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~It is presently 39° and 17% humidity. This afternoon is will be 79° with humidity in the single digits.
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~It is presently 107° and 9% humidity. What more is there to say?


Aug. 10th, 2017 09:29 am
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~It's been fucking hot for nearly two months straight. So the fans and the swamp cooler have been going pretty much non-stop. This past week I have been feeling like shit, neck and shoulders aching and my stomach sour.

I was sitting here a few hours ago and I realized it is all the fucking noise that is making me sick. It was cool enough, so I turned off everything except my little floor fan. And almost immediately I began to feel better. My body loosened up and I relaxed. /deep sigh

I have turn it all on again soon. The sun is up and we're looking at 102° again today. But I have gotten some relief and will turn these things off whenever I can....
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~It is presently 107° and 11% humidity.
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~Today was brutal. Made it up to 112°. Just after it got light Le-Le and I put the old AC unit back in her bedroom window for the first time in three years. The heat has been so bad, much hotter than it usually is, that she was rightly worried about getting an MS attack.

That knocked the shit outta both of us. But the AC had helped. All the cats had been laid out in the hallway under the swamp cooler. Now they're all hiding in her room. LOL

Le-Le just rolled back into bed and I will after my BFC [Breakfast Cycle; coffee, fruit or yogurt, a PBJ, various supplements and meds] Need to go down to Lancaster to WinCo as the cupboards are bare. And need to do that before shit starts to cook, though only 105° predicted for today.

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~It's down to 73° now and the air coming out of the swamp cooler is cold, but I'm letting it run, making the house cold. We have one more day of this heat wave [103° today, down from a 106° prediction] and then we're done. High 90's for the rest of the week, which is the usual around here and we can handle that easy.

Been sleeping through most of it. Just as well as we're broke as fuck once again at the end of the month. /sigh

I should be writing. Well, writing more. I have been scribbling a lil bit on the Liber and a few short stories. I never really stop writing, even if it's just trolling assholes on the Internet. LOL

Not much else to talk about. Just getting by and watching The Donald wreck the GOP and the Dem Civil War heat up. Life in The Desert.

...and there ya have it.
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~It is presently 103° and 11% humidity. 107° predicted for tomorrow and 109° for Mon, Tues and Wed.
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~It is presently 86° and 7% humidity. Because the sun is down, the air coming out of the swamp cooler is cold, maybe mid 60's.

Tomorrow is classic desert weather, 51° early in the morning, 99° by mid-afternoon.


Sep. 4th, 2016 05:51 am
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~I was just in the kitchen making coffee and the breeze coming in the window was cold. I guess summer is, more or less, over, though around here it will remain in the 80's and 90's during the day for a while. Honestly, I didn't even realize it was the Labor Day Weekend until mid-afternoon yesterday.

Now that it is cooling off, it is time to face my face and go get my rotten teeth extracted. If I want to live to a ripe old age, I need to deal with asap....

...and that's all I'll say about that for now.
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~It is presently 105° and 9% humidity.
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~It is presently 106° and 2% humidity. There is a Fire Warning in place through the midweek.
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~It is presently 113°and 9% humidity. Oy...

The temps are supposed to drop two or three degrees per day over the next week to an average of 100°. That would be nice.
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~It is presently 112° and 10% humidity. What more is there to say?
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~It is presently 105° and 8% humidity.
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~It is presently 59° and 28% humidity. By mid-afternoon it is supposed to be 100° and the humidity will probably be in the single digits. That's how we roll out here in The Desert.
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It is presently 109° and 9% humidity.
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~It is presently 110° and 8% humidity. I'm staying in my room.
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~It is presently 105° and 7% humidity.
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~It is presently 64° and 42% humidity. It was 57° when I got up about ninety minutes ago and I just had to put on a hoodie and a pair of sweats. Today's high is predicted at 85°. I should note that this time last week we had a high of about 102° and next week have highs predicted at 108°.
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~It is presently 103° and 4% humidity.


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