beds depending upon the size of the building acquired. The women with children will have their own delineated sleeping area.

The Shelter would begin processing intake late afternoon and serve a dinner meal around 7pm. The showers would be open until lights out around 10pm. Wake up would be around 5am, with breakfast around 6am. Exiting would be complete by 9am. That is all fairly standard.

in process...forever it seems

Part Five: “Building a New Matriarchy – Tactical Initiatives”
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~I have said many times over the years that Adolf Hitler is “the most important Spiritual Teacher of the 20th Century”, a statement which left upon its on will obviously bring all manner of screaming and gnashing of teeth. But bear me if you will. Also please keep in mind that everything I speak of relates to the building of The Sisterhood.

I could go on and on about how all the 'Great Men' who were his contemporaries have turned out to be not so great. Churchill was a racist and Imperialist to the bone. FDR put American citizens in concentration camps simply because of their race. Gandhi was both racist and misogynist to extreme degrees. Eisenhower is about the only one who gets off with a fairly clean bill of moral health.

But this is not about 'rehabilitating' Hitler. This about looking at what he Taught us. I will make this brief and mention only his one single overarching Lesson out of all his Lessons, nearly everyone of which was Dark and Harsh. Note that those are usually the Most Profound Lessons, the ones where you, The Student, get the living shit kicked out of you. Such has always been my experience.


The Most Important Lesson that Adolf Hitler taught us is this: he showed us in great detail and with no filters exactly what a genuinely Masculinist Modern State would look and act like.

Let me say that again....

The Most Important Lesson that Adolf Hitler taught us is this: he showed us in great detail and with no filters exactly what a genuinely Masculinist Modern State would look and act like.

The Third Reich was veritably steeped in testosterone, to the point of being quite homoerotic. Its ideology and imagery scream Male Power. Google 'Third Reich' images and that will jump out at you. Nazi Germany shows what happens when a pure Masculine Ideology gains total power. For The Sisterhood, there can be no more Important Spiritual Lesson, that when The Male gains Total Power, Terror Reigns, hundreds of cities burn and tens of millions die.

And I will leave that there for y'all to contemplate.....
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~Eva, First High Priestess of The Sisterhood of The Pentavalent, had slept restlessly. Since her spine had been repaired, she could sleep on her side again, though her breasts would always be too big for her to sleep on her belly. She had tossed and turned for hours, drifting in and out. Anca and Chrissy, the two of her Wives sharing the Big Bed tonight, a double California King, had moved over earlier.

Around 2am, she gave up, got out of bed, put on an ivory colored silk robe. Two pretty young men, her Body Servants who slept at the foot of the bed, came to alertness, looked up expectantly. They both wore Collars with The Sisterhood's Sigil at the throat. Eva smiled and put a finger to her lips. They nodded, smiled sleepily, lay down again. She regarded her soundly sleeping Wives with an soft envious smile, then went out on the Master Bedroom's balcony.

It was a cool spring evening in SoCal. The Mansion's sprawling vastness sat atop a large hill up in the canyons of Beverly Hills, which provided Eva with a panoramic view of Century City. Fog shrouded half of Los Angeles. She took in a deep breath of the moist night air.

Though is was the middle of the night, The Mansion, being an SH/HQ, was still busy. Laundry being done, food being prepared, equipment being maintained, and down below, business being conducted. She did her best to put that all out of her mind.

Eva stood there standing in the dark for about a half an hour. Part of her regretted she didn't smoke any more. Then she went into her private office and checked SH's internal comnet to see if Nebris was awake up in the High Desert Karaal. It being the middle of night, of course he was.

He grinned at her from the monitor. “Can't sleep, Your Grace?”

She knew he was teasing her by using the Formal Address and bared her teeth at him. “Smart ass,” she said.

He laughed. “You know why, babe. Go check up on her.”

“Yes,” she sighed. “You know me too well.”

He blew her a kiss. “That's why you keep me around.”

She blew a kiss back at him, logged off, left the office, headed for her personal elevator. Once inside, she pressed 'B2'.

