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~It's not such a big deal to me this year. My father's death rather put things in perspective. So no obsessing about my life or over getting cake or any of that nonsense. Basically, I slept, because it was fucking hot. In bed a bit after eight this morning and up a bit before seven this evening.

And you know what? I'm fine with that. Really, this is just another day above ground, which is always a Good Day. [My Inner Cynic says, “Yeah, unless you're in a Concentration Camp.” but whatevz]

Going to do my Breakfast Cycle and return a birthday phone call and maybe work on The Explanation a bit more...

...and that's about that.


Nov. 5th, 2014 09:55 pm
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~For whatever fucking reason,I'm feeling better now. And no, I have no fucking idea why, but I'm willing to have it.


May. 26th, 2014 03:09 am
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~I made the WinCo run Saturday morning. The recycling place was closed, but I'd managed to scrape around twenty bucks in change off of my desktop – the actual desk itself, not my computer – and that saved the day. Now I'm just sleeping off all the aggro.

More to say, but still too wrung out to say it...


May. 2nd, 2014 06:45 am
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~I had planned on going down into Lancaster today to do the tire thing. But it's predicted to hit 94° this afternoon and 92° tomorrow, so I'm going nocturnal until Monday, when it's supposed to drop back down to 70° . Besides, no way I'm doing a tire run on a weekend.

Otherwise, I'm okay...


Feb. 18th, 2014 08:44 am
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~My emotional recovery is proceeding slowly but steadily. Spent the weekend doing laundry, watching “House of Cards” and sleeping. I've been very diligent about sleep. Doing a lot of 'five-by-five sleeping', that's 4 to 6 hours up, then 4 to 6 hours down, with a full 7 to 8 hours every couple of days.

When the body is subjected to extreme cold, it tends to pull its blood to the core to protect the vital organs. That is what I do emotionally when subjected to extreme stress, I pull myself inward so I can protect my vital functions. That means I more or less abandon some people, basically those who do not frequent my usual Internet haunts. In those latter locales I can at least toss you a 'like' or an emoticon.

I had been thinking about something like this post for a week now, but it wasn't until this morning that I got the umph to write at least this part of it...


Jan. 26th, 2014 12:33 am
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~It's half past midnight as I type this, but it feels like half past four in the morning. Both of us are having weird sleeping patterns, weirder than usual. As this seems to have started early this last week, I'd say we're deeply into our 'decompression phase'. With the Old Fool's stitches coming out, his collar off and him bouncing around the house, the pressure of all that abated and with that lack of pressure everything else floods out.

We both have been tried and achy and Le-Le even had a MS exacerbation. But we just took analgesics and supplements and went to bed when we felt like it. And now I think we may have gotten past the worst of it. We shall see...


Oct. 8th, 2013 11:48 am
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~Made the WinCo run finally. As I had hoped the exercise seemed to loosen up my sciatica. We'll see if that lasts. Gonna take a muscle relaxer anyway because I'm fucking over this shit.

Now I'm gonna have some 'lunch' – called that simply because of the hour – and watch whatever I've got stashed. ["The Blacklist" I think] Then a shower and back into bed.

And there you have it....


Oct. 5th, 2013 01:16 pm
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~Yesterday my lower back pain was fucking brutal. I could barely stand up straight without stabbing pain. It had been bad every since the clusterfuck at the vet the Friday before, but it was really bad yesterday. It's stress of course. Plus the vet's chairs are fucking torture devices.

But also early Friday morning – around half two – I ran the rent up to the park office, took a library book to the night drop, and did our monthly gas fill-up. There were four 20lb tubs of litter in the trucklette. I put them on the back porch when I left and brought them in when I returned. I'd hoped that splitting the action would prevent back pain. Guess that failed.

Stuck the heating pad under my ass when I lay down this morning and that helped, but it's gonna be a few days to get relief. I could expedite that process with one of Le-Le's muscle relaxers, but those things knock me out for a few days and I have shopping to do. For now it's the heating pad and regular analgesics.

In Kitteh Nooz, we did the 'foot thing' with Buckethead. As expected, it lasted just about two minutes before he 'recused himself'. But we'll persevere...

