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A Utopian society is a dead society. It has reached Perfection and is therefore frozen in place. From there it can only decay as any type of growth would threaten its ‘perfection’.


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~I keep reading endless numbers of articles and essays about how Trump became president. And none of the them really seem to get it. Chris Hughes comes close, but he seems to have lost his mind. Can't blame him really, as everyone is dancing around the elephant in the room; we are in fact already IN Collapse, eg, The System is in Terminal Failure.

We are in Late Stage Capitalism. What that means is as the profit margins get narrower, The Owners need to squeeze harder to extract said profits. This has been going for a few decades now, but for the general public, the 'balloon went up' with the Crash of '09, which was the direct result of The Big Squeeze. Wall Street et al created a Housing Bubble of insane proportions via all manner of shady and even illegal marketing and accounting games.

When the shit hit the fan, they got their political lackeys to use Tax Payer Money to 'reimburse' them for their loses and left said Tax Payers out to dry. Roughly 40% of the American Middle Class Wealth was lost. FORTY PERCENT. That meant eroded tax bases, gutted pension funds, wrecked state and municipal bond portfolios.

That is what Obama inherited. And, being the Corporatist he is, he bunted economically. The perfect example is the ACA [which originated with The Heritage Foundation, a very right wing think tank]. He'd promised a Public Option over and over and over again on the campaign trail. Withing a month of his Inauguration, it had vanished, forcing thirty million Americans into the clutches of the Insurance Industry. [see The Big Squeeze]

Eight years later, after more and more of that kind of betrayal from the Democrats and the insane slavering obstructionism of the GOP, the American Electorate had come to hate the establishments of both parties. And two Insurgent candidates emerged from outside of each party; Bernie and The Donald.

We all know what happened. The 'undisciplined' Dems suddenly became Very Disciplined and sandbagged Bernie. And the infamously disciplined GOP fielded a slate of total buffoons and got its clock cleaned.

Even then, Hillary should have won. She did in fact 'win' The Vote. But her ground game sucked so badly [arrogance], and the Dems had alienated so much of their own base [more arrogance], she lost four states by roughly 120K votes in total.

And that boys and girls, is how Collapse works. The System becomes so rotten that a Black Swan like The Donald can end up in the White House. Now The Deep State has to game The System [delegitimatizing it even more] in order to fix the problem and do a reset, eg a Pence White House, which while ugly, will at least be relatively stable.

But we are still in Late Stage Capitalism and Collapse is still underway and no one has any real idea what to do about that ...except, of course, More Of The Same, which is a well known definition of insanity.

Toss the now inevitable Catastrophic Climate Change into the mix and one can be certain that the next century or so is going to be 'very interesting times' indeed.

You can kill yourself now if you wish....

Nebs Sez

Jul. 24th, 2016 06:22 pm
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Here's the Good News/Bad News regarding the 2016 Presidential Election. A Clinton II White House and a Trump White House will each suck badly, just in their own special ways. But neither one will be the fucking Apocalypse, so chill the fuck out with that noise.

That said, I'm inclined toward a Trump White House – which would almost certainly be a chaotic nightmare, as opposed to Hillary's battened down Corporatist horror show – because if he defeats Hillary, that will likely destroy the Clintonista wing of the DNC. And will almost certainly wreck the GOP in the following four years...if he doesn't say fuck it and walk away beforehand, that is. [Trust me, The Donald is perfectly capable of that]

And then maybe, just maybe, Bernie et al, could salvage something out of all that wreckage. That's the Good News.

The Bad News is that either White House will not make a great difference in the overall state of things. We are in Collapse, which is not tattooed barbarians roaming the highway, but the general break down of the Social Contract, the one where The Rulers agree to allow the rest of us to have decent lives while we allow them to be Rich and Powerful.

Extreme Climate Change, endemic economic inequality, and the final brutal stages of Capitalism are all in the pipeline and we seem incapable as a species to stop we therefore get to ride them out.

Even Bernie has said – many many times over – no single President can turn that around. And I suspect we're going to see far tougher times ahead before we as a race come out the other end. And I seriously doubt the American Republic will come out of that other end with us..... enjoy what you have now. What you do come November probably won't make that much of a difference in the long run.