Below The Mansion was an extensive underground complex, all built in secret. Beverly Hills rested upon bedrock so earthquakes didn't have the same impact there as the rest of LA.

Basement One was garage with separate vehicle elevator, plus several ramps leading to garages of SH owned 'family' homes surrounding The Mansion which were also defensive strong points. The Sisters used those when they needed to come and go in secret, which was fairly often.

Basement Three was a vast storage space full of supplies and connected the Basement Three Annex, which held a Thorium Reactor with massive two water cisterns on either side. That reactor could power The Mansion for twenty years without refueling. The cisterns and the Mansion's recycling system could provide water for over a year.

Eva had a tour of that level just once and had Bunker nightmares for days.

Basement Two was SH's operational center with offices and a large server farm. The ceilings were a little over 300 centimeters, painted with pastels, with soft lighting so as to ease claustrophobia. Eva had made sure of that.

The elevator opened onto small foyer with landscape murals. To the right was a large office area with dozens of bubble shaped 'cubicles'. There was always activity as SH ran various global operations from here.

To the left the wall continued, with several doors to private offices. About half were with open with their lights on. Down at the end were a pair of double doors. That was Eva's destination.

As she walked toward those doors, she heard all the activity taking place; many languages being spoken, laughter, music playing, a few angry conversations, some of the cubicles had their curtains drawn. All of those Sisters ignored her.

The Sisters in the offices nodded their heads formally as she walked past, then continued with their work. Eva gave each one a small nod of acknowledgment in return.

She reached the double doors and dramatically threw them open to reveal...a large cafeteria.

About a dozen or so Sisters are clustered here and there in small groups talking, or singly, eating and reading. As Eva came through the doors they all stopped and begin to rise. But she smiled and waved them to sit, then proceeded to the food counter. It is classic cafeteria, having a glass front displaying everything from hot food to desserts.

Behind the counter a short slim man stepped up. He was in his 40's, had a shaved head covered by a classic white paper 'server's hat' and a Collar with the SH Sigil at the throat. He wore the white uniform of a food worker, which also had the SH Sigil on its breast. He bowed and then smiled knowingly at Eva. “How may I be of Service, Your Grace?”

Eva grinned. “Black Forest cake.”

“Always, Your Grace,” he said with a happy chirp.

“With a glass of milk,” Eva said. “But first I must attended to something.”

“I Serve at your pleasure, Mistress,” he said and bowed deeply.

She turned, headed toward a heavy door on the other side of the cafeteria.


The room was large, quiet, dimly lit, full of conventional cubicles, each with a very large monitor. Half of them were occupied, each Sister attending watching the monitor closely, occasionally speaking softly into her headset mic.

Eva walked directly to one of the cubicles. Sitting there was Gemma, a cute redhead with freckles. She wore flip-flops, dark sweats and a black sport shirt with the SH Sigil above the pocket.

She acknowledged Eva with a nod, but remained focused upon the monitor.

“How is she doing?” Eva asked softly.

Gemma out her hand over the mic. “She's just finished, Your Grace,” she said just as softly, her English accent quite distinct.

The monitor showed a four way split screen of a luxury hotel room. On the bed lay an older man face down. If not for the steady rise and fall of his chest, he'd appear dead.

Sitting naked at the vanity was a petite young brunette brushing her hair. She had a number of welts across her back. The closeup frame of her pretty heart shaped face showed large wide eyes, a strong nose and a mouth set in an insolent smirk.

“She took him to town, Your Grace,” Gemma said with a grin.

Eva smiled back at her. “Dear Em.”

She'd been worried. This was the first time Em had been back in the field in eighteen months. And she was still nursing her first Daughter, though that did make her tits very ripe.

“Her driver is waiting downstairs,” said Gemma. “I'll let you know when she's away.”

“Thank you, Gemma,” Eva said with a gentle smile.

Gemma dipped her head. “I live to Serve, Your Grace.”

“Your Service is Blessed, my Sister,” Eva replied.


