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~I had planned to hold off on asking for any more vet money until next year, the goal being to drag each of the little weasels in, month by month, just to get them checked out. That would be $46 per visit.

However, the littlest weasel, Isis, has really bad eye goop. She's had this before. It's a feline type of Herpes. She'd infected Icarus last time, about four years ago. His we got rid of completely, but her's would come back mildly whenever she went into heat, then fade away afterward.

But this time it's come back with a vengeance and not going away. The poor thing is miserable and we need to take her in asap. As stated above, the visit will run $46. I can't get a general estimate beyond that, so I'm asking for an even hundred bucks which I hope will cover everything.

You can call Southern Kern Vet at 661-256-8121 and donate to The Isis Fund in the name of her owners, Michael Daly and Leesa Hayes. Or use Le-Le's PayPal here:

Please, every little bit will help.
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~It'll be my birthday in a couple of weeks and while I want many things, what I really need is money, especially the fifty bucks for new brake-pads and the fifty bucks to pay Rico to put them on. That is months overdue. I've been trying to squeeze out the cash to get it done, but we're just too tight. *sigh*

I'll take the money however y'all wish to give it; PayPal, cheque, money order or cash via snail mail. [PM me for the addy] Even five bucks in an envelope would be fine.

Oy...had to push the above out like a dry turd. Had this file sitting on my desktop for a week now with just the post title.

As is usual, in the month or so running up to my birthday, I'm twitchy as fuck, though not as twitchy as I have been in this window. The blood pressure meds I'm taking, supposedly to protect my kidneys from da beetus, knocked the shit outta me. I slept through nearly all of July. I just started cutting the dose in half and I feel somewhat better. But I had to have a 'breakdown' and a heart-to-heart with Le-Le before I got there.

I got a bunch of other stuff to bitch and moan about, but I'm trying to motivate myself to make a WinCo run. More later...I guess.
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~We need a hundred bucks. Rico, the park's maintenance man, will install new brake pads for fifty bucks and we can get said items on-line for fifty bucks. He's good at auto work because the park has its own motor-pool. The owner/operator is a German after all.

Officially, this our long awaited Brake Fund. Unofficially, that money is what we need to get through to the end of the month. The new tires and a miscalculation put us into overdraft last month and Chase really stuck it to us with a fucking “extended overdraft fee”, leaving us $60 in the hole when this month started and there's no more change left for me to scrape off my desk. *sigh*

Anyway, whatever y'all can spare will help. PayPal is here at the bottom of the first page. Or ask for our snail mail addy in PM's.

Blessed Be....

Kitteh Nooz

Aug. 9th, 2013 07:27 pm
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~The vet had renal failure concerns about the anti-inflammatory that he gave Icarus, said to watch for signs like peeing a lot, drinking a lot and listlessness. Hard to keep track of the first two with this whole mob, but I think he did pee a bit more than usual. However, he seems his same goofy self, though he's justifiably twitchy about Burrito Kitty Torture Time, poor thing.

There's just one more dose of the anti-inflammatory tonight and then it's just one more week of the nasty cherry shit [antibiotics] which he hates worse than death itself. Believe me, wrestling with a nineteen pound cat that obsofuckinglutly Does Not Want is no fucking joke.

The tumor still looks ugly and I cannot see any change. *sigh* But it's only been a week. And yeah, I've second guessed myself about going with meds instead of surgery more than once.

We're still about sixty bucks short of covering the vet bill but that won't bite until the end of the month.

Kitteh Nooz

Aug. 5th, 2013 03:57 am
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~It seems Matilda has testicles. Le-Le has fed 'her' the past two nights – I was sleeping – and last night she managed to both look at and feel the dangles. Yes, this cat is that mellow. I've petted him and even touched his tail. So we debated a new name [in IM's lol] and came up with Herby.

This revelation is going to keep him outside a bit longer as his harbles have to come off. [we have two unfixed females] But it's going to be warm for at least two/three more months, so no big worries.

I had to chase Buckethead around the living room six times for his afternoon medication, but scooped him up pretty quick for the evening event. *sigh* Twelve more days of that fun. I just hope this keeps him alive for a few more years. I start crying every time I think....well, you know.

And I saw George out of the kitchen window about an hour ago. We've both largely let go of the idea of getting him back inside. We'll keep putting food out even after we take in Herby, who does seem to want in. He looks in the doorway with a bit of longing when he comes to eat. He's put on weight, too.

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~We're both doing better today. And so is Icarus. He's happily lounging on his box and was soaking up petting and such from me. I was telling him that Burrito Kitty Torture Time was coming up because his towel was in the dryer. He of course was blissfully ignorant of what I was saying

I get to wrap him in tightly a towel and hold him down while Le-Le squirts cherry flavored antibiotics into his big squawking gob. Poor Buckethead.

The tumor on his foot looks fucking nasty with all the hair shaved off. [I've been calling him 'Chickenfoot' lol] He gets seven days of anti-inflammatory and two weeks of cherry flavored antibiotics and then he goes back to the vet and we see what the what is.