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Jun. 9th, 2016 09:48 am
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"Okay, Bernie has a sit down with POTUS and Smilin' Joe. He's talked with Hillary. And he's staying in the race until Philadelphia even though he seems to know she's gonna take it. As I've said, he's made a heavy investment in the Democratic Party and I suspect he plans to call in all his chips in order to play ball. He also said “Donald Trump cannot be president,” more than once.

That sends him back to the Senate with a lot of juice. From here on in, whenever he talks, a large number of Americans will listen. So expect him to hold Hillary's feet to the fire...if of course, she can actually beat Trump, which is not a sure thing in my books.

As I'm in California, I possess the luxury of not having vote for her. She'll win the state no matter what. I might vote for Jill Stein. I might sleep in. Too early to tell...."
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From July 24, 2011

~Woke up very depressed. My dreams had been of the frustrating 'thwarted at every turn' variety. [fuckin' hate those!] I sat on the edge of my bed and brushed my hair. Then I just processed through my feelings and what specifically was depressing me in Waking Time. All things I'm already aware of and have whined about here in this journal.

Brushing my hair helped. It was a 'positive action'. That got me to my desk, which led to turning on my comp and putting together my supplements. That then led to brushing my teeth, washing my face and heading to the kitchen. There I took my supplements, made coffee, got a banana, etc.

All that changed my chemistry and now I'm okay. Not great, but 'okay', which is better than 'fuck, man, I'm so fucked'.

This is a practical demonstration of the old AA bumper sticker, “Right Action Leads To Right Thinking.”

Basically, even if you feel totally fucked..Take Action, preferably small and steady action to move yourself forward. Taking Big Actions from that state of mind is usually a Bad Idea. “Baby Steps For Baby Feet” is the backup bumper sticker in that regard.

For the really strong 'I Gotta Do Something Big Right Now' impulse, I go with, “Don't Just Do Something, Sit There” until the impulse passes. Believe me, that one has saved me a lot of grief. lol

This is not to eschew Long Term Goals. Just remember that those are always built upon a steady collection of previously achieved Short Term Goals...which brings us back to “Baby Steps For Baby Feet” and the ever popular “One Day At A Time.”

Of course, all of these things fall under the “Progress Not Perfection” mantra which makes the title of this post possible. Follow these behaviors long enough and soon they tend to kick in automatically, like combat reflexes for day to day living...because shit really IS tough out here.

And there ya have it, kids.
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The delusion that most Americans share is that The Republic can be saved. I'm a fat old man and I support Bernie because he could make the last few decades of my life moderately comfortable, whereas the other two will make it a living hell. But beyond that, The Republic is doomed. What shall follow I cannot say.

It is doomed due to a confluence of social, economic and technological factors that are more or less irreversible. Many of our citizens are 'surplus' to economic requirements and more are becoming so every day. That trend is not going to be changed and it *will* lead to social collapse. Catastrophic Climate Change is already upon us. We'll survive it as a species [we're like fucking cockroaches] but it will be 'a very rough transition' and Capitalism will be crushed in that as it will be rightly seen as the primary cause of that catastrophe.

Truth is, The Republic has been effectively dead for a while now. We're an Empire and have been since the end of WW2. The Republic began to die with the passage of the National Security Act in 1947. The Republic's Obituary was written two years ago:

"The US is dominated by a rich and powerful elite.

So concludes a recent study by Princeton University Prof Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Prof Benjamin I Page.

This is not news, you say.

Perhaps, but the two professors have conducted exhaustive research to try to present data-driven support for this conclusion. Here's how they explain it:

Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organised groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence.

In English: the wealthy few move policy, while the average American has little power."

In essence most Americans are debating over the division of table scraps.
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~Most Americans know a sports fanatic, if not more than one. Not a 'fan', someone who likes a certain game or team and follows it/them during the season, but 'fanatic'; someone who is obsessed with a certain sport [often more than one] and knows Every Single Thing about that sport and follows it All Year Round.

They know who's being drafted and what their stats are and who did what on which team going back into the dark mists of time. And they can watch a game and tell who is likely to do what and when and how and why. Honestly, they are a little nuts and probably drive you crazy when they go on endlessly about their favorite sport.

