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"Every call to ban AR-15's just makes more of them fly off the shelves. And 3D printer tech is reaching the point where they'll be able to make them 'on the DL'.

We've always had guns and semi-auto battle rifles, too. Millions of M1 Garands and M1 Carbines flooded the market during the 50's and 60's, but mass shootings have only been a social phenomenon for the past few decades. Clearly something else besides the availability of weapons is going on here. My take is that this is a fundamental social breakdown...

...and the average American is still roughly ten times more likely to be shot by a cop than a mass shooter."
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"These days when I get up I dive into Electoral Politics. I do my best to promote Bernie Sanders and destroy Hillary Clinton. After three or four hours of that, I'm exhausted and either go back to bed or retreat into reading Space Opera, which allows me to decompress from our current reality.

Whatever surplus energy I have goes into maintaining this household and getting my dental issues resolved before these rotting teeth kill me. I'm hoping to feel better once they're gone. Then I'll need to get a dental appliance of some sort so I can chew properly. Uncertain as to how that is going to happen just yet.

What little I might have left over after all the above I devote to working on Liber Sorores ect.

..and that is pretty much that."
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~For a few years in my early teens I was a fairly dedicated National Socialist. Like many who find Nazism, my motivations were emotional, not political. Basically, I wanted to torture my Jewish step father, who fully deserves to be tortured, trust me. Also, my parents were rich hippy artists, so 'going Left' would not have been the rebellious act as it was for so many of my contemporaries.

After a few years, I moved on, but I have always maintained a deep fascination with The Third Reich and all its doings and have become quite an expert on the thing. As such, I wish to share some of that expertise and shall do so from the point of view of National Socialism itself in order to give those of you who've only known it from the outside a true feel of real Nazism.

A few years back I said the following: “To wit, it is contended that the German National Socialist movement, aka Nazism, had an impact upon the 20th Century – politically, psycho-culturally, philosophically, economically, technologically, theologically – of such depth and profundity that it far outweighs the impact of all the other movements of that century, one which irrevocably changed the not only the course of human history, but even the ways in which we perceive ourselves as human.”

In my capacity as Her Prophet also said: "From The Sisterhood's point of view, Adolf Hitler taught the Single Most Important Epistemological Lesson of the 20th Century. He showed in very clear and totally uncompromising terms how a purely Masculinist Patriarchal State would look and how it would function."

Now I shall put on my 'Nazi Hat' and explain a few things....

~Adolf Hitler is National Socialism's Prophet and his words are the final words on all matters related to NS.

~Nazism and White Supremacy are not the same thing, though many ignorant 'white people' have conflated the two. Nazism and Fascism are not the same thing, but again many ignorant people have conflated the two.

~Nazism is not really a political system, though it acted as one in Germany from 1919 to 1945. Nazism is a Nationalist Spiritual Movement which holds that the Germanic Peoples are naturally superior to all other peoples and as such should rule over all other peoples. While it manifests certain elements of Fascism, the latter is a pure political system based upon Corporatist collaboration.

~Hitler believed the Jews to be the natural and eternal enemy of the Germanic People. In that context, Holocaust Denial is a crime against NS. True Nazis celebrate the Final Solution as the Third Reich's most significant achievement. Denial of it is weakness, a mewling petite bourgeois conceit that that insults The Führer.

~Hitler believed the Slavic peoples to be subhuman and meant to be first enslaved and finally exterminated via a brutal labor regime. The inclusion of Russians, Ukrainians, etc in NS is in direct opposition to The Führer's beliefs and shows how polluted modern so-called NS has become.

Part of the blame for this can be laid at Himmler's door. He recruited many non-Aryan groups in to the Waffen SS as the war went on, including many Slavs. Like all too many in the hierarchy of the Third Reich, he was a weak self serving sycophant.

~In the end, Hitler said, “If the war is lost, the nation will also perish. This fate is inevitable. There is no necessity to take into consideration the basis which the people will need to continue even a most primitive existence. On the contrary, it will be better to destroy these things ourselves, because this nation will have proved to be the weaker one and the future will belong solely to the stronger eastern nation. Besides, those who will remain after the battle are only the inferior ones, for the good ones have all been killed.”

