Apr. 15th, 2015 02:02 pm
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~March and April have been tough months financially. March there was the cock-up with my SSI and then the fridge crapping out, which ran $163. I didn't mention that one of our kitties got very sick from bad teeth and we had to drop $90 on a vet visit and antibiotics. Then on the second day of this month, she had four teeth out, which ran $242.

I've been fighting off depression so I couldn't even get my shit together to seriously ask for help. We're not going to go hungry or anything, but we're barely going to get by this month.

But I was thinking yesterday as I watched the kitty in question running around the house that if we had not taken her in from outside, those bad teeth would have killed her. That brought up tears from my vast back log of said.

Since the beginning of last week I've been playing phone tag with a Social Security worker regarding a renewal interview. I'm not as depressed as I was, but I am emotionally drained...

...and there you have it.

Kitteh Nuwz

Sep. 5th, 2014 11:36 pm
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~The lil shit is doing better but gooping her eyes is a pain; yowling, scratching, hissing, biting. So Le-Le has taken to gooping one eye – the lil shit runs away – and then a while later gooping the other – the lil shit runs away again. Repeat as needed.
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~Our main Kitty Patron dropped a C-Note into the Isis Fund a day ago and I made a vet appointment for tomorrow at ten in the morning. I did that because we get our first cheques just after midnight tonight, so we'd have money to cover it if the above wasn't enough.

Just a little while ago we got another fifty. I'm hopeful that should cover all of it. If not, be sure I'll squawk about it.

Meantime, thanks to all y'all...and I will keep you appraised of developments.
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~I had planned to hold off on asking for any more vet money until next year, the goal being to drag each of the little weasels in, month by month, just to get them checked out. That would be $46 per visit.

However, the littlest weasel, Isis, has really bad eye goop. She's had this before. It's a feline type of Herpes. She'd infected Icarus last time, about four years ago. His we got rid of completely, but her's would come back mildly whenever she went into heat, then fade away afterward.

But this time it's come back with a vengeance and not going away. The poor thing is miserable and we need to take her in asap. As stated above, the visit will run $46. I can't get a general estimate beyond that, so I'm asking for an even hundred bucks which I hope will cover everything.

You can call Southern Kern Vet at 661-256-8121 and donate to The Isis Fund in the name of her owners, Michael Daly and Leesa Hayes. Or use Le-Le's PayPal here: http://feline-phantasy.livejournal.com/

Please, every little bit will help.
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~Roughly six weeks since Buckethead got his leg lopped off. He's gained weight and is a happy lil shit. Yesterday morning he was running around the house like a fucking maniac. Sometimes he pushes too hard and torques the thing. I tell him to be careful, that he's 'an old fuck with three legs'. I suspect he'll get the hang of it after a while.
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~Buckethead is all destitchafied now. The gals at the vet were so happy to see him. They took him in the back and I heard them laughing and cooing over him.

We're supposed to keep him collared and caged another day or two, with an eye out for the 'pinkish' parts of his incision. Those are the sections still healing. When the pink fades, he's all done.

Next up for the vet is Mauser, aka Terror Cat. He's a half a year overdue for his annual shaving. He doesn't groom himself properly – we think he's too arthritic to reach – and gets badly matted. He looks like a hedgehog now, poor thing.

Good news is that South Kern is seventy bucks cheaper than Mission, $130 vs $180. I'll probably ask for some small donations toward that at the beginning of February.

And there you have it...
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~The Old Fool gets his stretches out tomorrow morning. He'll stay collared and caged for one more day after that and then he'll be unleashed upon the world. He's still 'unsure' on his one back leg, but he's never been a model of feline grace anyway, so I expect he'll be fine.

I, on the other hand, am something of a mess today. Yesterday I cleaned the litter boxes, did laundry and washed my hair and today I just feel wiped out. Part of that is because I did not sleep well. My mind kept grinding on, largely about all that 'I have to do'. Always a losing sleep strategy and one that I'm usually able to avoid.

But between the Full Moon and 'the pressure lifting', I’ve been restless and all that noise just pushed through. [There was a lot of 'Her Prophet stuff' in said noise] So today I'm exhausted. I'll probably go back to bed after I finish this breakfast cycle.

Ah, I almost forgot. I drove down to Mission on Friday and did a face-to-face with the refund, so that money should be back in our account soon. I also got the name and phone number of the final donor and will call them soon to give them the 411.

Meanwhile, the various lil maniacs are running around, which helps my mood...
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~Got to the tire place today and took care of that issue. From there I headed to the vet to talk numbers. And I could not get a workable deal. I wanted to skip the x-ray and just amputate the leg. I said even if he's only got a little while left at least let's get rid of that horror.

But I felt like they've kept moving the goal posts. Last time they were ready to accept a monthly payment plan, but today they wanted all the money up front. That's six hundred bucks more. Just not doable..at least not right away.