Well, kids, that kind of obsessional behavior is what Democracy requires to really work, which is why it always fails. Most of us cannot be like that and those of us who can [like me] tend to drive people crazy when we go on endlessly about Democracy's various elements, like Politics and Economics and Power.

But suddenly, in this election season, a lot of people are really truly waking up to the Life and Death nature of Democratic Process here in The Republic and have become one of those 'fanatics'. I am heartened by this development, but I have a few Words of Wisdom; No matter what happens, this does not end. Ever. It does not end if Bernie wins California. It does not end if he wins the nomination in July or the Presidency in November. Also, it does not end if he loses. We must stay Active and Involved...until we die.

Now a lot of you will simply not be able to maintain – your lives are too demanding, and don't think that's an accident – so some of us [like me] will have to take up the task of being 'guides', those you can come to 'to pick up the banner' when necessary and who will stay focused upon the often overwhelming Big Picture. Don't listen to MSM. They are paid to lie about that Big Picture and usually to our determent.

Right now, we focus on getting Bernie as far as we can. But remember what I said a few days ago: “Bernie has made serious investment in the Democratic Party. Even if Hillary wins, it will likely be a narrow victory. If she loses, Bernie is positioned to become the effective head of the party. Either way, he returns to the Senate far more powerful than he was before. In addition, he will be able to use the party's infrastructure to move the Brand New Congress project forward."

With the Brand New Congress project, we now have a practical near term framework to create real positive change. Just be aware that The Corporate Confederacy will push back and push back hard, with money and with bullshit. But if enough of us commit to this work, if enough of us commit to make sure this thing is not hijacked by Big Money, we will prevail.

...and we must prevail, because the future is upon us and that transition is going to be rough. This is where the cliché “Think of the children” truly applies. If we fail, they will judge us.

Nebs Sez

Apr. 20th, 2016 05:02 am
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The Dems and the GOP are both ‘owned’ by Corporate Money. Corporate interests nearly always get their legislative needs met, while We The People get shined on.

Each party 'makes the proper noises’ to its respective bases, but their campaigns, and the jobs they get when they either lose or retire from office, are wholly dependent upon Corporate largess. One does not bite the hand that feeds.

So for example, the Dems will 'fight for gun control’ and the GOP will 'fight for expelling the illegals’, but note that almost nothing has happened with either. That is because those are issues that help divide the Electorate and therefore keep each party in power because we’re too busy fighting each other over 'table scrapes’ while The Corporations eat their full.

That was okay when the economy was in decent shape, but for most Americans, the Crash of '09 has never really ended. The average American is still struggling to get by, while The Rich have apx $36 Trillion Dollars stashed in offshore accounts.

So the core base of each party has rebelled.

For the GOP, this has produced Donald Trump. For the Dems, Bernie Sanders. Whatever one thinks of their respective platforms and ideologies, it is very apparent that each party establishment hates them and has done its best to derail their campaigns. That is because they each truly represent the Will of Their Party Base and that is not what The Corporations want.

Trump is pretty much a lock at this point. And Sanders is closing in on an increasingly hapless Hillary. If the GOP does a 'political maneuver’ and steals the nomination from Trump, expect bloodshed. If the Dems squeeze Sanders out, I expect that Hillary will still win in November. The GOP simply does not have the numbers anymore.

But the Democratic party will be ripped open. Too may of us are sick of being lied to by Center/Right Corporatists who pretend to be Liberals [Hillary & Obama] and having a 'social issues' bone tossed to us to shut us up while they feed the Corporations every single thing they want.

Capitalism is in its Terminal Phase where it is now devouring its host. As I Posted/Tweeted a few years ago, “No domestic industry left. Massive unemployment. Crushing personal debt. The bankers still free. Drone strikes. Drug war. Social violence. Paralyzed politics. Diminishing public services. 65 US vets committing suicide every single day. 200,000 homeless children nationally.

I could go on and on. That is what Collapse looks like, not tattooed barbarians racing along the highways. The steady slide downward.”

Hillary talks 'incrementalism', but as we say in AA, “Half measures availed us nothing.” ...and time IS running out.