Eva sat in the cafeteria with a small group of Sisters. One of them was describing the odd habits of a particular Daddy. The Counterman came up, placed a slice of Black Forest cake and a glass of milk in front of Eva, bowed deeply, then withdrew.

The Sister telling the story looked at Eva and the cake. Eva grinned. “Go right ahead. Remember, I'm an old hand in the Sugar Bowl,” she said, then shoved a forkful of cake in her mouth.

The Sisters all nodded, grinned, and the tale teller continued on...
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~The Primary Long Term Goal of The Sisterhood [SH] is the creation of a Transhumanist Amazon Republic aka a New Matriarchy. This envisions Females aka Sisters to be optimized etc via genetic engineering and cybernetic augmentation, while Baseline Human Males are eliminated through lack of births and natural attrition. Sisters will bear their Daughters live, with the birthing process eased and enhanced by cybernetic augmentation. Live birthing*, shared nursing and collective child raising will create a deep psycho-biologic bond among all Sisters, one that will ultimately be reinforced by Neural Interconnectivity, aka 'cybernetic telepathy’. *not being ‘hatched’ from a Uterine Replicator

These Sisters will constituent an elite Ruling Class because, as our Basic Tenets state, “We Believe that the Male of our species, individually and collectively, is too aggressive, unstable, and Ego driven” and that “only the Female of our species, individually and collectively, has the proper Nature and Temperament to accomplish the above tasks and pursue the above goals and that therefore the Female of our species must become Paramount.” [see The Basic Tenets for details of those tasks and goals]

SH will also create a whole series of genetically engineered Servitors, based upon Male DNA, all extensively modified to be SH's Working Class. This Servitor class will be birthed from uterine replicators and have neural control implants even before birth. They will be generated solely by a single State Ministry, which will maintain ownership of them. Individuals, groups and organizations may lease Servitors, but said leases will specifically determine proper treatment and will be strictly enforced.

This Servitor Class will have as many subtypes as are required and each will be programed to find pleasure in accomplishing his task, so no coercion will be required nor will it be tolerated. These various Servitors will be supplemented with robots, but only in a few cases. It is easier to 'downgrade' the biological than to upgrade the purely cybernetic and less resource intensive to produce as Servitors will by grown, not constructed. Thus, the age old problem of Labor will be solved

On a related note, SH is strongly opposed to 'hard’ AI as such constitutes an extreme existential threat to the Human Species in whatever form we take. But SH does understand the need for 'soft’ AI, but only under the very strictest of controls.

In the lead-up to all of this, Sisters are able to join SH by Pledging themselves to Goddess and SH. In addition, Males can become part of SH by fully submitting to one or more SH Sisters, or to SH Itself, within the context of the BDSM paradigm. This interim phase is governed by the rules of Gynofascism.

Once SH is fully established, Baseline Females will always be welcome to take Modification and Augmentation in order to join SH. Baseline Males will have the option of being 'converted' to one of the higher end Servitor Classes. Baseline Humans of either gender who do not wish to be part of SH will be comfortably supported in exchange for sterilization and the harvesting of their DNA etc.

See Liber Sorores: The Book of The Sisters

I should reblog this at least once a week.
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~Had a number of personal 'shocks to the system' this past week. None major, but cumulatively they knocked the shit out of me. Not going to relate details, but they covered childhood trauma trigger, money issues trigger, mortality issues, excessive heat and a general fear of loss. Just got over being sick earlier – profound exhaustion and the spins – and tbh I'm still no prize in the general well being dept.

It hasn't helped that I spent the past few hours 'following the news' from my various sources. That always taxes my Faith. I worry that I'm simply too late and that The Sisterhood will not have the time and space needed to get off the ground. I suppose I'm more obsessive than fanatic. A fanatic would have no doubts.

I found myself wishing I'd met our High Priestess a decade ago. The problem there is that she was only nine years old back then. And the woman who I'd originally asked to be HP a decade ago, who had in fact started me on this Path and inspired so many details of SH, she turned out to be a short sighted petite bourgeois [redacted expletive]. But like so many other Americans, she is a slave to the Cult of Individualism. Her grandchild are going to pay a price for that. And yes, I'm still bitter about that and have lost all respect for her.