~In that context, National Socialism died with Adolf Hitler and The Third Reich. That which has followed is only pathetic mummery.

...and now I take off my 'Nazi Hat'.

Of course, most of NS is nonsense. It's esoteric foundations are just a mish-mash of reheated 19th Century pseudo-scientific racial theories that were themselves musty leftover Medieval superstitions and ancient tribal creation mythologies reworked by crackpots and lunatics, all liberally dosed with knee-jerk antisemitism. But Hitler was a genius in how he used all that and woven into NS are some Very Harsh Lessons About Power that are still true to this day.

With the advent of Transhumanism, the idea of a superior race is becoming a reality, a group of humans who will be genetically and cybernetically enhanced. But when one can engineer the color of one's hair and eyes, the whole concept of 'the blonde blue eyed Aryan superman' becomes a joke.

While the world's various ethnic groups have certain genetic proclivities brought on by culturally driven selective breeding, none of these groups are 'superior'. The each produce geniuses and defectives, though mostly, they just produce mediocre humans.

I expect some 'white folks' will start squawking about White Genocide! and other such hoohah. My response to them is 'Stop yer fucking whining! It's weak and sad.' The modern world is an Anglo-European invention and will stay that way for many centuries to come. The two most populous nations on Earth, India and China, are run along European lines and each individually has more English speakers than the entire population of the British Isles.

We of European descent have had a damned good run, nearly six centuries of almost total global domination, economically, politically and culturally. And even if we're fading, that legacy will out live us. So have some fucking dignity about this, for fuck's sake.

Remember, in the end, Kultur is more important than skin color and we've already won that struggle for the ages.
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"First thing to realize is that we have a Sovereign Currency, what is known as Fiat Money. In simple terms, that means we can print whatever amount we need and have the Fed sit on Interest rates to stave off inflation. The key is the utilization of resources and we still have vast amounts of those. That's how we fought World War Two. We had maybe six hundred million in gold reserves, but we had mines and factories and manpower and just printed money. The Bond drives were just a cover for what we were doing.


~Rebuild our infrastructure from the ground up, every square inch of it. That'll take about a decade and half and cost apx $13 Trillion. Such will provide jobs and fund business and seriously jump start the entire economy.

~Void and renegotiate all the various trade deals we've signed. They create too many problems with control over our own economic plans, things like multi-national corporations suing Federal, state and local govts for 'loss of profit' because of a regulation that will cost them a few bucks.

~The above will be required to in order to tell multi-national corporations that if they do business here, they have to have a headquarters here and pay their fair share of taxes. They'll still worm their way around that, but it'll help keep them in check, which is the real goal. With a Fiat Currency, we really don't need their taxes.

~Establish a Basic Income Grant. Every adult American Citizen gets a set amount of money every month and a lesser amount for every minor child. Tax free, no means testing, employed or not.

This would also pump a lot of cash into the economy and previous experiments with this show that most people will keep working. That's just human nature. Some young people will live with their folks to save up their Grant money to start businesses.

This will eliminate nearly all welfare programs and end poverty once and for all.

~Immediately increase NASA's budget ten fold. That will restart the aero-space industry and push us back to the forefront of technological innovation and that always makes money.

~Make Collage Education free and provide a stipend for books, etc. The BIG money will provide cash for students to live on.

~End for-profit health care. Expand Medicare and Medicaid to all citizens. Health care expenses are the number one cause of bankruptcy in America.

~Restore the Glass-Steagell Act that prevents commercial backs from speculating with customer deposits. Break up the Big Banks. And declare a Federal Jubilee, a wiping clean of all American debt. The shareholders of the Big Banks will take a bath, but they can afford it. And the economy will be so flush, they'll make it back in no time elsewhere.

There's more for certain, but those are the Big Ticket Items....

..and before you start to scream, “How are we going to pay for all of this!!” ...go back and re-read the first paragraph."