Nebs Sez

Feb. 19th, 2016 02:54 pm
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~While this is what passes for 'liberalism' in this country today, it is not actually classic Liberalism. It is Urban Petty Bourgeois Moralizing created by Boomers [my generation] to justify their selling out to the Corporate State, exchanging their Citizenship for Consumerism and sacrificing their Freedom [which we learned in the Sixties was kind of tenuous anyway] for a Safety they expect to be guaranteed by The State. They are almost all entirely unaware of the Stalinist subtext of most of these constructs.

As I've said elsewhere, "Liberal Humanism had once been a vital force and had changed human affairs for the better. But it inevitably fell victim to the Cult of The Individual and then fractured into ideological factionalism, individual narcissism and intellectual decadence. Its absolute rejection of Hierarchy doomed it to impotence.”

On the flip side, American Conservatism, via Richard Nixon, sacrificed its moral center to the leftover Old South Slavocracy for electoral gain. It has now painted itself into an epistemological corner from which there is really no escape. A casual glance at the so-called 'Conservatives' presently running for President shows that with painful clarity. It too is a doomed relic of a dead past.

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Feb. 16th, 2016 04:53 am
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"Unconditional love is at best a romantic fantasy and at worse a deceitful lie. All relationships are conditional. All relationships are based upon the fulfillment of needs."

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Feb. 11th, 2016 11:35 pm
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Some Rube: "Trump is a smart man. Everyone hates him because he is vague, or points fingers. I'm sick of apologetic politicians, who haven't the intestinal fortitude to defend their own ideas, and just bend to what ever the loudest screamer is shouting. I for one want a strong President. And none are as strong as Trump."

Moi: "I'm a New Yorker and am rather more familiar with The Donald than you might be. All he's really done is take the various 'dog whistles' the GOP has used on the rubes for the past 48 years [since Nixon got elected] and shout them from the rooftop.

He was probably bored and got into this for the excitement. His "I could shoot someone and they'd still follow me" remarks shows that even he is surprised by his success. I doubt he really wants to be President, as much as it would feed his ego. He's been around long enough to know what an utter ratfuck the gig really is.

But hey, spud, knock yourself out. As a fellow New York asshole, I applaud his game. It's brilliant and shows what a bunch of suckers the GOP base really is, just as we New Yorkers have always believed."

Nebs Sez

Feb. 1st, 2016 01:55 pm
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"While I agree that The Rulers will engage in every single one of the cynical manipulations you have listed, I would warn them that they should should be careful what they wish for.

Out here, on both sides of the political divide, we're all very fucking angry. Even Leftists are buying guns. You can 'thank Obama' for that via his near total neo-liberal betrayal of his 'progressive' campaign rhetoric.

If The Rulers derail Trump and/or Sanders, things are going to get very unpleasant for them. Not saying Revolution per se, but certainly a lot more political violence aimed directly at the One Percent and their servants.

I suspect The Rulers forget that FDR did in fact save their bacon by defusing what could have been a serious collectivist Revolution of some sort back in the mid 1930's. That forgetting is going kill and maim some of them...and I shall not shed a single fucking tear."

~my comment here:

Nebs Sez

Dec. 5th, 2015 02:22 am
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"The hysterical cupidity of Anti-Gunners is presently on display with their ranting about Congress refusing to ban those on The Terror Watch List from buying guns. Not only are these people who have committed no crime, they include a lot of Left Wing political activists, people in the anti-war, environmental and racial justice movements, because the Security State considers them ‘terrorists’. There are also no small number of people who simply have the 'wrong name’ and are on the list through pure incompetence.

The Terror Watch List is a Fascistic blunt instrument. Granted the GOP didn’t vote the law down because of that. They were pandering to their base. Basically, they did the right thing for the wrong reason.

But this does reveal how essentially Fascistic the anti-gunners really are and how ignorant most people are about what really goes on with The Security State. More fear driven politics. More proof that Mass Democracy has failed."

Nebs Sez

Nov. 30th, 2015 05:19 pm
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“Many in the Transhumanist community seem share a certain outlook, the admirable view that Transhumanism will succeed by pure reason and logic alone. But the vast majority of Baseline Humans are *not* reasonable nor logical. As a species we tend to automatically view Change as Loss, are largely superstitious, fear driven and more often than not act with a violent irrationality upon anything we perceive as threatening whatever little epistemological ghetto we happen to live in.

Something like Transhumanism is utterly terrifying to most Baseline Humans as they quite accurately see it as heralding the end of their line. That is a profound existential threat that I guarantee will be meet with an extreme and brutal reaction. To deny this reality is suicidal foolishness.

