Oct. 3rd, 2013 04:54 am
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~I mostly fucked off yesterday. I'm planing on mostly fucking off today. I have to or I'll fucking collapse. I'm putting all the Must Does out of my head. The past few weeks nearly broke me....

....I ran out words right about there. Going to bed.


Aug. 26th, 2013 09:26 am
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~I was a physical and emotional wreck yesterday. And that was just when I woke up.

Once shit settled down post vet trip, I redid my entire breakfast cycle [that includes raw adrenals and related support supplements] took one of Le-Le's muscle relaxers and watched the last four episodes of Continuum Season 2. I was back in bed around half past ten [I think] and slept until about half past seven this morning. Those things usually knock me for a loop, but I'm only just a bit groggy today. I was seriously fucking fried and wired.

I expect to nap again after this present breakfast cycle as well.

I'll expound upon tumors and surgeries later...and thank you for the support shown.


Aug. 23rd, 2013 05:19 am
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~I feel like shit. I think the cumulative stress of the past two months is catching up with me.
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~This afternoon's 'medicating event' went quite smoothly. I ambushed Icarus lounging in Le-Le's bathtub [it's cool in there] scooped him right up with the towel and pinned him to the bed. He got his two squirts from Le-Le [he really hates the cherry antibiotics] and that was that.

Now I'm going back to bed...


Jul. 18th, 2013 01:28 am
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~So, the live trap is re-set, re-baited and back under the house. Goddess willing, the lil shit will be too hungry to ignore it.

After we did that, I used the momentum to clean the litter boxes and haul the garbage dingus to the street. Gonna fuck off today and make a WinCo run Friday.

Got only a small amount of writing done yesterday, but considering how shitty I felt, I'm fine what with I did. And this project is about enjoyment anyway. If the accomplishment is not pleasurable, then fuck it.

And now, back to bed...
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~It is presently 63° and 53% humidity. Very comfy.

We were supposed to run around and do things today, but our sched don't work for that, so we're blowing it all off and sleeping in. NiNi.

Random Lite

Aug. 6th, 2012 10:02 pm
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~Just after sunset I wended my way up to the store. Everyone, including myself, was wandering around in a heat addled fugue. The whole exercise taxed me and now that I have eaten some more, I expect I shall shortly be heading back to bed for a bit, though I'll still be the same height.

Random Lite

Aug. 5th, 2012 05:02 am
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~I've been up for about four and half hours. I have caffeinated, supplemented, masticated, medicated, excreted and lamented my lack of writing. Now I'm going back to bed.
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~Okay, the temperature readings are all over the place. They've ranged from 67° to 75° in the last half hour or so and not always in one direction. The only thing I'm [fairly] certain of is that it will be in somewhere in the 90's today, likely the upper ones. Humidity is reading between 38% and 43%, depending upon the weather site. Oy...

And I don't care. Le-Le was only up from 1am to a little after 4am. I got up about a half an hour before that and am probably going back down within an hour or so. I'll just set the thermostat and turn on the fans and we will sleep through whatever the weather brings.

And you can take that to the bank...
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~It is presently 92° and 11% humidity...at a quarter after 11am. That leads me to think it'll hit the predicted high of 99° today, if not higher. But I'm going back to bed, so I don't care. lol
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~It is presently 110° and 8% humidity. Again, staying inside, likely all day as we have all we need for now. In fact, I'll probably go back to sleep soon. The Spanish and their kin are wise in these matters.


Jun. 15th, 2012 03:03 pm
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~I am fried as fuck today. Already broke a glass. Just casually bumped into it and it tipped over. My head is full of puddin'. Gonna cancel on JR because I'll be a menace on the road.

This is when Le-Le often reminds me that I'm 'on Disability for a reason'. Yeah, most of the pressure is off, but I have paid a price for yesterday and the events leading up to it. And while I should 'get up and go', today I simply cannot. *sigh*

I feel like I'm 'all weak assed and shit', but I just have to accept that this is how I am at this point.