Nebs Sez

Dec. 19th, 2014 12:24 am
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"Because both the Democratic and Republican parties are largely beholden to their Corporate Pay Masters in how they vote etc, their rhetoric must reflect the essential world view of their political base in order for them to retain any type of 'legitimacy'.

For the Democratic base, that means making 'Progressive' noise about Social Justice etc, even has the party keeps on moving Rightward as it has since the defeat of Walter Mondale in 1984. Every now and then it can toss its base a political bone, like Marriage Equality, something that does not have any real effect upon the fortunes of its Corporate Pay Masters.

For the Republican base, that means making more and more 'Conservative' noise as it keeps moving Rightward to stay ahead of the cynical Democratic shift. This has led the GOP into the territory of nearly pure Fascism, with all its trappings; War Mongering, Misogyny, Racism, Nativism, Religious Extremism, etc. Their Corporate Pay Masters are either indifferent to these things or supportive of them because they help generate profit and create a favorable operating environment.

Real democracy is a very tough gig and history shows that the average human is simply not up to the task. It is therefore quite easy for The Corporate State to use its wealth and power to manipulate and divide The Electorate. That even someone as well educated as Ms Douglas is so publicly polarized proves that point.

The truly well informed equally despise both parties, knows full well how thoroughly the system is rigged and that voting is largely a sucker's game."

..comment on We Can’t All Just Get Along
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~I've been banging this around in my head for a few days, but I really need to place it on paper because my head is a maelstrom at the best of times. Not always in a bad way. It's just a very very busy place and shit gets lost in the often times violently shifting winds and tides.

So, The Novel[s]. It is a work of Epic Military Science Fiction and it gets me very excited. Of course, being a fucking moody bitch, I go Up and Down rather precipitously, hence my bleak 'note of despair' the other day.

I started off with the thing on a very high note, so high that crashing was foreordained. The Structure and Narrative became quite clear quite quickly, so quickly that I got thoroughly swept away by the thing and buzzed for about a month before the first crash hit me. But even then the above carried me along.

It was not until I ran up against the Basic Nature of the thing that I truly and badly fell back to Earth.

As I say above, this is a work of Epic Military Science Fiction. Let us break down what that actually means:

Epic: it has a grand cast of characters and will comprise [at least] three volumes when finished.

Military: it requires careful attention to the details of Weapons, Tactics, Intelligence and Opposing Forces regarding operations in both the Pacific and European Theaters and on the Home Front.

Science Fiction: the 'science' needs to be believable and to appear workable.

Now many authors can and do blithely skip over all of that. I'm not one of them. Way too OCD, Perfectionist and nit-picky for that...which is what caused me to crash so hard this last time; the reality of The Details.

I'm fine with The Details as long I remember that is all they are. Even the Great Wall of China is made up of single bricks and this sucker ain't that big.

So, I get to work on summoning and fleshing out the vast supporting cast, plan the focus and logistics of the operations – battle scenes are a piece of cake for me – and suss out the details of the 'science'. I'm fully capable of doing all that; have already started. I simply need to remind myself that that is what I'm doing and fucking breath.

And that's the name of that tune....

Nebs Sez

Oct. 26th, 2014 08:09 am
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" ‘ontology’ is just another word for colonialism" Silliness is the nicest word I can use here.

This is some Phd candidate stretching post- structuralist blather to the breaking point. And it's another psyops piece trying to use White Guilt to keeping fighting the Indigenous war against Anglo-European Culture that was lost long ago.

The Center Piece of the struggle is the Sainthood of the Native American Peoples, which is an absolute myth. They were and are just like humans everywhere else; aggressive and predatory. The highest Pre-Columbian civilizations were just as Imperialist and Expansionist as every culture in Europe or Asia.

But the Sanctification of the First Nations is *essential* to the psyops warfare against Anglo-European Culture, however fruitless such a struggle may be. I do not say that sneeringly. If I was a Native American, I'd fight that war, too. That is what *we* humans do.

In that context, taking an ancient and well established epistemological term like Ontology and labeling it 'colonialist' is weak and derivative. She gets a C. Of course the Nihilistic dishwater faux-Stalinists in American Academia's Cultural Studies will probably lap this hoo-hah right up.

