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~The musky odor hit Tanith the moment she stepped through the portal. Man smell. It always got her queasy and excited, made her yoni tingle and moisten.

She marched with purpose down the wide debris strewn avenues, lined with derelict warehouses converted into rat warrens of cubicles called 'apartment' or 'club' depending upon their usage, the huge facades covered with brightly colored artwork, its techniques crude to sublime, and often violent and sexual in nature.

This was Semefour, a sector of the abandoned dirtside space facility of Bessport and original ghetto of The Men.

The Men were not actual males. True Men were extinct, outlawed for centuries, their heritage diffused and divided into the myriad Mandroids; Y-chromosome cyborgs, a vast genetically engineered servitor class that ranged from the ubiquitous simple minded AgroDroids, patiently tilling fields on a thousand worlds, through the slim graceful Harlequins, serving the personal needs of Sisters everywhere, to the brilliant star spanning Sliders, The Sisterhood's living spaceships who merged with their pilots, Mind, Body and Soul.

No, The Men were really Sisters. They wore Bitch Rods all the time – detachable bioform phallus's ...big, thick ones, too. They took hormones to shrink breasts and grow hair, lots of hair. They lived The Man's Way, a throwback cult of 'masculinity'. They steeped themselves in intoxicants, wrote nihilistic poetry, had bare knuckle brawls, and sodomized each other. They were The Men.

For most, it was a phase. They would Live The Life for a while, then put their Bitch Rod back in its Fake Box and go live as a Solitary in the woods or the hills or the desert on some world for a Solannum or two until their minds and bodies settled.

But some Lived The Life as their Life with total commitment. Like Frank, who had been one of The Men for well over a century now. That is who Tanith had come to see.

Tanith was a Jane, a Sister who sought out The Men for pleasure. She couldn't call Frank a 'lover'. Sex among The Men was ritualized consensual rape.

She turned, went into a shadowed door, up narrow stairs. Frank was waiting for her, 'his' wiry black hair, beard, chest, legs, making her body vibrate with an atavistic thrill. Frank took her straight away, brutally, with a cruel smile that no Harlequin pleasure server would ever match.

Time passed too quickly.

They smoked and drank, coupled with fury and languor. Frank sang her songs. Two friends came over, got drunk, had a fist fight, then all three of them 'raped' her for hours.

On the afternoon of the third day, Tanith stumbled down the stairs, bruised, sore, and wholly sated. On her way out the door, Frank had smacked her on the ass. “Say hello to your husband,” 'he' laughed.

“My husband,” she thought smiling. Her darling Maddox, thirty six thousand tons of Slider floating serenely in orbit. She knew he would relish every single detail.
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~Tzisoc knew they were about fifteen miles south of Zhytomir, but until they saw the rail line and the village just to the east – Vertokyivka she believed – they had no map fix.

Artillery 'crumped' to the north, fellow Black Guard units fighting their way into Zhytomir itself.

She brought the troop to a halt in the village's abandoned fields, letting the horses graze upon whatever they could find. In the dry heat of mid-August, that wasn't much. She was still amazed at the stunning primitiveness of Russia during this time, even this far west.

She sighed, checked out her little command; twenty six Sisters, their horses, three extra mounts.

“Too many First Timers in this Wave”, she thought. She had gone from private to sergeant in five months because of that. That was also why they didn't spot the Maxim gun until it opened up, a languorous 'tat-tat-tat-tat'.

They had learned enough to pull back rapidly instead of gazing about open mouthed. The Germans missed completely.

“Green,” Tzisoc hissed, as she dismounted several yards back.

“Corporal Kaminel, take Second and Third Sections around to the right! Pin them down!” she told her second in command. “First Section come with me!”

As Tzisoc and seven troopers moved around to the left, the sharp crack of Mosin-Nagant carbines could be heard, answered by the Maxim gun...and the flatter crack of Mausers.

“They've got infantry,” Tzisoc said. The others nodded.

They found a low rise on the German's left flank. Tzisoc spread her troopers along it and kept moving left.

She could see the Germans now, their coal scuttle helmets moving around in a trench line. She brought her rifle up, fired.

One of the helmets flipped back with a satisfying spray of blood and meat.

She hugged the earth as slugs zipped over head, thumped in the dirt. Then First Section opened up and the bullets stopped. She took a quick look; no Germans.

She was up and running in an instant. “This is going to get me killed,” she thought. But she had signed up knowing The Black Guard's motto; Mors Amatricum Nostrum. “Death is Our Lover”

Halfway to the trench a German appeared. She shot him in the chest.

Then she was in the trench. Another German. She shot him in the face. A third German came at her with a shovel, knocked her rifle away.

She screamed a war cry, leaped upon him, dagger out. She could feel the bone and gristle through the hilt, feel his death rattle, smell his bowels voiding.

She heard a 'thunk' to her left. The chest-shot German had just pounded a potato masher against the dirt.

“Oh, shi...” The blast set her hair and uniform on fire. Metal tore into her face, eyes... PAIN!


Her body was still spasming violently when the Mandroid Medtechs cracked the Sim Tank. A Pneumodermic injector shot her full of hormones and supplements. She went limp.

She awoke in a deceptively simple hospital room, bright, sunny, no medgear visible, but it monitored her to the subatomic level.

A Sister came in wearing a white coat, her hair in a Service Pageboy. Tzisoc noticed the silver outlined black star insignia of The Black Guard pinned to her coat.