Kitteh Nooz

Oct. 4th, 2013 07:19 pm
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~We're gonna start soaking Icarus' foot in warm saline solution to hopefully provide him some relief. Ten minutes is recommended, but he's a squirmy lil shit, so two to three is more likely. I'll hold him on my lap and Le-Le will just lift the glass up around the foot. We're starting with regular salt, but I'm gonna get some Sea Salt.

He's really like a Jewish old lady, working his affliction for all the attention he can get. I just beat him up while saying that to him, 'beating up' consisting of rolling him on his back and vigorously rubbing and patting his belly. Then we played Step On The Cat, which is petting him with my foot, usually accompanied by the chant, “Step on the cat! Step on the cat!”

He squawks like he's being murdered throughout all of this and then looks at you like 'What?' when you stop. Piece of work....

Kitteh Nooz

Sep. 9th, 2013 11:44 pm
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~It's been two weeks since I composed the below. There's only a hundred bucks at the donation website, but there should be at least $380 at the vet, which is where we really need it. [I'll call them tomorrow and get the exact number] When we get double that amount – roughly half the total – the vet will proceed. So for now please donate directly to the vet. We can sort the rest out later.

So, here is the donation website again:

And the vet info:

Mission Animal Hospital
845 West Palmdale Blvd.
Palmdale, CA 93551
Ask for Michelle

His name is Icarus, and his owners are Leesa Hayes and Michael Daly.

A note on the vet donations. If we get roughly half the amount, they'll proceed with the surgery and we can pay them off as we go. That makes donations to vet preferable as such expedites the surgery. The website does not release funds until the fund raising goal is met, though we can change the amount later to reflect funds donated to the vet.

The site shows funding details with lovely graphics. I'll post a running vet total once a week with a raw number.

Meanwhile, I'm spending as much time with him as is reasonably possible, just in case we do have to send him over the bridge. If such is the case, we'd delete the website, which would refund that money and use whatever is left at the vet to take care of our other kitties' needs. Poor old Mauser still needs to be shaved for instance. *sigh*

And there you have it....


Sep. 8th, 2013 04:18 pm
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~Made the WinCo run yesterday morning early. It was still dark out. Spent a bundle, but we're well stocked now. It did knock the shit outta me. I napped through the afternoon and then was back in bed by 1am and slept thirteen hours.

I've been avoiding the whole fund raising issue I must confess. It seems to emotionally devastate me and leave me non-functional. So I had to back off or I'd get nothing else done at all. I'll have to suck it up and face that this coming week.

I have gotten quite a bit of work done on Chapter Three. It started pouring out right after the last time I bitched about not being able to write.

Not much else to say just now....


Sep. 4th, 2013 03:07 am
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~I'm still pretty burnt out. I had gotten enough relief from my back pain to do the litter boxes on Monday – they were about 72 hours overdue – and then make us some grub that'll give us three days worth of eatin'. Yesterday, I took care of the rent – needed to go to the office and adjust the water bill because of the leaks we'd had – and did a 'pick-up' run to Albertson's.

Whew. Just typing that out made me tired. And I was fucking tired when I headed out yesterday afternoon. Went back to bed not long after I got back.

It's gotten down to 72° now, which is the coolest it's been in maybe two weeks. But during the day it's been fucking humid. Poor Blanca, the park manager, looked like she was melting. And she's Chicana. I told her 'this is why su gente came up with la siesta.' She laughed and sighed.

Gotta check on how much money there is at the vet and post that number here. May not do that until Friday. Today I'm planning on fucking off. And Thursday I'm planning on the WinCo run.

The old ginger fool is hobbling around, some days badly, some days not so badly. We spend plenty of time together – here's where I starting crying – and give him lots of pets, rubs, scritches and butt whacks. *sigh *

I'm gonna stop now....
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~I managed to sleep off most of this morning's misery and some of the back pain. When it cools off later I'm breaking out the heating pad for that shit.

Not much else to say just now....
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~We were going to make the vet run today, but neither one of us is doing all that well and it's already 99° out there. Even if we could handle that, the brake pads would be very unhappy. We'll go on Monday.

It's hard to tell how his foot is doing. Looks better one day, worse the next, the same the day after. We simply cannot judge. He is just fine on the surface, same big loveable dope, bounding around the house. He's especially happy now that the Evil Pink Shit [aka antibiotics] regime is over.