Nebs Sez

Sep. 21st, 2014 04:21 pm
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Michael Varian Daly
Catastrophic Climate Change will handle the issue.

Runaway global warming will end all life on Earth; that is not a solution.

Michael Varian Daly
No it won't. Life is amazingly tenacious. There is Life at the bottom of the ocean and in the bellies of volcanoes. Life has survived asteroid strikes and volcanic 'nuclear' winters.

Hell, CCC won't even kill us off. We're like cockroaches. Yes, things are going to be unpleasant for a few centuries, but we'll survive..and keep our technological civilization, too.

Keep in mind that the total population of the Earth when Columbus first set foot on Hispaniola was apx 480 million. That's barely 5% of today's total. Or two thirds of the US' total.

So, stop being an alarmist and start figuring out how to help us survive, because we're already past the Tipping Point and The Age of Storms is upon us....

Nebs Sez

Aug. 25th, 2014 02:35 pm
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"As an example of how much of a clusterfuck global politics is at the moment, while the US and Russia are working on a new Cold War regarding Ukraine, American and Russian pilots, along with their Iranian counterparts, are flying missions over Iraq against the Islamic State in support of Iraqi and Kurdish ground forces, which are also being supported by Iranian armor.

Even if one does not know the history of the region, that's pretty bizarre. If one does know said history, it is downright mind boggling...and yet not."

Nebs Sez

Jul. 29th, 2014 11:17 pm
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"Note to amateur trolls:

When you make a Trolling Post, you are making a challenge and are required to accept any and all comments, etc. If you delete even one, that signals BUTTHURT and you automatically pinky dick loser.

Trolling: leave it to the professionals."

Nebs Sez

Jul. 29th, 2014 08:24 am
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"When one reaches a certain level of Knowledge and Awareness, one is often forced to choose between being crushed by The Pain of Existence or becoming a functional sociopath. The worst is oscillating between those two states."

Nebs Sez

Apr. 4th, 2014 09:03 am
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"Democracy is Very Hard Work. It requires attention, focus and critical thinking. These are traits that the vast majority of humans have proved incapable of developing. A smaller number of humans are simply unwilling to do so.

This is basic reason Mass Democracy has failed. And this is why democracy can be 'bought', because Big Money can use advertising to tell an electorate that is incapable and/or unwilling to think for itself what it should think.

Until The Franchise becomes a Privilege that has to be earned, that can only be acquired by using attention, focus and critical thinking, then democracy will always fail. Always."


Jan. 15th, 2014 07:36 am
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~It's been a week now since we brought the Old Fool home from the vet. As I have noted, he's bounced back nicely.

I have have enough decompression time to feel how heavy a toll this whole episode has taken upon me. I was in near totally emotional paralysis from at least early September, though such had been setting in from mid August.

That is real Depression. I did effectively stop functioning for two months. I can place that at the visit to Mission where they moved the goal posts [the first time they refuted the payment plan they themselves had proposed] and then ganged up on me in the exam room while I was 'in meltdown'.

That stress and grief caused my lower back to lock up and knock flat me upon itself. That in turn cascaded my Depression. Poor Buckethead suffered an extra two months because of that, which I could see everyday and that pushed me deeper into emotionally paralyzing Depression. Mission doing another 'bait and switch' with payment plans dug me in deeper as well.

I suspect it was support from various close friends that finally snapped me out of that enough to clear my mind and Google a vet here in Rosamond in mid December. Once I did that, things moved quickly. I'm still kinda fuzzy on the internal specifics of how that happened. [Asking Le-Le to work on my neck was a Key Moment] It'll take me time to unpack all that. I will because specifies are Important, being potentially replicable steps to take next time.

What I am clear on right now is how utterly fried I am, physically and mentally, and that I really really need to chill out – for a few months at least – and heal from all this. I need to avoid Pressure and Drama as much as I can. I pray that Goddess supports me in that...
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Random: Now that the Teaturd Shitweasels have been driven back we can relax about getting our cheques..for the next three months. Fuck knows what kind of shit they'll pull come mid-January when this 'deal' expires. But I can feel the stress start to leave my body.

