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This question was posted in SH's Facebook community Transhumanist Matriarchy.

Q: I was having a convo with a coworker today about transhumanism and he made the argument that immortality would make morality obsolete. I argued that most people interested in transhumanism are more concerned with advancing civilization than breaking social moors, so morality is in this sense already obsolete. He replied that the way we would process information would change to a cold, emotionless, and logical thought-based system over our humanity. Thoughts? How would you reply to this?

A: Depends on what flavor of TH you're talking about?

I'd say your coworker is thinking of the Brain Box Mafia, Michael Anissimov and his lot, who want to get rid of their bodies all together and upload their brains into computers. Those guys turned out to be immature misogynist White Neo-Nazi Fuckboys who lacked social skills. LOL

There is the more mainstream TH which is basically about humans being optimized via genetic engineering and cybernetic augmentation, optimized for improved function and longevity. How much of each, and in what manner, depends on which 'ideological' subset one is talking to. Some are big on AI, some not so much. As with most cutting edge movements, there are many factions.

Now, regarding this community, The Sisterhood [SH] is all about Females be optimized etc via genetic engineering and cybernetic augmentation, while Baseline Human Males are eliminated through lack of births and natural attrition. Sisters will bear their Daughters live, with the birthing process eased and enhanced by cybernetic augmentation.

These Sisters will constituent an elite Ruling Class because, as our Basic Tenets state, "We Believe that the Male of our species, individually and collectively, is too aggressive, unstable, and Ego driven" and that "only the Female of our species, individually and collectively, has the proper Nature and Temperament to accomplish the above tasks and pursue the above goals and that therefore the Female of our species must become Paramount." [see The Basic Tenets for details of those tasks and goals]

SH will also create a whole series of genetically engineered Servitors, based upon Male DNA, all extensively modified to be a myriad working class. This Servitor class will be birthed from uterine replicators and have neural control implants even before birth. They will be generated solely by a single State Ministry, which will maintain ownership of them. Individuals, groups and organizations may lease Servitors, but said leases will specifically determine proper treatment and will be strictly enforced.

SH is strongly opposed to 'hard' AI as such constitutes an extreme existential threat to the Human Species in whatever form we take. But SH does understand the need for 'soft' AI, but only under the very strictest of controls.

Regarding 'morality'...I'd say all morality is subjective and that it changes from one society to another. There are some 'universal' basics like respecting the lives of ones fellow 'citizens' and so on, but those are practical and about maintaining stability in the social order. TH is just another form of society and it will create its own morality. Given that nearly all TH includes Neural Interconnectivity, aka 'cybernetic telepathy', I would think a TH society would be highly moral as one could 'feel' one's fellow's feelings.
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