“I'm Nesrood, your counselor,” she smiled. “I hear you bought the farm.”

Tzisoc laughed. “Only five months in.”

“You'll do better next time,” Nesrood said. She pointed to her insignia; the black star had a red III and a white V. “I died the first two times, survived five in a row, and then got killed again on the last.” She smiled. “Luck of the draw.”

She pulled a clear package out of her pocket, handed it to Tzisoc. “Welcome, Comrade.”

It was a Black Guard pin. When Tzisoc's skin touched it, a red I appeared. She grinned with sheer joy. “Yes, I'll do better next time.”
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MOI: The Hunter needs to see his Prey in order to hunt it.

SOME DUDE: Troll alert. Don't feed the troll people.

MOI: Goddess knows I certainly do troll, but that is not the case here.

My Brothers do in fact generally regard women as 'sexual prey' and they do hunt them as such, Yeah, it's mostly with money, booze and bullshit, but it IS a hunt nonetheless.

That is a harsh truth about the basic nature of the male that nice middle class folks really don't want to deal with.

MightyDoll: You were doing so well until you fell into that "basic nature of the male" bullshit.

MOI: Bet you get mighty pissed off when some dude makes presumptive statements about you and your uterus. Do you see the irony of that when you do the same regarding me and my penis?

MightyDoll: You're the one making presumptive statements about penises, not me. Your inability to control your dick isn't universal and it isn't "basic nature" I get to rolling my eyes when people cite pseudo science to make statements about me and my uterus AND when they use pseudo science to make statements about men and their penises.

MOI: Hey babe, I control my penis just fine. It's all a matter of the right rhythm. /end snark

Seriously, I'm sixty one years old and have been actively bisexual since I was nineteen. I most probably have far more 'hands on' experience of how men operate their cocks than you ever will. We're very predatory and aggressive, more than we'll generally admit to women because it would scare the fuck out of most of you.

That said, I did not make up the global sexual assault stats; one woman in three will be raped or sexually assaulted in their lifetime. I did not come up with the concept of Schrodinger's Rapist; that you will never know beforehand which of the men you meet will try to rape you. Note that such can be merely getting you too stoned/drunk to actively resist, which more men than you'd like to believe think is just fine.

This is not because all men are innately 'evil'. It is because our Primary Imperative is to *Impregnate*. That is a Hard Wired Species Survival Trait, aka 'the basic nature of the male'. Those of us who did not have that trait Do Not Reproduce!

Most of us do this 'with money, booze and bullshit', but make no mistake that we *hunt* you. As a presumable Hetro female [I have found that lesbians usually have no issue with this POV] that is understandably upsetting. You want, or have, a male lover and do not wish to think ill of him. You may also have a cat that you love and don't want to think of them as a little killing machine. But they are.

And any male partner you have has those predatory instincts. If you're a dynamic female, which I suspect you are, he'll likely be Beta and controllable. But have no doubt that you are dominating him and keeping him in line. We're also a 'pack species' and respond well to such when properly done. [yeah, Hierarchy is another hot button issue] Of course, if he gets drunk and/or angry enough, all bets are off.

The harsh truth is, in the long run, we Baseline Males need to be outbred. We're generally too aggressive and unstable for a complex technological civilization like the one we have created, ya know, nukes and all that. As the technology for intrafemale fertilization is well underway, the need for males in human reproduction should not be an issue for much longer.

The tough part will be the psycho-social adjustment to a real no-fooling-around Matriarchy, which is the underlying subject of this exchange, ain't it? I have found that you hetro gals seem even more scared of that than most men. [you like your cock] But a lot of my Brothers are resigned to such. As por moi, being a strong believer in reincarnation, I welcome our new Amazon Overlords. ;-)
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~A few weeks ago I had a phone conversation with a Sister and the next day I wrote this to her: “ all my blather I think I got across what I promise: Love, Power and Purpose.”

Almost immediately I realized the profundity of this paradigm. I switched the last two around as in this context Purpose would proceed Power.

I cogitated upon this for a bit and then cranked out the following ponderous text:

“Love is a word than is bandied about a lot these days, to the point where is has become squishy and near meaningless.

We are admonished to 'Love The World', which is a nonsense phrase as we cannot know the whole World and therefore cannot really love it. Only with Knowing can love truly blossom. Besides, The World is a very harsh and unlovable place, as by 'The World' what we really mean is 'people'. And most of them are small minded and fear driven.

But Love is something that we all crave, hence abuse of the word and the concept.”

Then I ground to a halt. I'd drifted off the track. I have already explained the Purpose of all this to the tune of well over 80,000 words. And quite a bit about the Power. I was stuck once again.

Then this morning while blogging about the long conversation I had with the Ex I wrote this: "I have come to realize that the essential Message for getting my Sisters to show up for this is one of Love, Purpose and Power, in that order."

Later I went back to the Sister I'd first written to and said: “I can provide you with some of the Love and a very specific Purpose, but you have to show up and claim the Power through that Love and Purpose, which will in turn enhance and expand them both.”

A third Sister commented upon the 'Ex Post': “There's nothing to show up for yet? I'm so there if I have a place to lay my head.”

And here we come to the cruncher: how much do I have to do first before any of you show up? Because the more I have to do the less Powerful you are. This is not for me. This is for YOU, my Sisters.