Been sleeping a lot and taking all manner of drugs and my back is improving, though it's still pretty fucked. I'll see what they have to say about all this up at Rural Health.

Kitteh Nooz: The Big Stupid Foot is looking pretty fucking ugly. He can't walk on it anymore. *sigh* Now that the Default bullshit is over we have to refocus on dealing with poor ol' Buckethead. We need to work up some manner of post-op payment plan...if, of course, his x-rays are clear.

Nebs Writes: I've been doing a lot of 'skull work' on the first chapter of this novel. Because I'm world building from an existing indigenous culture, detail is important. I can now spend a few bucks to get the bilingual dictionary I need. It's an obscure language, so I couldn't find one at the library.

..and that pretty much covers it.

Nebs Sez

Oct. 9th, 2013 11:17 pm
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"The single most important thing we [the GOP] want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president." ~Sen Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in Oct 2010

And last year the GOP failed miserably at that task, while also losing ground in both Houses of Congress. That then is the foundation stone of the present crisis, to punish Obama, hopefully even destroy his presidency. The GOP trumpets this at its base, though it tries to pretend otherwise to the press and the larger electorate.

But the base makes no effort to hide this desired outcome. One can go to any political thread on the Internet and clearly see the burning pathological hatred of Obama. And the forty or fifty hard core TP/GOP Representatives, with hard core Tea Party gerrymandered districts, are the spearhead of this attack. They have beaten the rest of the party into submission and terrorize them with 'getting primaried' if they deviate in the slightest.

There is all this screaming and yelling from that quarter about how Obama et al 'won't negotiate'. I submit that one cannot negotiate with a group whose goal is to destroy you and all your works. In that paradigm, there is only Victory or Defeat.

As the principle goal of this group is clearly not among the goals of anyone besides themselves and their minority base - not the majority of Americans, nor at this point even of the Monied Interests - it is only a matter of time before they are driven back and destroyed. How much damage they do before that depends upon how long it takes to drive them out of their present position.

Note: I am not a Liberal. I am not a Democrat. I have never voted for Obama. I believe him to be a Center/Right Corporatist and to have continued easily two thirds of Bush II's policies.


Oct. 7th, 2013 07:43 pm
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~Default is a little more than a week away..., it's Hurry Up and Wait around here. Last March, Blanca, the park manager, told me that she was sure there were at least twenty other residents here who depended upon Social Security, etc. to pay their rent. I have no doubt that plenty of the storage spaces where we rent ours are the same. And Rosamond has lots of retired folks, especially vets, so Default would ripple through this town like an aftershock. Rents and mortgages unpaid, food un-purchased, services unused. *sigh*

In Kitteh Nooz...the Big Stupid Foot is bleeding a bit today. That's what happened the last time we treated it. I freaked and dragged him to the vet. That's not on the menu for the foreseeable future and they'd simply tell us what we already know. Therefore, we'll just keeping treating it. Going to add the coconut oil back into the mix, too. Hopefully, that should add some relief. If it gets bad, we'll go to gauze and Ace bandages.

I'm thinking that the vet's original treatment was meant to break the tumor up. Maybe what we're doing will bring that about. *shrug* At least we're taking some positive action.

..and that's about that.

PS WinCo in the am...then we hunker down.

Nebs Sez

Sep. 5th, 2013 07:39 pm
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"No-one who is not owned by The Corporate State is getting anywhere near the Oval Office for the foreseeable future. That will likely translate into a steady stream of Democrats because only Right Wing Radicals can make it through the GOP primaries and The Corporate State has learned The Hitler Lesson, that one cannot control a Political Radical once they grasp the levers of power.

FWIW I stopped voting for president when confronted with Obama Inc. The blatant lying of how he was marketed - The Great Liberal Superman You've All Been Waiting For - so baldly conflicted with his record - Center/Right Corporatist - that I was physically repulsed."