So, here I am, bitching and moaning on the Internet in the middle of the night like I have for the past sixteen plus years. At least the completion of our Holy Book/How To Manual is realistically in sight. No small feat I have to admit, however grudgingly.

I suppose I should express Gratitude for having Companionship, a roof over my head and food in fridge, though I really need to go shopping soon. But it's gonna be 110° today, so that ain't happening until tomorrow.

And there you have it....
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~I was just speaking to Her Grace, FHP/SH, and I said to her, “It's not even that I'm all that altruistic. I want the species to survive and for that The Female must Dominate.” And I believe with a total and complete conviction that The Sisterhood is the best Path forward for that to happen in the most effective manner. It is really that simple.
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~I've been at the Prophet racket for over twenty one years now and as you might expect, I've gotten a whole lotta bullshit along the way.

Death threats, of course. Pretty standard among the pinky dicked low brow scum who call themselves Christians and/or patriots. But The Sisterhood [SH] is not non-violent and this household has always been armed, so those spineless fuckers never showed up.

I've been called a pedophile as well - always a good 'go to' accusation to 'demonize' someone - as I have always talked to teenage girls about SH as this is all about their future. Note that our High Priestess was still 17 when we first started talking.

The one that is both my fav and the most annoying is that I'm 'on drugs'. Well, yes, for Depression and Diabetes, and a fair amount of ibuprofen as my old carcass hurts a lot. The 'annoying part' is that I've been Sober in The 12 Steps since Oct 17th, 1995 and I work hard to remain so.

And yes, that I'm 'crazy' and the idea of a New Matriarchy as presented in the Liber Sorores is 'ridiculous' and 'absurd'. Yes, almost as 'ridiculous' and 'absurd' as the little Jewish cult centered on a martyred slave god seemed to Second Century Rome. Really, where was that nonsense ever gonna go? LOL

But hey, I got nothing better do, right? Crazy fat old man living with a crazy old cat lady [and lots of cats] in doublewide in a mobile home park full of poor Whites and Latinos out in Bumfuck Nowhere, USA. [well, this IS the Desert, classic 'prophet turf'] Might as well just keep scribbling and babbling.

Speaking of 'scribbling', I am making decent progress on the Women's Shelter's portion of Part Five. Goddess willing, the Liber will be published this Autumn.

...and so it is.
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~A few days ago I wrote the following, “I never wanted to be a 'guru'. It's a brutal and heartbreaking Path and usually ends in failure and a lonely or violent death.” Grim, but not really all that pessimistic if one honestly reviews the historical record. Prophets are usually hated in their own times and tend to die unheeded.

The past day or so I have been under the weather and tired and that always gets me all emo and shit. I whine and cry and beat my breast...and then I get past that and keep on.

I expect I shall do that again. I'm already half way there. And at the moment I'm really fucking tired. I should have slept six or seven hours, but only managed three.

So now of course all my fears and self doubt are crawling out the woodwork and clawing at me. I've wept a few times, fallen deep into despair and self pity. [I fucking hate self pity!!]

I'm also washing my bed linen and plan to wash my hair. [waaaay overdue] And I'm blathering here into this desk top file. Not much else I can do right now. Too tired to really focus on any serious writing and I don't feel like watching any of the shows I've got downloaded. [a fuckton tbh]

I'm sorta stalled right I'll shut up now...

PS Mercury goes Direct tomorrow.
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“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.” ~Dr. Joseph Goebbels

SH Propaganda Point #1: Patriarchy is destroying the world and therefore must itself be destroyed.

SH Propaganda Point #2: Men will never willingly give their power to women, so Sisters must take it, by whatever means necessary.

SH Propaganda Point #3: Sex is the most powerful weapon women possess. Use it mercilessly.