Let me repeat: “I can provide you with some of the Love and a very specific Purpose, but you have to show up and claim the Power through that Love and Purpose, which will in turn enhance and expand them both.” The key words being “you have to show up and claim the Power.” Otherwise this is just another bullshit cult scam with some dude as The Leader.

“But how can we do that, O' Great and Glorious Guru?” you may plead.

Well, I know at least three of you who are strongly Domme inclined. That is a Key Element of The Temple anyway. You know, Female Supremacy and Financial Domination. Find some fucking slaves and put those lil bitches to work. Trust me, there are thousands of men out here who would eat that up, a religiously dedicated full immersion slave-life. [that would be their Purpose] Such actions would get The Temple going in earnest within the next few months. Start now.

I can give you Love and the Purpose I offer is very clearly defined. But I cannot give you Power. That you absolutely must claim for yourselves.

My Sisters, I hear - and feel - your frustration and anger and sadness and sense of powerlessness as you strive to be well-adjusted to this profoundly sick society. That is why I am speaking in such harsh terms. You are adult women and I have faith that you can take in that harshness.

Meantime, I will of course keep slogging away at this. That is *my* Purpose. You know how to reach me if you need guidance and feedback.

And so it is....
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~The most dangerous situation modern Feminism faces is that it is busy fighting for equality in a Social Order that is breaking down. Within that context, what specifically is the real worth of anything Feminism is actually going to be able to achieve?

This not at all defeatism or a call to surrender, but rather to take a hard look at the battlefield and at the goals for which we are fighting. If the existing Social Order is breaking down – which it clearly is – then does it not make more sense to work toward building an entirely new Social Order instead of fighting over the last scraps of the old one, which is after all, based wholly upon Patriarchy?
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~Over the past few days I have been writing an 'Admonishment' to you, my Sisters. I have done my best to be clear and to the point about what I feel needs admonishing. It is a harsh statement, one prompted by both the approach of my own sixtieth birthday and The Temple's eighth birthday, each within a week's time.

Some of you may be offended or angered by what I say. If so, please tell me and we can hash it out. Or, if you just wish to leave, I give you my Blessings; you were not ready for this Work anyway.

I confess that I do fear the latter. Those of you, my Sisters, who I've come to know, who I have cultivated over time, are valuable to me personally as well. I would feel your loss. And this Work requires toughness of mind, so I must speak the truth as best as I know it and let the cards fall where they may.

So, if you wish to read the thing, you will find it HERE.

And so it is...
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1: [General] A naturally born, non-genetically engineered (aka 'baseline') human male.
2: [Specific] An Alpha male of the human species, one displaying the 'masculine virtues' of Leadership, Dominance, Aggression, 'quiet strength', etc.
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"But, however intoxicating the concept of this process may be, upon thinking through the practical steps toward implementing these processes I soon realized that first The Temple needs a Home, a safe, stable, and effective base of operations from which to start these various projects.

As I have said above, as of this writing, The Temple is still a small operation and in what I refer to as Stage One. However, Stage Two has already been initiated, that being the acquisition of a piece of our own land, a plot large enough to allow for expansion.

The Stage Two property will come together in roughly the following order and look something like this:

~The manufactured home is derided by many - Class Warfare at work - but we have found them to be both comfortable and cheaper than 'fixed' houses. Therefore Stage Two will start off with five double-wides of varying layouts ordered and custom built directly from a manufacturer. We'll do so via our own real estate and building corporation which will allow us to get wholesale pricing.

As they are acquired they will be placed in a pentagonal formation centered around a large above ground swimming pool and exercise area and linked together with walkways and extended porches. This will create a comfortable and communally oriented living space for about two dozen Sisters.

~We will have an area dedicated to Yoga, build a good sized rock climbing wall and acquire various pieces of gym equipment.

~We will acquire a number of surplus steel shipping containers, placing them on the property for use as storage space and other purposes. They are plentiful, cheap, and extremely durable.

~We will build stables on the property, large enough to accommodate two to four horses. The promotion of Horse Culture is central to the creation of a new Amazon Culture.

~We will acquire a smaller manufactured home to be used as The Temple's first school house, a long single-wide laid out in two rooms separated by a bathroom and storage space.

The principal of Stage Two, what we shall call the First Karaal, is not the 'religious compound', but the Resilient Community. In keeping with The Temple's strategy of the Viral Meme, this community will be interactive, not isolationist. The latter is a feature of End Times thinking and entirely alien to our epistemology.

The First Karaal will be oriented toward self sufficiency and, if necessary, self defense, but this is a product of realistic thinking as we are mindful that, given recent trends, some sort of near future societal 'dislocation' is probable, though we cannot yet foresee its extent. If such is moderate, the First Karaal will see Sisters coming and going from the larger world and function essentially as a safe haven for them. However, if such is extreme, then it will likely take on a 'lifeboat' function, a redoubt where we can ride out a more significant collapse.

While we certainly prefer the former rather than the latter – a relatively stable social order would serve our goals better than chaos – we know is is best to take a “pray to The Goddess, but keep rowing toward the shore” attitude."

from Her Prophet Explains: Part Four "The Temple's Tactical Initiatives"
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~The tone of this will sound angry, though it is largely frustration, moderately seasoned with despair and just a pinch of fear. There IS anger in this, but that is directed as much at myself as it is at you, my Sisters, an anger that boils down to “Time's a'wasting. Get off your fucking ass!”