I woke up to the idea of massaging his foot with coconut oil on a daily basis. I did a Google and apparently it's highly recommended for furbabies in general. I'm thinking about making an early run to Lancaster when it's still cool to see if The Whole Wheatery has some at a decent price. It's worth a shot.

Kitteh Nooz

Aug. 9th, 2013 07:27 pm
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~The vet had renal failure concerns about the anti-inflammatory that he gave Icarus, said to watch for signs like peeing a lot, drinking a lot and listlessness. Hard to keep track of the first two with this whole mob, but I think he did pee a bit more than usual. However, he seems his same goofy self, though he's justifiably twitchy about Burrito Kitty Torture Time, poor thing.

There's just one more dose of the anti-inflammatory tonight and then it's just one more week of the nasty cherry shit [antibiotics] which he hates worse than death itself. Believe me, wrestling with a nineteen pound cat that obsofuckinglutly Does Not Want is no fucking joke.

The tumor still looks ugly and I cannot see any change. *sigh* But it's only been a week. And yeah, I've second guessed myself about going with meds instead of surgery more than once.

We're still about sixty bucks short of covering the vet bill but that won't bite until the end of the month.

Kitteh Nooz

Aug. 5th, 2013 03:57 am
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~It seems Matilda has testicles. Le-Le has fed 'her' the past two nights – I was sleeping – and last night she managed to both look at and feel the dangles. Yes, this cat is that mellow. I've petted him and even touched his tail. So we debated a new name [in IM's lol] and came up with Herby.

This revelation is going to keep him outside a bit longer as his harbles have to come off. [we have two unfixed females] But it's going to be warm for at least two/three more months, so no big worries.

I had to chase Buckethead around the living room six times for his afternoon medication, but scooped him up pretty quick for the evening event. *sigh* Twelve more days of that fun. I just hope this keeps him alive for a few more years. I start crying every time I think....well, you know.

And I saw George out of the kitchen window about an hour ago. We've both largely let go of the idea of getting him back inside. We'll keep putting food out even after we take in Herby, who does seem to want in. He looks in the doorway with a bit of longing when he comes to eat. He's put on weight, too.

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~We're both doing better today. And so is Icarus. He's happily lounging on his box and was soaking up petting and such from me. I was telling him that Burrito Kitty Torture Time was coming up because his towel was in the dryer. He of course was blissfully ignorant of what I was saying

I get to wrap him in tightly a towel and hold him down while Le-Le squirts cherry flavored antibiotics into his big squawking gob. Poor Buckethead.

The tumor on his foot looks fucking nasty with all the hair shaved off. [I've been calling him 'Chickenfoot' lol] He gets seven days of anti-inflammatory and two weeks of cherry flavored antibiotics and then he goes back to the vet and we see what the what is.

We're doing are best to 'be okay'. There is a type of tumor that does recede and go away. He's really my best buddy of all the little weasels and...well, I don't want to go there right now. My sinuses are fucked up enough from crying.

Speaking of going back to the vet, it dawned on me that we gotta pay for that too. *sigh*

Kitteh Nooz

Aug. 2nd, 2013 12:54 pm
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~We pulled our act together today and got Icarus down to the vet. Le-Le posted pix. We had to shell out three hundred and ninety bucks for this little adventure. Including some money still 'in transit', we're still about eighty bucks short of covering that, so whatever y'all can spare will help. And thanks a lot to all who have given. It was a relief to finally take him in..for all his squawking.

Every little bit helps:

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~I put the food out for George just now and Matilda was waiting. She practically ran up my leg to get at it and chowed downed while I stood not three feet away. We doubt the neighbors feed her well. I'll put more grub in there later for our lil shit.

I asked Le-Le if we would keep Matilda if she was the one who wound up in the trap. *sigh* “Probably,” she said.

We'll take Icarus to the vet a week from Monday. All our monies will be in by then and we'll just take the leap of faith that your generous donations will see all of us through.

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~George, our runaway kitty, has been hanging around for dinner. We've both made definite ID's of the lil shit. He's lost weight obviously, but it's him. As I type this he's chowing down at the near end of the driveway, just under my bathroom window. It's summer now, but maybe he'll wise up when it gets cold and come back inside. *sigh*

At least we know more or less where he is.

Meanwhile, please help us take Icarus to the vet:


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