Jun. 1st, 2012 10:46 am
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~I am emotionally much improved today. Part of the meltdown was sheer exhaustion. I am however a physical wreck. Tired and achy and my glands are tender, though not 'swollen' per se. Drugs and sleep are on the menu for today, while the lawyers do their thing 'out there'.

However this works out, it should be noted that I do have a long memory and, as Mumsie once said, I'm “a vindictive little cunt.” Well, I did grow up in the Entertainment Industry. *smirk*


May. 28th, 2012 07:00 pm
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~I've been doing what I call the 'five by five cycle'; awake for four to six hours, asleep for four to six hours, repeat. Going down again right after I post this.

Today's been a quiet day, with the low hum of anxiety about the coming week, which could very well be much ado about nothing. Watched a new sci-fi crime drama episodic out of Canada and a feature length nihilistic crime/spy thriller out of the UK. Sweet dreams, eh?

Not much else to say...nini
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~It's presently 93° and 14% humidity. It was 97° when I got up an hour ago, but we're having another Wind Alert, so the degrees are getting shaved off.

I'm hiding in my shuttered room and ignoring everything else. I'm also gong back to bed in a while. Didn't sleep enough. Hunger woke me up.
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~Right now it's 95° and 12% humidity. I've got the drapes drawn and I'm thinking seriously about going back to bed.


May. 8th, 2012 02:32 pm
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~My stomach felt like shit when I woke up. I retched up phlegm with a dash of stomach acid, so I'd say it's a post-nasal drip issue. The wind is blowing and the temp is up to 88° already. I feel better now that I have eaten, but I suspect a nap is nearby.


Apr. 30th, 2012 06:56 am
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~I'm thinking of going full-on Cave Mode today. I still have the heavy drapes down keeping my room fairly dark. I'm just plain worn out

I did all the kitty litter and garbage yesterday in the afternoon. I'd not slept well and had gotten all bent out of shape in the morning. I was talking with my dear Kat and she brought up how we really should do an inspection of any new place we get and I went into complete Overload.

She's right, of course. It was just Too Much at that point.

I tried to nap and failed. I got up, fucked around, ate some more, did my chores and finally, when I was utterly fucking wiped out, I slept. That was 8ish. Slept until 5ish this morning.

I'll likely take another nap in a few hours. I can feel that in my bones. It is after all a Bredsday by our calendar [see below] and therefor a day of rest.

And so it is....
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~One thought regarding the 'billboard post' below...my Sisters, do not think for one fucking second that even in social order where 'race' was no longer an issue that Men would treat you any better. Patriarchy at present is largely White simply due to its historical position, the tail end of five centuries of European political and economic supremacy.

Doubt that? Just look at the Chinese response to the One Child Policy; a surfeit of Male children. Or the millions of 'missing girls' in India. Cock is Cock no matter what its color.

More later to be sure...but right now I'm tired and annoyed and I need a nap.


Feb. 3rd, 2012 03:13 am
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I was up from 3:30am to 7pm yesterday, which is a long day for me, especially as Le-Le woke me up at that time to share this extension of the on-going clusterfuck with me. At the Sheriff's by 7am and then working the phone on and off until mid-afternoon.

A 'retaliatory visit' from Animal Control was also on the menu. [at least Le-Le was asleep for that] I explained what was going on [the AC officer knew the Deputy dealing with this..small town, ya know] and I showed her Flopsie, who is all sleek and plump, and she was like “Oh yes, they're fine” in a few seconds. We talked cats for a few minutes [she was a young 'cat lady' lol] and that was that.

Then talked with Kat for a couple of hours, which chilled me. [thanks, babe xoxox] I had talked with Ana Q yesterday, which also chilled me. [thanks to you too, doll xoxox] Overall both interfaces helped a lot. The Sisterhood, though still effectively unformed, is out there and essentially waiting for me to finish my Major Majickal Working aka The Explanation.

Anyway, I'm up for a while and will likely crap out again before dawn. Fuckin' fried.

And there ya have it...


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