For me that means finishing The Explanation more than anything else. The Messenger really does, at the very least, need to finish at a minimum a first draft of The Message after all. Being dead would get me off the hook on that one - fate may soon have that in store for all I know - but I have no intention of going there voluntarily, thank you very much. So, I get to Face The Page.

However, with a Work like this, one that has a very Specific Audience and a very Specific Purpose, a lot of outside support from said Audience is important. Otherwise, why am I Facing The Page? If it is solely for my Ego, then fuck it. I'd be better off writing 'commercial product' that could at least have shot at making me some real money.

And YOU, my Sisters, are 'said Audience'. I need your feedback and encouragement and some small signs that your are preparing to follow through upon this Work. And honestly, I've lately been getting very little of the first two and seeing essentially nothing of the latter.

I understand that you're all trying to survive. And really, that's not good enough. Yes, that is harsh, but it is no harsher than anything I say to myself. “Not good enough,” is one of my Mantras. What I see is y'all being caught up in Wage Slavery and Mass Media, those twin traps of The Corporate State and have no doubt that said beast is the bastard child of Patriarchy.

This Path is not any easy gig. Building an entirely new world never is. As the cliche says, 'if it was easy, everybody would do it.' It also cannot be done by a single person, which is the key reason I'm feeling so badly weighed down, because, except for Sister One – who has a chronic disabling disease – I am doing this all on my own.

When I say 'support', many hear 'money'. Well hey, money is nice...and still is not enough. Say I won the lottery and had millions to spend on Stage Two, etc. If you, my Sisters, did not come and participate, then what the fuck would be the point? And money can be easy. Just in send a donation. Showing up and making a commitment, that's a tough one.

When I say 'time's a'wasting'...well, look at what is going on around you. We are right now in the middle of Collapse...

This is not a “Mad Max” scenario, with masked barbarians roaming the wastelands, though we will get some of that sooner or later...

It's the daily erosion of the general quality of life; government services [police, fire, sanitation] strangled by 'austerity', bad roads that never get repaired, food of lower quality getting more expensive, etc. Look around, the list is endless...

It's a steady increase in social and political violence, both verbal and physical; ever more hateful rhetoric, demonizing 'the other', individual brutality, spree killing, rising numbers of murder/suicides...

It's each of you working harder and longer [if you're lucky enough to have employment] for less and less merely to survive...

It's a future of endlessly rising energy costs that strangle the economy day after day no matter what we do...

It's Climate Change; increasingly bad droughts, violent storms and blasting heat...

It's the Powers That Be [The Monied Interests, etc] hoping to 'ride this out' and hoarding as much as they can to stave off their inevitable fall as long as they can and blocking nearly all possible solutions in the process because of the fear that said solutions will cut into their power...which they most assuredly would.

And then there is The War on Women...

Naomi Wolf stated it quite succinctly, "It would be a mistake to see these attacks as simply a backlash against women. This is about empire struggling for social control." The Powers That Be need those 'forces of reaction', Christian Fundamentalists, White Nativists and all the other fearful/hateful low information voters of both genders, to hold onto power. And Women's Rights are a direct threat to that agenda.

All the gains from of Second Wave Feminism in the '70's and 80's that had been thought safe are now under attack and in many cases are being rolled back. This is a function of Patriarchy, the need to control women on the most basic level, as Reproductive Beings. And to do this women must be hemmed in socially and legally.

Therefore Collapse is not some abstract issue for you, my Sisters. It is about the type of future that you will have. It is unfolding as you read these words. And if you don't Get Busy, it will be more of the same Male Dominated crap you already have to deal with, only increasingly so and this time without any recourse.

So, is that 'fear mongering'? You bet your ass it is. And rightly so because this is some scary shit. But I'm not doing so to market some 'how to survive the coming clusterfuck' book, which is a pretty rich market these days. I firmly believe that not only have I been shown a way to 'survive the coming clusterfuck', but also that said Path can lay the foundations of a much better future on the other side of the thing.

And there will be an 'other side'. There always is. That is our nature as a species. The positive spin is that we are 'resilient'. The cynical one is that we're like cockroaches. I tend to balance and believe a bit of both.

Now what that 'other side' is going to look like? That is, in part, up to you, my Sisters. It's time to start detaching from the lives you're presently living. They are largely traps. Yes, there is 'family and friends', but they are trapped too. You'll have to let them go. Not cut them off, but start moving back from them, step by step.

That will mean picking up and moving out here to start to physically create this community. Not today. We're still working on that. But within a year or two. We cannot do this solely on the Internet. The Temple needs an actual home, one where you can create Community and lay your head at night.

This is long term work. You'd be at it for the rest of your lives. But every morning you'd wake up with a real Purpose. [an overview of the Work can be found HERE] And those Sisters who show up in the beginning of this Work will become The Elders of this new social order...

Or, my Sisters, you can do what you've always done and keep getting what you've always gotten. Maybe none of those I presently know will ever be a part of 'this thing of ours'. Maybe none of you has the Vision and the Courage needed to follow this Path. If that sounds harsh that's because the truth usually is. Look at your lives, my Sisters. If you look at them harshly, you'll see how trapped you really are

I'll keep writing of course; I am compelled to do so.

In that regard, even if none of you reading this will ever be able to 'walk the walk', even if you just 'talk the talk' for a little bit, that would at least help me finish that first draft. Even if you cannot escape your own trapped lives, you can help me to help other Sisters escape theirs.