SH Propaganda Point #4: When Men sense they are losing, they will fall back upon violence, so be prepared to meet Male violence with equal or greater violence.
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~I'm very tired so I'm very emotional. In that state all the fear and pain I normally can keep at bay surges up...

I never wanted to be a 'guru'. It's a brutal and heartbreaking Path and usually ends in failure and a lonely or violent death.

Right now I just want to weep and rage about my life. I hate when I get like this, so needy and pathetic.

Eh, fuck my life...
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~The section on Women's Shelters is one of the few left to be 'fleshed out' in Part Five: “Building a New Matriarchy – Tactical Initiatives” of the Liber Sorores. I do have several hand written pages on the subject, but they are in a box buried on our storage space and I won't be getting at them any time soon. So I have to dig them out of my memory instead.

At present Part Five says, “The Sisterhood create a network of shelters and housing for women [for non-Temple members and not related to the residences listed above]. This will include at least one large overnight shelter with support facilities, various shelters for battered women, addicted women, and multi-year transitional living programs. We will also get into the permanent housing business, through Section 8 and/or whatever programs are available.”

Also note that Part Five states early on that "The Sisterhood's first project is a Women's Drop-In Center. The drop-in center would be a converted store front or other street level former business space. It would clearly be ‘faith based’ and staffed by members of The Sisterhood trained in its operation. The Center will provide the following:

~a safe place for homeless women to be during the day
~two free meals a day, breakfast and lunch
~a mail drop
~shower and laundry facilities
~a nap room
~references to social services, to mental health and drug counseling [these reference services would also be available to non-homeless women 'in need'], and to transitional housing"

I wrote that over a decade ago. My own time homeless showed me first hand that it is especially hard on women. It can break them far worse than it usually breaks men. And most who end up homeless are usually broken in some way or another by the time they end up 'outside'.

A lot of what in spoken of in the Liber Sorores is about an elite of powerful high functioning Sisters. But The Sisterhood cannot forget our wounded and damaged Sisters out on the streets or trapped in destructive relationships. Most of them will probably never be part of SH per se, but the SH Oath of Initiation says 'to show Love and Compassion with all Sisters' and that Pledge must be honored.

So, I created a file and have the following categories listed:
Day Time Drop-Ins:
Big Shelters:
Transitional Shelters:
Specialized Shelters:
Permanent Housing:

Now I just have to Face The Page again...
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~I am both happy and frustrated. Happy because this last week, for all its upsets, has seen a set of major moves forward for The Sisterhood. Frustrated because, for Operational Security reasons, I cannot even hint at what they are.

Granted, such shall be revealed in the fullness of time, but for now...shhhhh

..and so it is.
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~I felt like I should be speaking about my Faith and my Patience and so on…but I’m really not in the fucking mood.

I looked back under my old Live Journal tag ‘most humans are vile ignorant scum’ and found “Her Prophet Blah Blah” from Jan 18th, 2011, to wit:

~I am a venomous and hostile son-of-a-bitch and usually filled with a deep loathing and profound contempt for the vast majority of my fellow humans. Though I have asked E many times – and She has answered as many – most of the time I still find myself mystified as to why She choose me to follow this Path. On Good Days, it seems like a Redemption. On Bad Days, like a Punishment. But on the rest of the days it seems like there is precious little difference between those two conditions and all of that rather subjective.

It’s always a Lesson I suppose. *sigh* /end

These past few days is has seemed like those ‘latter days’ where there is ‘precious little difference between those two conditions’…and that has left me exhausted, sad and yet weirdly hopeful.

My Doubt and my Faith seem to be mud-wrestling, my sanity is in question and once again I am fearful that I simply do not have what it takes to 'stay the course’. But on the other hand, I am solidly into my twenty first year on this part of this Path and that should tell all of us something about my tenacity and outright fanaticism.

PS The other day, I wrote an angry note to Kat, who started me on this Path when I was seventeen and who should have become The Sisterhood’s High Priestess a half dozen years ago. But she turned out to be weak and shallow and too self-centered, so I just told her to fuck off.