This is a Struggle for The Future. Such is not for the faint of heart nor the weak willed. We in the Transhumanist community have a double challenge, that of upgrading and improving The Race while simultaneously fighting off those who wish to maintain the status quo. At certain points that will require the use of Violent Force. I repeat, 'To deny this reality is suicidal foolishness.'

Many in the Transhumanist community will find this a repugnant paradigm and reject it. I suspect no small number of those will have an unpleasant fate upon actually encountering said paradigm. The more bloody minded of us will carry on and do our best to defend those with that more 'enlightened' world view from the brutal ugliness of the real unenlightened world

Something to keep in mind; that those who want the species to remain just as it is vastly outnumber us, their 'reality' is already in place and no small number of them will be quite happy to kill us in order to stop our work.”
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~I got my first Past Life regression when I was doing yoga. This was back in 1980. Of course there’s more to it than that. I was also working as a taxi cab driven in NYC, the night shift, from 4pm to 4am. That alone can put one in an ‘altered state’.

When I got home I was so wired that I had to smoke a pipe bowl of pot, about three or four hits, and then do an hour of yoga before I could sleep.

It was just as I was doing the ‘sitting quietly’ meditation at the end of my asanas that I got this vivid vision and just allowed myself to drift into it...

I was standing in the middle of a forest clearing. With me were maybe a hundred or so men, all Teuton warriors. We were in full battle gear and were waiting to meet other Teutons to go ambush some Romans. The part of the vision that came first was looking at the tree line across at the far edge of the clearing. It seemed as though stars were shining in the forest and I was confused for few seconds.

Then I realized what that was; it was the light of the sun reflecting off of the spear tips of a Roman Legion as its ranks advanced through the trees towards us. We had been betrayed and now we were going to die. I was angry, but at least we were going to die standing up with swords in our hands, which would be an Honorable Death.

The memory of the battle is blurred and confused, but then such is the nature of battle. And I did die that day.

I was quite amazed by this. And though I had believed in Past Lives before, for me, this was definitive proof. The memory was not a dream, but had been as though I'd lived it in this life. Over the year, more regressions followed, usually around the moment of my death in those various Lives...

...and then, decades later, the final piece of that first regression came to me.

I had long wondered what it was that caused our betrayal. I was just a minor tribal chieftain and not really a threat to anyone's ambitions, so why commit such an act, to lead fellow Teuton warriors to be slaughtered by our mortal enemy, Rome?

I was contemplating that regression and managed to 'see myself' in that Life; I was a woman. And then the rest of that Life unfolded; I was my father's only remaining child, a tall strong Teuton Amazon – my brothers had all died fighting the Romans and other tribes – and he had made me his successor, which was fine with our tribe as I could beat all of our males, but others hated me for that and so sent me and my men to our deaths.

That also led me to understand why I incarnated in Rome for the next seven Lives. Such was a rejection of those who betrayed me. I as best as I know, never incarnated as a German ever again, though in my last Life I spent a crucial phase of it in Germany itself and have had a life long fascination with all things German [except the food] in this Life.

Nebs Sez

Oct. 4th, 2015 03:15 pm
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"All you finger waggers here are called them “thugs” and “ungrateful idiots” and so on. But these kids can read the writing on the wall.

Our schools have become prisons. Our prisons have become slave labor camps. Our Middle Class is being crushed out of existence. Rents and costs keep rising, but wages are stagnant. Unless you come from Money, a collage education makes you a debt slave for life. And even the crap jobs out there are slowly but steadily being automated away.

So why not go on a killing rampage? One last orgiastic burst of rage at the system that is grinding you down, and then die, knowing that we'll talk about you for weeks and weeks...until the next nihilist killer comes along to splatter against the windscreen of Modern America."

What this country doesn't need is more victums like you.

Hell, I'm fine. Fat old man on SS tucked away in a trailer park in the middle of nowhere. Got the old lady, the cats and our guns.

PS LOL @ 'victums'.