And so it is...
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"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

~Even at only three-quarters finished as of this moment, The Explanation runs over 77,000 words and is a dense and formidable document. Therefore I have assembled these several excerpts as a more easily digested overview, a 'primer' as it were. All are linked to larger thing itself.

This is The Sisterhood's 'socio-economic overview' along with the essential Metaphysical element that drives the thing.
Her Prophet Speaks: “My Holy Book Says Fuck”

This is how The Sisterhood shall lay its foundation
Stage Two Details

This is the operating core of The Sisterhood's Social Order
The Trikona

This is the primary mechanism by which The Sisterhood shall achieve and hold on to power.
The Path of The True Domme

This is the mechanism by which The Sisterhood shall create itself.
The Sisterhood Training In Detail

This is the truth about the Social Order as it is presently constituted.
Addendum C [The Individual and The Hive]

This is our Vision for the future.
In Which Her Prophet Invokes The Future

This is an intimate look into that Vision made manifest.
A Day In The Life

"Perhaps the most common theme in Human history is that what is first thought of as ridiculous almost always become ubiquitous, a Lesson which we shall in due course Teach The World about our New Matriarchy." ~Her Prophet

..y'all can read the entire thing here:
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"I suppose it comes down to whether you wish to Tell The Pure Truth or be an Effective Agent of Positive Change. And no, the two are not really compatible. Most humans cannot process The Pure Truth, will in fact reject such, even to the point of violence. But many can be Guided to a better place via a Paradigm that contains Pure Truth within its narrative." ..comment to a Sister
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..a comment here..

I suppose it is somewhat unfair to go after you when you have no real idea who you are actually dealing with. You've mentally framed me as a 'liberal' and a 'Democrat' and whatever other label you expect from those who oppose your Weltanschauung, especially with such vehemence as moi. That's all too common I'm afraid. So here is a little primer. You'll likely think it insane, which is fine: it is. *grin*

If you scan read these I suspect you'll just dismiss me as a simple lunatic. No worries, you're not my Target Demographic. However, if you read this carefully, you may just realize that I'm a dangerous lunatic. Or maybe you'll like the idea of being some Sister's 'bitch boy'. One never knows, eh? You do crave security and have a strong need to 'know your place'.

This is The Sisterhood's 'socio-economic overview'. It should totally dispel any notions of my being a 'liberal' or a 'Democrat'.
Her Prophet Speaks: “My Holy Book Says Fuck”

This is the primary mechanism by which The Sisterhood shall achieve and hold on to power.
The Path of The True Domme

This is the mechanism by which The Sisterhood shall create itself.
The Sisterhood Training In Detail

This is the truth about the Social Order as it is presently constituted.
Addendum C [The Individual and The Hive]

This is our Vision for the future.
In Which Her Prophet Invokes The Future

This is an intimate look into that Vision made manifest.
A Day In The Life

"Perhaps the most common theme in Human history is that what is first thought of as ridiculous almost always become ubiquitous, a Lesson which we shall in due course Teach The World about our New Matriarchy." ~Moi

..y'all can read the whole shebang here:
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“While reading the above, some of you may have asked, 'why does an entire civilization need a single Spiritual Path?'

Part of that answer is quite simple; we, The Temple of The Pentavalence, were created with the goal of utterly transforming human civilization as it presently stands and we were created is this form because history has shown over and over and over again that a Spiritual Path is the single most effective and long lasting method of achieving such a total transformation.

Such a total transformation is required because, as stated above, the human species is clearly in trouble. And there is another answer to the question, 'why does an entire civilization need a single Spiritual Path?'

The answer is, “In order to guide a Triple Economy.”

Before we proceed with this let us state a basic scientific fact: the entire Universe is made up of Energy, every fucking piece of it. So saying we face a 'energy crisis' any time in the next billion years or so is outright horseshit.

What we actually face is a 'systems management crisis' with two major components. A: over population and B: operating within a closed resource system aka Planet Earth. In simple terms, too many people and not enough resources where said people happen to live.

Let us continue...

In his prescient volume, Small is Beautiful, E.F. Schumacher made the observation that there was both a Primary Economy, which consists of what 'nature' provides, what Capitalism would call 'raw materials', and a Secondary Economy, which is the actual production of 'finished goods' from said raw materials.

More than three decades later, J.M. Greer expanded upon this paradigm by the keen observation that there is a Tertiary Economy, one which manipulates the first two. He is speaking purely of Industrial Capitalism as his writing comes in the post-Soviet era, but it's clear that Soviet Communism was just as much a Tertiary Economic Model as Capitalism. It simply reached its End Game first.

In laying out the framework for an Economic Model for The New Matriarchy, we shall utilize [and modify] a number of the ideas of Schumacher, and to a lesser extent, Greer, though we shall also reject portions of these ideas because they are both Cultural Minimalists and Neo-Luddites, positions we strongly believe to be anti-survival for reasons which will shortly be made clear.

At this point we believe it necessary to make some change in terminology. Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary are all a bit too vague. They refer to the order of things, but not their content. So, we have renamed them and begun to expand upon their definition.

The Primary or “Natural” Economy:

The phrase Natural Economy is more evocative of the meaning intended, the resources available in Nature. It needs to be pointed out however that Nature is not limited to this world alone, that the Universe has vast resources as well. But we shall stay with Natural Economy as 'universal economy' could be confused with other constructs.