Cleaning house….
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~Given that I am an admittedly fanatic proponent of Female Supremacy, it is entirely understandable that one would think me a sexually submissive male...and one would be totally wrong. I am in fact an aggressive and dominant Sexual Sadist, what is called a Bondage Master. I take great pleasure from inflicting sexual pain, though my own tastes run purely to Masochists who themselves take pleasure from soaking up that manner of punishment.

But that is why, my Sisters, when I tell you all these harsh truths about my Brothers, you really need to believe me. I think just like them and have seen the kind of world that thinking has produced. I simply have had a Spiritual Awakening and am now more concerned with the survival of our species rather than the needs of my own still Beloved Cock. [being old helps]

However, such has not change my nature one wit. If anything, that has sharpened it...and part of my Work is to show you, my Sisters, exactly how you need to handle my Brothers if you wish to make this world safe for yourselves and your Daughters. And trust me, that is not through 'peace, love and understanding'.

It is via The Boot and The Whip, things my Brothers understand on a visceral level. My Sisters, only when you have completely sexually dominated them via their Reptile Brains will your Path to Power truly unfold before you...

...and so it is.
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~The late winter rains were coming down hard. Erika watched them spatter against the reinforced French doors of her private office and sighed. She'd had a long day dealing with the usual crises that came with Monsoon Season in SoCal. She was safe and dry here in The Sisterhood's fortress Security Headquarters high up along the crest of the Santa Monica Mountains, but the winter storms created problems for Sisterhood operations throughout the rest of the city and as SH Security Chief, those were her problems, too.

She had most of them handled and had finally relaxed for a bit when her door chimed.

“Come in!” she snapped rather more harshly than she planned.

The door opened and she was relieved to see it was Saramina, her newest trainee assistant, tall, tan, with long dark hair, which she now wore up. Erika had only just taken her to bed a week ago. Everyone who applied for the position knew that Mistress Erika would seduce them, so don't sign up if you're not prepared for that.

Given the legends around her, the waiting list to be Mistress Erika's assistant was quite long.

Erika smiled at her, noted she was carrying a good sized package. “And what do you have there?”

Saramina smiled, bowed her head slightly. “It comes from the Special Biologicals Bureau, your Grace.” She placed the package on Erika's desk, waited.

Erika distractedly waved her hand at the nearest chair, focused her attention on the package. Saramina sat.

The package had a holomessage strip attached. Erika pressed her right thumb on it, activating the thing. It glowed and projected a hologram in the air just over the package, the head of a dark skinned woman with a blonde buzz cut. She looked all business.

“Greetings, Your Grace,” the projection said. “I am Doctor Aurora Kidane, assistant director of the Special Biologicals Bureau. This package contains your personal Mark Six Bioform Phallus, Detachable. It has been fully tested and is ready for general use. This particular Mark Six is of course made from your DNA and will work only with your body.”

“Well, fuck me,” Erika muttered. “The old bastard has kept his promise.”

The projection continued. “The Mark Six is inside its nutrient container, which, like the Mark Six, is keyed to respond to your DNA only. Inside the package you will find a full set of operating instructions. If you have any problems or questions, please contact me. Blessings upon you, your Grace.” The projection faded.

Saramina stirred. “Your Grace,” she said, her voice a whisper. “Is that a Bitch Rod?”

Erika gave her a wicked grin. “Yes, my dear. It seems so. Would you like to help me break it in?”

Saramina flushed a deep red. “Oh yes, Mistress,” she said in a husky tone.

“Good,” Erika said. “Seal the door and block all non-emergency messages.”

Erika pressed her right thumb to the strip and the package opened to reveal an egg-like container that appeared to be ceramic, its surface a swirl of pastel colors. On its top was a diaphragm portal. Next to that was another holomessage strip. Erika keyed it.

For the next few minutes the hologram played, showing in minuet detail the nature and function of the Mark Six. Erika and Saramina watched in quiet amazement. When it was finished, they were both very quiet.

“Well,” Erika said finally. “That was something.”