So now we have to face the likelihood that Buckethead just gets to suffer with his Big Ugly Foot for a little while longer and then we simply put him to sleep. Some how I've been keeping all the tears at bay. Maybe I'm just numb at this point....
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~I finally got my shit together and called the vet. I'd given up on the whole idea of driving down to do this last weekend because I realized I'd set my bar too fucking high.

So we're taking the old Ginger fool and his nasty Fukashima plum foot down there on Friday for the x-ray. Le-Le is going too because she has decades of experience in dealing with feline health issues. I'll deal with handling the money issue because I was raised in the Entertainment Industry.

If his lungs are clear then he'll probably go under the knife that evening. How far he's going to get cut is what Le-Le is going to handle. She does not believe he needs to be cut all the way to his haunch, that to the knee will be fine. He's already been keeping that leg 'in the air' most of the time anyway.

Anyway, see shall see what we shall see....


Nov. 24th, 2013 02:05 am
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~I am feeling very badly broken. The grief that had damaged me so badly because of Icarus' affliction is now compounded by a deep guilt as I have not be able to follow through on taking care of him. That I am emotionally barely able to take care of my basic household duties does not ameliorate my sense of shame. My back has been better for a couple of weeks and I should be doing that which I need to do for him. But most days getting out of bed and feeding myself – and the weasels, both indoors and out – is the best I seem capable of. And forget writing. That is a distant memory...

...and I weep at the slightest thing.
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~Okay, this is a Good News/Bad News dealio....

The Good News is that the night before last when Le-Le was doing the outdoor dinner seating, George came up to eat, got too close and she grabbed his scruff and tossed him in the door. So the lil shit is back inside. He's adjusted fairly quickly. It's been cold at night and there some fucking mean characters out there.

Part of what got him 'too close' was that I had grabbed The Missus about four days before that and had started to reduce the amount of food I was putting out. We kept her in the 'guest cage' for about five days, letting her loose once George was inside.

Mr. Stripy Pants will be last, but first we have to take care of Buckethead and his Big Stupid Foot. Le-Le has a VA appointment tomorrow down in Lancaster and we're planning to head off to the vet afterward and discuss x-rays and payment plans.

The Bad News is that I now have six fucking litter boxes to clean. I'd bought two of them along with an extra water and food dish at the beginning of October. The latter were deployed last night and the former about an hour ago when I cleaned the original four.

We're a Certified Feline Freakshow now....
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Random: Now that the Teaturd Shitweasels have been driven back we can relax about getting our cheques..for the next three months. Fuck knows what kind of shit they'll pull come mid-January when this 'deal' expires. But I can feel the stress start to leave my body.

Been sleeping a lot and taking all manner of drugs and my back is improving, though it's still pretty fucked. I'll see what they have to say about all this up at Rural Health.

Kitteh Nooz: The Big Stupid Foot is looking pretty fucking ugly. He can't walk on it anymore. *sigh* Now that the Default bullshit is over we have to refocus on dealing with poor ol' Buckethead. We need to work up some manner of post-op payment plan...if, of course, his x-rays are clear.

Nebs Writes: I've been doing a lot of 'skull work' on the first chapter of this novel. Because I'm world building from an existing indigenous culture, detail is important. I can now spend a few bucks to get the bilingual dictionary I need. It's an obscure language, so I couldn't find one at the library.

..and that pretty much covers it.
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~Between Buckethead's hobbling, my lower back pain and the looming Default [which would mean we don't get paid on the First] I'm worn down to a fucking nub....


Oct. 7th, 2013 07:43 pm
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~Default is a little more than a week away...

...so, it's Hurry Up and Wait around here. Last March, Blanca, the park manager, told me that she was sure there were at least twenty other residents here who depended upon Social Security, etc. to pay their rent. I have no doubt that plenty of the storage spaces where we rent ours are the same. And Rosamond has lots of retired folks, especially vets, so Default would ripple through this town like an aftershock. Rents and mortgages unpaid, food un-purchased, services unused. *sigh*

In Kitteh Nooz...the Big Stupid Foot is bleeding a bit today. That's what happened the last time we treated it. I freaked and dragged him to the vet. That's not on the menu for the foreseeable future and they'd simply tell us what we already know. Therefore, we'll just keeping treating it. Going to add the coconut oil back into the mix, too. Hopefully, that should add some relief. If it gets bad, we'll go to gauze and Ace bandages.

I'm thinking that the vet's original treatment was meant to break the tumor up. Maybe what we're doing will bring that about. *shrug* At least we're taking some positive action.

..and that's about that.

PS WinCo in the am...then we hunker down.


Oct. 5th, 2013 01:16 pm
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~Yesterday my lower back pain was fucking brutal. I could barely stand up straight without stabbing pain. It had been bad every since the clusterfuck at the vet the Friday before, but it was really bad yesterday. It's stress of course. Plus the vet's chairs are fucking torture devices.

But also early Friday morning – around half two – I ran the rent up to the park office, took a library book to the night drop, and did our monthly gas fill-up. There were four 20lb tubs of litter in the trucklette. I put them on the back porch when I left and brought them in when I returned. I'd hoped that splitting the action would prevent back pain. Guess that failed.