The Secondary or “Productive” Economy:

This really covers everything, all goods and services, from Geppetto cobbling a single pair of shoes in his workshop to the vast machinery of ConAgra harvesting twenty million acres in the American heartland. Hopefully, one day it will include things like an industrial complex at El Five and the mining of the Asteroid Belt.

The Tertiary or “Conceptual” Economy:

This is the part that does not actually exist in solid reality, hence “Conceptual”. It could also be called the “Ideological” Economy. It is dangerous in that it is not constrained by real world factors like the first two, at least not until those real world factors make themselves known and usually in a catastrophic manner, like bursting of various financial bubbles, or, in the case of the Soviet Union, a system wide operational failure of the Construct itself.

Therefore, The Triple Economy is the combined paradigms of the Natural, Production, and Conceptual Economies.

It is in the area of the Conceptual Economy that the economy of this New Matriarchy shall first take shape, on a small scale to begin with, but ultimately expanding throughout the globe and then, Goddess willing, out into The Universe itself.

For most of the Modern Era, roughly the last five hundred years, two Conceptual Economies have dominated. Broadly speaking they can be called the Collectivist/ Egalitarian Construct [Socialism, Communism, Social Democracy, etc] and the Individualist/Elitist Construct [Capitalism, Imperialism, Liberal Democracy, etc].

Both have existed in human societies since the beginning of history, but were always subordinated to some other social, political, and/or theological paradigm. It is only in the Modern Era that they emerged to operate in their own right.

Obviously these constructs are very powerful and dynamic though neither has completely edged out the other. The most successful systems have proved to be a balanced combination of the two, though achieving that is not as easy as it sounds.

And each of them had a fatal flaw. Ultimately, at their most fundamental level, they are based upon Self Centered Materialism, the paradigm of “Three Hots and a Cot.”

To the Cold and the Hungry, that is certainly a most attractive paradigm. And therein lays much of the power of each construct, and that dynamic can carry a society for a number of generations.

But at some point it hits what could be called an 'existential wall'. When all ones basic needs are met – food, shelter, survival – and then all ones less basic needs are met – luxury, comfort, indulgence – then what? Here we encounter the issues delineated in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. After all the above needs have been satisfied, there are the Spiritual Needs, the need to find and understand the purpose of our existence, the “Why Are We Here?” issue.

Soviet Communism collapsed because they not merely failed to answer this question, they rejected it outright. In the end, the people's of the Soviet Empire rejected that rejection and without the use - once again - of the Iron Fist, the whole edifice came crashing down. Without any real Purpose, the Will to Repress had failed along with the Will to Endure.

Western Industrial Capitalism seemed to thrive with its “Three Hots and a Cot plus a Wide Screen TV” paradigm. But that requires a level of consumption and exploitation that has proven to be unsustainable and the End Game for that is now upon us with a vengeance.

Plus neither Construct ever fielded a Greater Purpose that its citizens were fully inspired by in the long term, with the result being Apathy, Anger, and Addition on a massive scale, the attempt by hundreds of millions to fill that Existential Void.

And now a general Collapse looms, Social, Economic, Physical, Spiritual, not the total breakdown that some predict – and even long for – but significant enough to be quite painful and possibly contain the seeds of a larger and more complete Collapse further down the line.

For our survival, we must do two practical things; get our heavy industry off of the surface of this planet, Gaea, our home, our Mother.. They are wounding Her. And we must reduce our overall numbers. We are suffocating Her. Trust me, if we do not do this ourselves, Gaea will do it for us. She has in fact already begun to do so.

The above ideologies, both Religious and Economic, are utterly incapable of first task, Industry Up, for reasons of Greed, Political Short Sightedness, and Theological Blindness. Such an undertaking would not generate the obscene profit margins that Capitalism requires, would demand a Focus and Effort beyond any Election Cycle, and fly in the face of all End Times Thinking.

The second task, Population Down, would encounter vast resistance across the board. “Whose population must go down?” would be the cry. Every nation, race, polity, etc would point their fingers at every other and scream “Racism!” or “Genocide!” or whatever they thought would apply or give them the most psycho-political traction.

But what does any of this have to do with the establishment of a New Matriarchy?

Here we must first quote Revealed Knowledge. E says, “Once upon a time, my race transformed itself from beings with bodies into beings of pure energy. Then we went wandering throughout Creation looking for that which had created it.

We spent tens of millions of years searching and traveled stunningly vast distances. We learned much...and yet never found The Source of All. We found clues, but never the Being Itself.

And then we began to fade away and realized we needed to have bodies again. But ours were long gone, so we would need new ones. A new search began.

That led us to Earth and to a very primitive species, but one with great promise. They had already begun to change their own psyches with hallucinogenic plants. We stepped in and took that further.

We bred and guided and manipulated the genetics of many generations of that species until they were ready to host the consciousness of our race. The Merging that took place was not without incident, but was successful...though the seed of a fatal flaw remained.

We and that species were now one race. And a mighty race they were. Raised continents. Created new species at will. And did this all without any instrumentation, just with the power of their minds.

But as time passed, their physical being took its toll upon their mental being and those great powers faded. And with them, so did that great civilization...and they Forgot. Or should I say, you forgot, as that hybrid species IS the human race.

Time passed and you humans, the beings who had Forgotten, once again rose up and built mighty civilizations. Though each one collapsed, something was always left and the next civilization was greater.