“Yes,” said Saramina in an even more soft whisper.

They looked at each other and grinned like naughty children. Erika pulled off her pants and panties, while Saramina began to undress entirely. As was Sisterhood custom, they were both clean shaven.

Naked below the waist, Erika placed her thumb on the diaphragm portal, which fanned open, revealing a mass of bright and moist pink tissue. Within a second or so, a phallic glans emerged through the pink mass. Erika grasped it firmly, but gently, and withdrew the entire thing.

The first two thirds of the thing looked like a normal uncircumcised human penis when almost entirely tumescent, in this instance about eight inches in length and two and half inches in girth. It glistened with the residual moistness of the nutrient fluid.

Where it differed was at the other end. At the base of that first eight inches curved 'pad' that projected from the shaft. It was of the same tissue, but there was cartilage beneath the skin, flexible, but strong. Its shape was near vertical 'above' the shaft, but almost a crescent curve 'below', both edges being soft and rounded.

Past that 'pad' the shaft continued for another five inches with a very different knobby texture and a kind of bulged tapering.

Erika laughed. “It looks like a large purple pickle.” Saramina giggled uncontrollably.

Erika gave her a wicked grin. “On your knees,” she commanded. Saramina sobered, inhaled deeply and knelt before Erika.

Erika stood with her legs apart and Saramina quickly moved her face between Erika's thighs and began licking. Erika gasped slightly. After just a few moments she stroked Saramina's hair. “That's good,” she said.

Erika squatted slightly, opening up her thighs a bit more. Grasping the 'cock' end of the shaft, she guided the 'knobby' end to her vaginal lips and then slipped the thing up inside of her.

Triggered by contact with her own now increasing vaginal secretions, it immediately began to attach itself, micro-fine tendrils extending, seeking matching tissue. Erika gasped as they pierced into her flesh, stinging and tingling. As she got the far end all the way up into her vaginal canal, the pad secured itself onto her labia and clitoris and sealed itself into her skin, the tendrils penetrating into her lips and clit.

She swayed a bit, the sensations making her dizzy.

Saramina looked alarmed. “Are you okay?” she asked, frowning.

Erika steadied herself, got a funny little smile. “Yes...I think so.” She shook herself a bit. “This feels...really fucking weird.”

Saramina didn't respond. She was too distracted by watching Erika's new 'cock' growing to full tumescence, the glans completely emerging from the foreskin. “Fuck,” she whispered.

Erika looked down at her new...'appendage'. “Fuck,” she whispered slightly louder than Saramina. Then got a wicked grim, looked at Saramina. “You know what to do,” she said with more than a hint of command.

Saramina smiled with a mixture of nervousness and anticipation, then leaned forward and took the thing in her mouth.

Erika shuddered, gasped loudly. “Ohshitfuckme!” she exclaimed.

Saramina pulled back abruptly. “Are you okay?”

“Yes! Yes!” Erika said breathlessly. “Keep going,” she said with urgency.

Saramina leaned forward again, once more taking Erika's 'cock' into her mouth.

Erika hissed, “Yesssss...” and put her hand on Saramina's head, pushing her down. Saramina now began to move her mouth and lips on the shaft with more confidence and vigor. Erika moaned and gasped, slowly thrusting her hips back and forth.

Saramina pulled back, took Erika's 'cock' out of her mouth. Erika looked down at her with an expression of both lust and concern. “What's the matter, darling?”

Saramina blushed, smiled shyly. “I've never sucked a cock before,” she said softly.

Erika grinned widely, pulled Saramina to her feet, kissed her deeply, passionately, then said, “Darling, you're a natural cocksucker.”

They both laughed loudly, then Saramina dropped back to her knees and began sucking Erika's 'cock' with enthusiasm. Erika's moans and gasps got very loud and intense. After several minutes of that she pushed Saramina off and down unto the thick Persian rug that covered the floor.

Erika climbed on top of Saramina, kissed her. “You ready, girl?” she rasped.

Saramina was near ecstatic. “Yes, Mistress,” she growled, “Fuck me with your cock!”

