Aug. 7th, 2012 06:40 pm
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~This heat wave is annoying me because it's making it practically impossible for me to get anything done. It saps my energy and lays me prostrate during the daytime.

I wanted to go up to the courthouse tomorrow to see with my own eyes that nothing happens with the last piece of Lawfare Phase One – the Review Hearing – and the case finally gets dismissed. I do not trust that fucking cunt to just let this go.

But the heat makes that lil adventure problematic, especially as I'd have to wear long pants to be allowed into the courtroom. I had thought of wearing them up there and then changing back into shorts in the trucklette afterward.

However I know full well how much that would knock the shit outta me. So, I have to ask myself, “Is that worth it?” We'll see in the morning, though I'll probably punk out. But I will dig out a pair of long pants tonight just in case my balls descend.

And just thinking about, and then typing all that, has tapped me out. See what I mean?
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~Le-Le got a tax bill for Sonja Drive in the mail today. I called and checked and, as we expected, Bette Goldenring has still not transferred the title into her name. We doubt she's even gone to see the place although we're fairly sure that young Mr. Wilk, Olaf's assistant, has at least done a 'walk-through', especially after I so helpfully informed them that the joint is infested with mold.

Anyway, it seems Le-Le has to acquire and fill out a 'title transfer packet' from the state if she wants her name taken off. I'll call them on Monday as state offices are now closed on Fridays due to budgetary reasons.

Bette could do that too, but we're not holding our breath. It's very possible that once the stipulation was made she finally started to do some real homework and found out that she now had a pig in a poke and just choked. Can't say that we didn't try to warn her.

We need to talk to our lawyer to see if we have any legal recourse if she simply abandons the place and allows Desert Rose to seize and sell it. If, of course, they are able do so after we get done reporting it to the state for the aforementioned mold. Poor old thing might get red tagged. /snerk

And no, we have no reservations about fucking Desert Rose, bill paddin' mother fuckers....


Jul. 4th, 2012 12:33 pm
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~The place is still a jumbled mess and is likely to remain so for a few weeks. And that's okay. We're safe and sound and it's very quiet and mellow around here. Here is Le-Le's latest post on the subject.

JR wants to come by soon and help us unpack and clean up, so we're not on our own in that regard. Plus we put most of our stuff in storage, so what we have here now will actually 'fit' and when put away will leave us with room.

We still have no gas, which means no hot water or cooking. We should however have that hooked up by the end of this week. The park owner will do that, and take a reading, as SoCal Gas can't seem to get the finger out to so so until the fucking 13th.

Turned the Sonja Drive keys over to Landsgaard yesterday afternoon. I talked to both him and his minion about mold etc. Wanted to make sure he knew that up front so he'd be less inclined to 'take it off Bette's hands', even though I have a bet on that.

Our lawyer called him 'an odd duck', which he is. Seems semi-autistic almost. He did however laugh at the idea that Kern Co Tax claims the place is worth 62G's. Fucker. lol

I'll recommence the mold reporting process on that next Monday as state offices will be closed until then. But I'm bound and determined to get that place Red Tagged. Fuck me if Bette Goldenring is going to make a single fucking dime off of our misfortune and especially not upon the back of some other poor fuckers.

Of course when the time comes we're gonna shove a legal cock all the way up her fiscal ass without even a tiny drop of lube. This fucking war is not over by a long shot.

Yes, I'm feeling better....


Jun. 27th, 2012 06:49 am
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~Yesterday JR and I went a little easier, only running two loads to storage in the trucklette. But there is maybe only one trucklette load [minus the drier] left to go into storage. Today will be a short day as JR has other shit to do. But the one run we're gonna make will be that last bit of storage bound stuff.

There is however a fair amount of crap in here. We rolled by the recycling place and they'll take the cardboard for free, but we still need to check out the dump for the rest.

Overall, we're past the halfway mark and will keep making trucklette runs to the new place until Saturday when we do the next and last Big Move, the beds, desks, etc, which will have us totally out of here.

Sunday, which is July 1st, we'll do a final broomin' of the joint [gonna take pix of dis bitch fo' sho'] and get a meter reading from the park manager. And that will be that.

Bette Goldenring can then go suck pus from a dead dog's ass.