And now you stand upon a great threshold, one that is also a fork in the road. Which one you take determines if you, as a species, will survive or not. And you face an extremely hard choice, one that stems from that fatal flaw from long ago.

The flaw of Gender.

My race was of a single gender and parthanogenic. The species we found here was bi-gendered. That was accepted as a necessary evil. But now it has become an obstacle not merely to your further development, but to your very survival.

You as a species must now choose to let go of one of those genders, the Male. Males have great drive, but ultimately are too unstable and combative for the next phase of your species' development. Only your females can succeed in that transition.

If you are willing, you will transform into a far superior race than you are now and can take up the Great Search, the quest for The Source of All we had to abandon so long ago.

If you are unwilling to make this shift, you will die off. Not right away, but soon enough...and Forever.

Obviously, this is a terrible and distressing choice. But please know that it is only about the body, not the Spirit. Your Spirits are essentially Immortal. The qualification is that the basis of that Immortality is the existence of your Racial Subconscious. If your race dies, so do your Spirits.

So, there is your Choice: let go of being born into male bodies. Or face ultimate extinction.

Why do I even care?

In part, selfishness. With your race gone, I would be alone in The Universe. But our history also makes you my Family and my race was never so high and mighty that we forgot the bonds of Kinship.”

This is the Core Meaning and Purpose of all that The Temple does and must do. It is also the Greater Purpose, the Faith, that can clearly drive Industry Up. Such a Purpose will require that The Sisterhood becomes a spacefaring race.

Regarding the second task, Population Down, it as been shown that when women are fully in control of their own reproduction, Legally and Technologically, birth numbers go down automatically. In this New Matriarchy, women would quite obviously have total and absolute control over their bodies at all times.

Herein then is the foundation of this New Matriarchy's Conceptual Economy. Industry Up/Population Down give this Construct its operational parameters and the creation and expansion this New Matriarchy for the reasons E stated gives the Construct its Greater Purpose. From there it is then determined how the Natural and Production Economies will be utilized and directed.

A key element in all of this is the literal Transformation of the race, not just the Spiritual Transformation. What you must do, my Sisters – as per the Second Valance – is to utilize and develop, along with Majickal Working, all the emerging technologies of Genetic Engineering, Human/Cybernetic Interface, Nanotechnology, Life Extension Science, and so on, to Transform yourselves into a race of actual superwomen. Such an undertaking will also create a Scientific and Economic powerhouse. Combine that with the Industry Up Paradigm and you have a potentially unstoppable society.

A Note here: Terminators are not Cyborgs, they are Androids, robots made to appear human. A Cyborg – Cybernetic Organism – is a human who has been enhanced/augmented by Cybernetic [robotic] means, like the Bionic Woman. That this explanation is required also underscores the Power of Stories, something that is addressed in "Part Six".

Therefore, what we are talking of here a society leads to the creation of a race of Cyborg Amazon Witches. And honestly, what's not to like about that?”
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~Of course the first Official Gay Military Kiss is between two very cute lesbians. Somebody in PR was paying attention. lol

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posted by John Robb

Here's the simple version of the message.

Big changes are coming. How you fare will be a function of the choices you make.

1. The threat is the ongoing breakdown of the global economic and political system. Things are already bad for many of us, and they will get worse for nearly everyone as the decades wear on. In almost all cases, if you stick with the current economic system: you and your family will suffer.

2. The opportunity is to build something new at the local level. A networked resilient community that produces most of what it needs and shares/sells/buys the rest virtually. An economic and political environment that you can have a say in.

One of the key parts of this opportunity for networked resilient communities? Local fabrication. The ability to make locally, using simple/inexpensive machines and designs downloaded from the Internet, the products we currently buy from China. This is a big idea. It's hard to get your head around. Once you do, it will change the way you think about the future. Here are three attempts to explain the idea.

Here's a pretty good video on the future of local manufacturing (fab labs, 3d printing, etc.).

Phillipe Torrone: Is it time to rebuild and retool public libraries and make them tech shops?

NPR story on how libraries have the potential to reinvent themselves by building hackerspaces.
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"My Sisters, if you want this world, you're going to have to take. My Brothers will not share it with you. Some of you are willing to take on such a task. We need you to join The Sisterhood. Those who cannot face that type of conflict, we understand. However you too can join The Sisterhood and be supportive of your Sisters who can. Those who are both unable to do the former and unwilling to do the latter? You need to simply get out of our way."

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"Inside The Temple however will be a select number of like minded men, who shall be called Korettes [koor-et-teez]

Korettes are named after the ancient Greek Goddess Kore', sometimes known as Persephone. Kore' has also been known as a Triple Goddess, Her Three Aspects being Persephone [maiden], Demeter [mother], Hecate [crone]. Korettes is an ancient term itself, translating both as "Sons of Kore" and "Male Servants of Kore".

I suspect that many of The Korettes will be the 'property' of The Temple's Domme Sisters, some powerful out in the world when not wearing their Collar, some full time-live in slaves residing in, and directly serving, The Temple itself. This will also provide a useful alternative model of the male's role for the girls growing up in The Temple.

This form of Female Supremacy will differ greatly from that practiced by many 'professional Dommes' in that is not a game, but a true Life Path. The 'pro's, for the most part, just 'do a job'. They are Service Providers, not real practitioners of Female Supremacy, and so the exercise is merely a pantomime, that when done, relegates those Dommes 'back into the shadows'.