We're doing are best to 'be okay'. There is a type of tumor that does recede and go away. He's really my best buddy of all the little weasels and...well, I don't want to go there right now. My sinuses are fucked up enough from crying.

Speaking of going back to the vet, it dawned on me that we gotta pay for that too. *sigh*

Kitteh Nooz

Aug. 2nd, 2013 12:54 pm
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~We pulled our act together today and got Icarus down to the vet. Le-Le posted pix. We had to shell out three hundred and ninety bucks for this little adventure. Including some money still 'in transit', we're still about eighty bucks short of covering that, so whatever y'all can spare will help. And thanks a lot to all who have given. It was a relief to finally take him in..for all his squawking.

Every little bit helps:

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~I'd been planning on taking Icarus to the vet on next Monday when we had all out monies in, but his foot has gone from chronic to acute since yesterday, so we'll take him tomorrow first thing in the AM. Our first monies hit the bank at apx 1:30am. *sigh*

I Tweeted earlier, “I looked out upon the world this morning and despaired...” but much of that was our own situation. If we'd have had fifty bucks to spare we could have bought a live trap cage on the day George got out and maybe he'd be back inside right now. If we'd had a couple hundred bucks to spare Icarus would already have gone to the vet and been well into healing right now. Plus there's...

...well, there's a whole list. When this just fucks with us, we roll with it. But when it hurts the lil weasels it breaks my heart...and now I'm crying again and I've barely had three slips of coffee...

Even if you cannot donate by tomorrow, please give when you can. It'll help on the back end and Mauser still needs to be shaved, too:

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~So the nightly ritual seems to be that I go to put food out for George and find Matilda waiting at the bottom of the back steps. Le-Le does see George lounging in the driveway across the street later on, so I now add grub to bowl after the 'first seating'. Fucking cats.

BTW Le-Le is going to take pix of Icarus' big stupid face and his big stupid foot so y'all can see what you're contributing to.

Please donate here to help fix Icarus' big stupid foot:

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~I put the food out for George just now and Matilda was waiting. She practically ran up my leg to get at it and chowed downed while I stood not three feet away. We doubt the neighbors feed her well. I'll put more grub in there later for our lil shit.

I asked Le-Le if we would keep Matilda if she was the one who wound up in the trap. *sigh* “Probably,” she said.

We'll take Icarus to the vet a week from Monday. All our monies will be in by then and we'll just take the leap of faith that your generous donations will see all of us through.

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~George, our runaway kitty, has been hanging around for dinner. We've both made definite ID's of the lil shit. He's lost weight obviously, but it's him. As I type this he's chowing down at the near end of the driveway, just under my bathroom window. It's summer now, but maybe he'll wise up when it gets cold and come back inside. *sigh*

At least we know more or less where he is.

Meanwhile, please help us take Icarus to the vet:

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~This morning I started driving myself crazy with ridiculous paranoid drama mindfuck games whose details I'm not even going to hint at...except that they were all money based. *sigh*

We think we saw George last night, but it was hard to be certain. 'Someone' knocked over the boards Le-Le placed over the hole in the skirting..from the inside. And there was 'someone' at the end of the driveway 'waiting for their fucking dinner'. I put the bowls on the concrete and looked out my bathroom window and whoever it was had their face in the chow. Looked too big for Matilda – my name for the neighbor’s cat because she has waltzed us around – but I can't be certain. Made me happy anyhow, stupid sentimental old bastard.

On the vet front, we're hoping that Icarus will just need a lancing and bandaging. If he needs surgery, well, that shit runs into the several hundred bucks and I doubt we can Cyber Begging our way out of that. As long as it's not life threatening, he'd just have to be a gimp.

He's not favoring the thing – a swollen back paw pad – but it gets a little raw and his paw is a bit 'deformed' from swelling. However when I clean it he doesn't flinch in pain, just squawks like he's being murdered, which is what he does with just about everything because he's a big fucking baby.

Thank you to those that have kicked in some bread so far. We're slowly coming along. We're at the 'probably won't starve' stage now.

Anyway, please give what you can. Remember any extra will go to getting Terror Cat shaved, poor old thing.

And here's some more begging...

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~I just put food under the house. As I said to Le-Le earlier, “There certainly are worse things than feeding the neighbor’s cat.” They don't seem to be the most effective pet owners and the lil shit was mighty eager to get at that grub last night, so...

We're going to take Buckethead to the vet this coming month. He hurt his foot when he went out the window with George and while it's not getting worse, it's not getting better either. I've been cleaning it, but it'll probably need to be lanced and bandaged. He's not favoring it, but whatever.

And this is where Cyber Begging comes in. We've been just getting by each month and this trip to the vet is going to put us up against the wall. Plus Mauser still needs to be shaved, the poor old thing. Anything that y'all can kick in would help.

This is also why I've been so filled with guilt and grief about fucking up with the window. Not only is George gone, but Icarus got wounded and all this distracted for Mauser getting taken care of. *sigh*

Please help us help our lil kitties:


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