Nebs Sez

Oct. 4th, 2015 01:21 pm
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Some of you might have noticed that I stopped using the term 'The Corporate State' and instead use the term 'The Corporate Confederacy'. I made that switch because 'State' implies a solid monolithic entity, but that is not really the case. The thing is 'confederated' in that it is a group of many entities, most in competition with others in the grouping, but all untied in their larger outcomes, which generally boils down to “Control Everything.”

I also refer to The Corporate Confederacy as 'the bastard child of Patriarchy' because the paradigm of “Control Everything” comes from the Male's second Primary Function, The Hunt. Modern Corporate Capitalism is The Hunt taken to its ultimate existential conclusion.

BTW The Male's first Primary Function is to impregnate Females. That is an existential survival drive that most men are completely unaware of. They think they just 'want to get laid'. But this is what drives The Male to hunt The Female as sexual prey, whether he does so with Diamonds and Dinner or chasing them down an alley with a knife. That is why Rape Culture is a key feature of Patriarchy.

Nebs Sez

Jun. 9th, 2015 03:51 am
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"I'm a sixty three year old White Male raised Upper Middle Class in NYC. Racism is culturally cooked into my psyche and will remain there until the day I die. The best I can do about that is to be aware of it and not allow it to run me.

Part of such is not to go to the other extreme and submit to White Guilt. That leads to internalizing the worldview that White folks can *only* do evil and that all non-Whites are 'saints'. That is simply a inverted form of Racism and leads to all manner of sociocultural mischief. That's why I dislike the term 'Person of Color'. It maintains separation and reenforces the idea that Whites are a special class of humans.

Besides, I personally have plenty of better reasons to hate myself than some cultural construct for a imaginary state of being. While 'Racism' certainly does exist, 'Race' does not. Black America is living proof of both statements. [see 'Red Bone', 'High Yellow', 'Quadroon', 'Quintroon', 'Octoroon', 'Mulatto']

We Humans are flawed creatures and if one truly believes in equality, one will allow oneself to see both the Good and Evil in each of them as one encounters them. And trust me, you *will* find both. We publicly laud our Goodness, but secretly love our Evil."

Nebs Sez

Jan. 11th, 2014 12:44 pm
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The Snowden Effect: To wit, the pervasive government and corporate surveillance machinery which is bringing about The End of Privacy is far too massive and complex to be fully controlled and it is therefore also bringing about The End of Secrecy.
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~I'm at that age where Ejaculation is merely another body function. Once every week or so does me just fine. Sex on the other hand is an endless source of fascination. It is The Core Human Drive.

You'll find all manner of Porn and Naked Women on my Tumblr, but that's not fapping material. Shit, I can barely remember the last time I fapped to a still pic.

No, I gather it as an Aesthetic and Intellectual exercise. I am constantly amazed by both its variety and its ubiquity. I'm deeply impressed by the vast number of young women, tattooed women, BBW's, MILF's, GILF's, Dommes, subs and MTF Trans Gals out there who participate in its creation. They are the agents of a profound cultural change.

~After two decades of living in a Clear and Focused manner, I no longer like being stoned. I used to live for that state of being, to be Fuzzy and Defuse. That is how I dealt with my emotional issues. And it worked...until it didn't. Then I got Sober. I've always been pretty bloody minded about this stuff. I worked on my issues even when I was using.

Now, because I've been in Serious Fucking Pain – some days I can barely stand up – I've had to take combinations of drugs that put me in that 'stoned state' and I'm not happy with that. But I'm far less happy with the pain. And of course both get in the way of Clear Thinking.

I'm not one of these Suffer Or Die Sober Types. My Sobriety is deeply ingrained and I 'wear it like a loose fitting garment'. Some would call this a 'slip'. Well, that's your Sobriety, not mine.

Being Sober is always and ever about The Thinking, not The Using. My thinking is still mostly Sober and I'm quite aware of the parts that ain't. It is my body that needs the drugs, not my mind. When – Goddess willing – this pain had been ameliorated, I'll still be Clear and Focused and the various drugs will go back to their storage space.

All that blather is not for me BTW. We share our Experience, Strength and Hope with the wider world because that is what we're supposed to do, the old 'give it away to keep it' drill. Because we Drunks and Dope Fiends have usually lived rough and fucked up lives, physical pain in going to be an Old Age Companion for most of us. Let the above be a guide.

~Now that we've had Sex and Drugs I suppose we should have some Rock and Roll:


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