'In Other News'..I think I have a fucking wisdom tooth coming in sideways on the bottom right. And I've already had all four out, the last one maybe thirty five years ago. But it's been known to happen.

At first I thought it an abscess and then of course went straight to mandibular cancer. *snork* But it has all the hallmarks of teething. Fuck me. At least what's left MediCal dental will cover an extraction.
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~I wrote up a letter 'from Le-Le' to the park manager yesterday giving her the 411 on the sitch here. It included That Woman's snail mail addy and phone number plus a copy of the stipulation. It said 'I don't own this house any more, talk to this bitch,' more or less.

Tomorrow I call Kern Co Tax and find out the Who, How and Where of the same process. We want those fucking taxes off Le-Le's record. Let that fucking cunt pay them.

Except for Le-Le's call to that other park that seems to have some nice rentals, this weekend is largely a write-off in the Moving Dept. The last few months, and especially the last few weeks, badly damaged us both. I suspect I'll only be up for a few hours now, eating, supplementing and medicating, before I lay down again. I can feel how fried I still am.

Goddess Willing, we can get going again tomorrow with some amount of endurance...


Jun. 15th, 2012 03:03 pm
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~I am fried as fuck today. Already broke a glass. Just casually bumped into it and it tipped over. My head is full of puddin'. Gonna cancel on JR because I'll be a menace on the road.

This is when Le-Le often reminds me that I'm 'on Disability for a reason'. Yeah, most of the pressure is off, but I have paid a price for yesterday and the events leading up to it. And while I should 'get up and go', today I simply cannot. *sigh*

I feel like I'm 'all weak assed and shit', but I just have to accept that this is how I am at this point.


Jun. 14th, 2012 12:21 pm
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~Essentially, what is happening to us is that the Bursting of The Housing Bubble has finally caught up with us. The shape of that outcome we'll likely know in a few hours.

That is all...


Jun. 13th, 2012 03:03 am
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~I'm worried about Le-Le. I'll survive this shit 'cause I'm a stubborn arrogant asshole. But I'm afraid she may wind up in the hospital if we have to go to court this week. Even our lawyer's mild cross examination has made her sick for the past day and a half.

I don't know what else to say right now....


Jun. 8th, 2012 01:19 pm
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~Been sleeping on and off restlessly. Not take easy to turn off the Lawfare Tapes in my head. But I don't feel like shit, just a bit achy and wrung out, which I'd say is perfectly understandable. I'll put the 'not feeling like shit' down to not feeling depressed. Though I still do have some misgivings – things could still go sideways – overall I am optimistic.

We're going to do our best to put all of this nonsense out of our minds over the weekend. Nothing to do about it until next week anyway. We do have a meeting with our lawyer at the beginning of the week and I already have both a long and short term strategy I wish to pursue. The near term is by necessity Fabian, but generally speaking [all puns intended] my thinking on this is Clausewitzian, as in “The best defense is a rain of blows.”

Details later...


Jun. 7th, 2012 07:28 pm
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~I'm doing my best not to count our chickens and yet, for the first time in months, I do not feel that ever present sense of Impending Doom. A weight has been lifted from my chest.

Truth be told, there is a Southron loon inside my head waving a sword and shouting, ”Yeehaw! We got 'em the run, boys! Pour it into 'em!” That's the Tidewater Aristocracy in my blood.

The more measured Englishman is quietly enjoy this moment of respite while making plans to exploit the weakness our enemy has shown. “Patience and resolve, old stick,” he drawls with a soft smile and cold eyes.

While we may have to eat a rental agreement, which we could live with, it is also possible that because of this the enemy might collapse before the month is out.

Patience and Resolve, yes....and the sword is drawn and thirsty for blood. But I also remind myself that it is Arrogance that has led our enemy to this vulnerable place. I take a deep breath and relax.

...yes, I really do think like that..lol...
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~So, no court appearance today. Negotiations are underway.

However...the more information that comes in, the more we realized that That Woman is not at all aware of her current reality. It seems she liked the 'month-to-month' rental idea, but wanted a Grand a month, which made even The Ambulance Chaser choke. He does have a real idea of property values around here.

We're also getting the sense he's reluctant to put her on the stand the more he sees we're ready to 'fight it out along this line all summer'. The suspicion is that not so much that she's 'too old', but that she's 'too nuts' and our lawyer would take her apart in his gentlemanly fashion.