They both laughed at that. Erika knew what to do. She'd used strap-ons many times. She pulled Saramina's legs apart, held the shaft of her 'cock', then slowly slide it into her warm deep wetness. She began to shudder a bit as she did so. This feeling was new.

When Erika had fully entered her, they both let out a long deep sigh, unaware they'd been holding their breath.

“Ohhhh, this is sooo nice,” Erika coo'd, holding herself in place.

“Oh, yes,” said Saramina softly. “Much better than a strap-on.

Erika got an evil smile. “This is how men maintained control for so long.” Then she pulled it out a few inches and thrust back in. Saramina gasped with pleasure.

They looked into each others eye, smiled. “Death to Patriarchy,” Erika said. Their smiles widened. “Death to Patriarchy!” Saramina yelled.

Then Erika began to fuck her in earnest, thrusting in and out rigorously. Saramina clutched her tightly, thrusting her hips back against Erika's fucking just as hard, had the first of her many orgasms.

After a few minutes Erika started to have what she knew was an orgasm, but unlike any she'd ever had before in her life. She arched her back, holding her 'cock' deep inside Saramina, her body rigid. Her 'cock' gushed liquid in violent spurts. That lasted nearly a minute. Then she collapsed on Saramina, who hugged her tight.

Then Erika rolled off, lay next to her.

“Wow!” Erika exclaimed. “Yeah,” Saramina said earnestly.

They lay there quietly for a moment. Saramina noticed an the juice running out of her pussy, tasted it. “Yup, defo femme ejack.” She gripped Erika's still mostly erect 'cock'. “This thing is a fucking miracle.” Erika smiled at her, still a bit overwhelmed.

Saramina leaned over and began to suck on Erika's 'cock' once again. Erika signed contentedly. It became fully hard almost immediately. Saramina shifted, swung her leg over Erika and mounted her, quickly sliding her 'cock' inside her pussy. She smiled down at Erika. “My turn now, Mistress.” Erika smiled, made a slight thrusting move with her hips. “Do your worst,” she said with a leer.

They went at it like for another three hours, in several positions, then retired to the office shower. Where they spent another forty minutes or so, Erika fucking Saramina hard up against the shower wall while hot water flowed over their bodies.

After toweling off, they padded naked back into Erika's office. It was still pouring outside.

“Moment of truth,” Erika said, giving her 'cock' a few more rubs with a towel and regarding the egg sharped container on her desk.

She placed her thumb on the designated place and the diaphragm on top fanned open, revealing the pink tissue inside. Carefully, she slipped the head of her 'cock' into the tissue. Immediately, the meat of the 'cock' began to detach itself from her flesh. She gasped a bit as all the micro-fine tendrils began to rapidly withdraw...and then it was separated. She slid the entire thing into the opening, where it was swallowed up completely, the diaphragm cycling shut.

“Goddess fuck,” they whispered simultaneously. They looked at each other, grinned widely. “This fucking changes everything,” said Erika.

Saramina nodded. “Yes, your Grace. Everything.”

Erika picked up her panties, gave Saramina a kiss.

“Back to business, darling.”

They dressed quickly. Erika sat behind her desk, Saramina in her usual chair.

“Take a letter,” Erika said. “CC it to the FHP, too.”

Saramina lifted her WorkPad, adjusted the mic. “Ready.”

“Dear Doctor Kidane, I am most thoroughly impressed with the Mark Six...” She and Saramina grinned at each other. “...and I am strongly recommending to the Council of Elders that The Sisterhood fund full production and distribution of Mark Six's as soon as is practicably possible. Goddess Bless you for the work you have done, Doctor. I firmly believe the Mark Six will bring about a revolutionary change. Yours, etc.” She waved her hand at the last words.

They sat quietly for a moment, the only sound the rain hitting the windows.

“Changes everything, Your Grace,”Saramina said softly.

Erika nodded with a slight smile. “More than we yet realize, I expect.” She chuckled. “Eva is going to be so pissed that I got mine first.”


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