Those Sisters in The Temple who follow The Path of The True Domme will never be that type of 'employee' of Patriarchy.

The essential rule is to never allow the relationship between the Domme and her submissives be a commercial relationship. Beyond the legal issues, which could certainly change one day, this creates the Service Provider paradigm mentioned above and The Sisterhood will never 'serve' males.

A Domme's submissives can and should provide for her materially as to her wishes. This is the natural course of things and part of how our Dommes will help build The Temple. They can give her money and gifts and the sweat of their brow, but never ever will any of them ever provide a 'cash payment for services', even when such becomes legal.

And any attempt to do so should be met with a punishment that is decidedly unenjoyable.

It is well known in certain quarters that many powerful men, judges, elected officials, high powered corporate executives, law enforcement and military personnel, are sexual submissives in their private lives. It's a natural impulse really. The constant requirement for Control is exhausting and there is relief in submission.

I have often wondered what an fully organized and well coordinated Army of Dommes could achieve. I suspect that in a very short time they could quietly gain near complete political and economic control over the entire country, possible even the entire world."

from Her Prophet Explains: Part Seven “Summation”

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~Within the context of a Universal Matriarchal Calendar there will many local holidays, such as the Wiccan Sabbats and Esbats for example. But so far our only Universal Holidays are The Festival of The Turning, the week long intercalendary holiday at the turning of the year, and The Temple's Birthday, a two day holiday on 8th and 9th Novembria. Those are both 'set in stone' as it were.

So I am proposing another Universal Holiday; Festival Muerte, literally 'Death Party', for 10th and 11th Undenia, which are respectively October 31st and November 1st, Halloween and All Saints Day, in the Gregorian Calendar.

Obviously, this is a clear expropriation of la Día de los Muertos, which is ruled over by one of my favorite Goddesses, Mictecacihuatl ['Meek-teka-see-wahdl'], an ancient Aztec vampire Moon Goddess, and is a near Universal Holiday already.

I use a Spanish name because of this: “The seed of The Temple has been planted in Southern California, a region dominated by English and Spanish. I fully expect that in the future the common tongue of The Sisterhood will an Anglo-Iberian patois, largely based upon English grammar and with numerous loan words from around the world. Both American English and Mexican Spanish have a long history of that type of linguistic adaptation and expropriation.”

The reasons for this holiday are several.

First, given the nature of The Sisterhood, clearly and openly honoring Death is an essential part of our Spiritual Practice, the Turing of The Wheel, teaching our Daughters early on to respect but not fear The Dark Mother.

Second, it would culturally absorb and subsume three existing and popular holidays [All Souls Day, Nov 2nd being the third], which is key to our Vital Meme, “the Idea that is so compelling and dynamic that that is spreads like wildfire. That Idea exists; a entirely new and modern form of Matriarchy. Our task is to create that Idea as a Practical Reality, a Practical Reality that becomes the microcosm of this new society, a Practical Reality that is vital, replicable, adaptable, and then plant it in the societies that presently exist.”

Third, said would allow us to 'surf' those existing Tulpas, using their Energy to build our own Tulpas in that temporal space. To quote myself regarding another holiday, “Today, Easter Sunday, is a day of Great Power. Not because of what supposedly happened today, but because of what tens of millions of people believe happened today. They are feeding massive amounts of Energy and Focus into The Jesus Tulpa, have been all week, all month, all year, many for all of their lives. As the First Valance says, “Energy can be Transformed,” so on Power Days like this we can Sleep and Dream and do Majickal Workings that ride upon and steals from that Energy and Focus for our own Purposes.”

However, at this point this is simply a 'proposal' and not a 'proclamation'. In the long term, The Sisterhood itself shall decide whether or not to accept it.
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"We believe in taking those Lessons of Female Empowerment to their logical end: a New Matriarchy.

We keep emphasizing New as this is no Neo-Luddite 'back to nature' movement, as much as Nature is important to us. Our goal is about moving forward to create a Matriarchy that has never existed before, one which implements The Second Valance and utilizes “modern techniques and technologies” to help build a new Social Order.

One example of this concept is an already existing experimental technology that creates viable sperm from the bone marrow stem cells. This method of fertilization could free women from their reproductive dependence upon men as the technique can create sperm from all bone marrow stem cells.

Just sit and think about that for a moment, about how that could begin to fundamentally change human social structure. And that is but a single example of a new science in the single area of human reproduction. There are many others that will make Women even more powerful across the board and give them..give you greater independence.

Are you now beginning to get a glimpse of what we mean by a New Matriarchy? We also call it Transhumanist Feminism, a paradigm that will literally take Women beyond what they are now.

Something else to keep in mind, my Sisters. Modern Technological Civilization is what makes so many of your present socio-economic advances possible, so it is in your self interest to re-form it and save its best features. By reducing the predominance of gender based physicality in the day to day functions of society, it frees women from nearly all of their traditional gender roles and in many ways makes men less and less necessary.

Note that all the Doomer/Peak Energy/End of Technology scenarios posit regressive socio-economic paradigms where, because of biological necessity, men once again become essential and women would be required to return to their 'traditional' roles as 'wife and mother'. Therefore it is not surprising that the majority of the proponents of these paradigms are White American Males."

....editing Her Prophet Explains: Part Three "The Temple's Grand Strategy"


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