Stuck the heating pad under my ass when I lay down this morning and that helped, but it's gonna be a few days to get relief. I could expedite that process with one of Le-Le's muscle relaxers, but those things knock me out for a few days and I have shopping to do. For now it's the heating pad and regular analgesics.

In Kitteh Nooz, we did the 'foot thing' with Buckethead. As expected, it lasted just about two minutes before he 'recused himself'. But we'll persevere...

Kitteh Nooz

Oct. 4th, 2013 07:19 pm
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~We're gonna start soaking Icarus' foot in warm saline solution to hopefully provide him some relief. Ten minutes is recommended, but he's a squirmy lil shit, so two to three is more likely. I'll hold him on my lap and Le-Le will just lift the glass up around the foot. We're starting with regular salt, but I'm gonna get some Sea Salt.

He's really like a Jewish old lady, working his affliction for all the attention he can get. I just beat him up while saying that to him, 'beating up' consisting of rolling him on his back and vigorously rubbing and patting his belly. Then we played Step On The Cat, which is petting him with my foot, usually accompanied by the chant, “Step on the cat! Step on the cat!”

He squawks like he's being murdered throughout all of this and then looks at you like 'What?' when you stop. Piece of work....


Oct. 4th, 2013 08:21 am
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~I was planning to take Icarus to the vet on Sunday and use our portion of the fund for the x-rays. But now there is a distinct possibility that we may not get any of our various monies next month because of the Shutdown, that includes VA Disability, too

Because of that I have to put everything vet related on hold, at least until we know what is going to happen. We may need that money just to survive. *sigh*

Icarus is more or less okay. His coat is good and so is his weight. He's been sleeping more, but he's uncomfortable and sleep is a good escape. He's playful when he comes in to be with me and still bug hunts. We clean his foot every two or three days. We'd do it everyday, but the cleaning makes it tender.

This whole thing is exhausting and aggravating. My neck and shoulders are like rocks and my lower back is still sore from last week's clusterfuck. I'm sleeping more, too.

Even through all this grief and aggro, I've been working on my novel, my own one, not the fan-fic. As I said, if it's gonna be 'work', might as well suffer for my own.

I suspect the GOP leadership will overrule the Teatard Shitweasels in the crunch. There is far too much money at stake and I'm certain The Rulers are putting on the pressure now that they are in danger of taking the hit, the fucking cunts.

But our margin here is way too narrow to do anything but hunker down and see what comes to pass. Needless to say, I am utterly fucking enraged and have been abusing Shitweasels all over the intratubes. If I could, I'd happily gut most of them with a carpet knife and let them bleed out...
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..sent to The Primary Donor today..

"Basically what happened is Michelle promised more than she was authorized to promise. There was no 'pay off' plan. The full balance was required post surgery. *sigh*

Yesterday I was already burnt out when I got there. I had to wait about an hour before anyone saw me. That's on me cause I got there at half past noon. But when Dr. Kim came in he said that the surgeon would be there *that evening* and that's when Lil' Buddy would get sliced. I had been told only X-Rays and then the surgery on Sunday...if the X-Rays were clear.

At that point I just went “No, I don't want to do this at all.” I called Le-Le and she was willing to sign off on that. I suppose she could hear I was in Total Meltdown. But they brought in The Big Cheese, a Dr. Annan [I think], the Indian owner of the clinic. He's a pushy fuck. He was like, “At least do the X-Ray.” So I said 'fine'.

Then came the final piece of the clusterfuck; I was told that the Leg Fund can 'only' be used for the surgery and nothing else. A 'legal issue'. I was so fucking fried at this point I forgot that $180 of that is OUR MONEY and we can use however the fuck we want to. That didn't dawn on me until I had been back home for over an hour. Oy...

I need to chill out for a few days so I don't keep fucking up. And really need to connect to my case worker Monday so I get my Oct SSI $'s.

...and there you have it. =/ "
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~The thing was total clusterfuck. Everything I was told about money and payments and so on was completely wrong. I spent over two fuck hours there and got fucking zero done.

I was told that they can't use the money in the Leg Fund for the x-rays because those are 'extra' and so 'not part of the package'. And that the balance would have to be paid upon completion of the surgery, if that takes place.

I'm exhausted and angry and...oh, fuck it!

I'm having something to eat and going back to bed. I cannot think straight...
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~I'm just finishing my breakfast cycle. Then I'll suit up and take Buckethead to the vet for x-rays and chit. If his chest is clear and there's no growth beyond his foot, then he'll go under the knife Sunday.

My whole body is taut, pulsing uncomfortable, like a mild anxiety attack. But I seemed okay until I started thinking about the 'practical details' of a post-amputation situation – feeding him with a collar still on, keeping said collar on for any length of time, etc – and I just fell apart, started sobbing like a baby. *sigh*

I feel this grief in my very bones. I don't know what else to say...


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