I did call Kern Co Tax and as far as they're concerned, Le-Le is the Owner and still owes the taxes. Our lawyer found that rather interesting, as well.

Still stalled on the moving front cause of Lending Issues.

More to say, but I'm having a dizzy spell and need to lay down. Started right after I hung up with our lawyer...


Jun. 6th, 2012 06:10 pm
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~Had a planning session with our lawyer on the phone late this afternoon. He's feeling positive about our overall situation. The other side is making some kind of noise about taking the rental offer. And even if they don't, he thinks their chances in court are so-so.

If it goes to trial, he agrees with my advocating a rigorous attack on a number of fronts. When he refocuses on this case - he was juggling four today - the whole thing seems to annoy him, not only its lack of merit, but also The Ambulance Chaser's attitude and sloppy lawyering. That one is a largely political creature - he has GOP ambitions - whereas our lawyer loves the Law itself and enjoys its challenges and gamesmanship. Prolly why he likes talking to me.

Anyway, more shall be revealed...


Jun. 1st, 2012 10:46 am
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~I am emotionally much improved today. Part of the meltdown was sheer exhaustion. I am however a physical wreck. Tired and achy and my glands are tender, though not 'swollen' per se. Drugs and sleep are on the menu for today, while the lawyers do their thing 'out there'.

However this works out, it should be noted that I do have a long memory and, as Mumsie once said, I'm “a vindictive little cunt.” Well, I did grow up in the Entertainment Industry. *smirk*


May. 16th, 2012 06:26 pm
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~This is the (partially redacted) last letter I wrote to That Woman back on April 30th. It is as yet unsent, though our lawyer has seen it and said that the time to send will come. It outlines the source of both our anger and frustration with That Woman, who, according to the last Terror Note from The Ambulance Chaser, has ostensibly spent $6000 on legal fees on this to date.

Mrs. Goldenring,

I expect you're pursuing (This Joint's addy) like it was the Taj Mahal because you believe you'll recoup much of the money you lost to Norman Flam. Let me share some numbers with you that show why that's a futile undertaking.

Directly across the street is (Another Joint's addy), a four bedroom double-wide with a fireplace and very well maintained by its previous owner, a Mr. (Somebody). It is, in other words, a larger and more valuable property that (This Joint's addy) by any measure.

A little over two years ago Mr. (Somebody) put it on the market for $39,500. After more than a year and a half, he finally sold it for $18,000. That is the reality of property values around here. Check it for yourself: (Another Joint's full and complete addy).

Maybe you have looked at the tax assessments. I suspect that Kern Co is cooking those books in a desperate attempt to keep their credit rating from being worse that it is. They listed (This Joint's addy) at $80,000 until Ms Hayes demanded a reassessment. Then it dropped to $57,000. Mind you this was at the same time when Mr. (Somebody) could not get two/thirds of that amount on a bet. And then last year, when the California Association of Realtors stated that property values in Kern Co dropped by 4% across the board, [and Mr. (Somebody) took his 18G's and ran] they raised the value by $5000. So forget Kern's numbers. They're nonsense.

Even if Ms Hayes was able to clear out right now – she can't – you are still going to have to pay the $415 a month lot rent, apx $3900 in unpaid property taxes, and X thousands of dollars to fix the house itself. That includes a leaky roof which has created a moldy closet. [The law will require that you disclose the mold to buyers/renters by the way. Good luck with that.]

Ms Hayes was planning to move anyway. The endlessly cloudy legal provenance combined with the structural problems made it clear that 'it was time to go'. She'd already borrowed money from friends to facilitate that outcome

Of course, now part of that money has had to become a legal war-chest to fight you. And trust me, fight you she will, every step of the way. (The Ambulance Chaser's) legalistic terror tactics have made her very angry.

So, you can keep pouring your money into (The Ambulance Chaser's) pocket. Or you can stop trying to dispossess a disabled woman on a fixed income [social justice anyone?] and just sit back and wait. I recommend the latter. As noted above, you're going to need that cash.


Michael V. Daly

PS Or you could do the really smart thing and go after Norman Flam, who, between you and Ms Hayes, has made a least $120,000 free and clear on (This Joint's addy). He did after all own the place outright when you 'invested' with him. He used to own the mobile home park, too. Funny that, eh?


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