Nebs Sez

Aug. 27th, 2013 08:34 am
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"Read all the Rules of Writing. Studying them thoroughly. Learn them well. Then, when you finally sit down to write, toss them all out the window and write what and how you please."
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~The Affordable Care Act [the so-called 'Obamacare'] is the perfect example of how The Corporate State plays the Right and Left off against each other for its own benefit while getting each to help it screw the other.

Throughout the entire election cycle Obama faithfully, endlessly, relentlessly promised that there would be a Public Option in his health care plan. Of course all the research showed that a Public Option would devastate the Insurance Industry's business model because a govt run medical plan is cheaper as it needs no profit margin.

Meanwhile The Tea Party movement was underway as a reaction to bailing out the banks and 'shiftless' mortgage holders. [note only the banks got bailed out] Within weeks of this GOP operatives started Freedom Works and The Tea Party Express – with Corporate funding - and almost immediately began shifting the Tea Party's focus toward Obama's health care reform.

By the time the Obama Administration took office, The Tea Party was almost exclusively [and negatively] 'Obamacare' focused. He used that astroturfed political pressure to bail on The Public Option within a month of taking office.

What then resulted was the govt turning over thirty million Americans into economic hostages to the Insurance Industry. Obama's supporters were so busy arguing with The Tea Party's nonsense claims of 'socialism' that they did not see that they had been sold down the river. And the Right was so convinced of those ridiculous claims that they didn't see what was really going on either.

The only 'socialism' going on here is Corporate. And you've all been played because you let your fears run you and you didn't do your homework. This is also a perfect example of why Mass Democracy has failed. Most of you idiots, Left and Right, do not deserve the Franchise. And now another plague is upon both your houses...

PS You're all being 'handled' in essentially the same fashion in regards Reproductive Rights and Gun Rights.


May. 18th, 2013 08:36 am
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~I was going to write that yesterday was 'a bad day', but it was really just a tough day with a particularly bad episode.

I finally made the WinCo run around seven in the morning. I hadn't been able to sleep all that much because I was obsessing. But in the end I pushed myself. And, as usual, I paid a price for that.

I got back and finished unloading around half eight. Then I just sat for over an hour, exhausted, stuck between eating or sleeping. Finally, I ate, then slept. But I'd fried myself.

After about an hour, I woke up with the worse case of The Spins I've ever had. Usually, they just make me dizzy and I more or less go about my business until I can sleep it off. It's not pleasant, but it is manageable.

The pattern is always the same. It wake up to the thing. It never just comes on me. And when I go back to sleep, it goes away. I'm fairly certain it is stress related.

This time I woke up with such a bad case that it gave me severe motion sickness. I wound up on the crappier with liquid shit hosing out my ass while I puked in the sink and was soaked in a cold sweat. That went on for maybe twenty minutes. When the shitting ended I stood and dry wretched so loudly that Le-Le heard me all the way out in the living room.

She did a hands-on Healing on me when I lay back down on my bed and I soon fell back to sleep. Five hours later I woke up and The Spins were gone, though obviously I was pretty wobbly and totally wrung out. I did a breakfast cycle and went back to bed.

I'm much improved today. Of course I'm still 'hung over' from all that and plan to chill the fuck out for the next few days.

I said to Le-Le that I thought this 'psychosomatic' in that it is clearly stress related. I'm suspecting that it was so bad this time because not only had I been stressing all week and then pushed myself, but also because now that the shopping is done, the next item is something I utterly dread; going to the dental walk-in at crack of dawn.

I'd say that the stress wrings my neck and shoulders grievously tight which then fucks with my inner ear via the Eustachian tubes. I am going to talk to the gang at Rural Health about this when on my next visit in about a month or so. But if I am correct, the best they'll be able to do it give my some motion sickness meds. However, those might merely knock me out...which would be just fucking fine as far as I'm concerned.

Note: For those Majickal wankers who think their 'bad juju' has worked on me, all of this, as the Insurance Industry labels them, are 'preexisting conditions' and you're just blowing smoke up your own ass.

As I now have a bit more energy, I'm washing my bedclothes. I will then shower and go back to sleep. And that is just about that...


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