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~I am presently on SSI and as such I also get covered by MediCal. Therefore, I that which of I speak know quite personally.

First, why am I on SSI? I became homeless back in the Autumn of 2003. I'd been in and out of the welfare system in LA County for over a decade at that point. I won't go into a whole sob story about my insane family, I'll just give you my diagnosis; PTSD and Severe Depression. Basically, I really cannot function in the day-to-day world. [there is an entire essay on whether or not the 'day-to-day world' is even sane in and of itself, but that is beyond the scope of this one, though only just as we shall see]

SSI, Section 8 and MediCal took me off the street and keeps me alive. It's that simple.

Back in January of 2009, before The Governator began cutting state welfare programs – to 'save the taxpayers money' – COLA [cost-of-living adjustment] had brought my monthly grant up to $907. Plus MediCal still had Adult Dental Coverage. Over the next year roughly $1.4 billion was cut from the state's various welfare programs.

How that effected me was that my monthly grant dropped, slice by slice, to $830. That's a loss of seventy seven bucks [$924 per year] for those who are bad at math. And Adult Dental was terminated across the board, except for extractions, which are considered 'surgery', basically meaning your teeth have to rot until they're bad enough to pull.

My monthly grant remained at $830 until this year when The White House gave everyone on SS, SSI, SSDI, and VA benefits a COLA for the first time since '09. I now get $854 per month. That's an extra twenty four bucks [$288 per year] for those who are bad at math. [I called it a 'cynical bribe' when it was announced]

Now, I'm sure there are a whole raft of folks who fume at the very idea that I'm getting any money at all. “Get a job!” is the usual rant, and no matter that even if I was capable of such, there sure ain't none to be had for this fat old man.

“Let him die,” is what they really mean. Because The Corporate State has ground them down so badly these types have come to hate those of us on welfare almost as much as they hate Union Workers whose contracts provide them with some small protection regarding wages and pension. Essentially, they've been told, and come to believe, that we should suffer because they are suffering. [that's called Class Warfare btw]

But aside from this utter lack of Compassion that The Corporate State has purposefully engendered, let's look at the real economics of all this.

As I said above, The Governator began cutting state welfare programs to 'save the taxpayers money'. Well, that's a lie. That money does not go back to the taxpayers. It goes to pay off the state's Bond Holders, aka Wall Street. In other word, it leaves the state altogether.

“That's better than you parasites getting it,” some will sneer, so let's take a look at that. Well, not really.

Think about this; where does all that money that I get each month go? Simply put, I spend it. On food and rent mostly. That means I go to the local stores, who pay employees and taxes, and said employees also pay taxes and rent and buy food and so on. So when I got cut, I spent $924 less per year.

Multiply that by $1.4 billion across the state. Given the domino effect of that loss, I'd wager that the overall loss of revenue at the retail level is at least $3 billion a year. Let me repeat that, the overall loss of revenue at the retail level is at least $3 billion a year. And that, combined with all the non-welfare cuts, ripples outward.

The elimination of Adult Dental is particularly galling. The state makes dealing with MediCal a nightmare, which I believe is politically motivated, so most private dentists won't deal with it at all. Into that stepped dental clinics, which hire mostly new dental school grads. But they also hire techs and bookkeepers and receptionists and buy supplies and so on...and all that too generates taxes and provides revenue to the local economy. But I repeat myself.

That is what Austerity means. “The Banks get paid and The People get screwed.” And this is going to keep on until the whole economy collapses. Not 'crashes'; it did that four years ago. No, I mean COLLAPSES, as in Does Not Work At All, Period.

I'd tell you to get out and vote, but Big Money has bought Government, lock, stock and barrel. I'd tell you to Rise Up and Fight! but that will just get your ass shot down in the street. Big Money has that covered too...for now. Collapse will likely crash that paradigm as well when there's no money to pay the police and the military. But by then it will be Too Late for y'all.

Me, I'm taking my little dole and hunkering down and doing the only thing I'm really capable of any more; writing. Whether that does any one any good remains to be seen.

And that's the name of that unpleasant lil tune...


Jul. 4th, 2012 12:33 pm
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~The place is still a jumbled mess and is likely to remain so for a few weeks. And that's okay. We're safe and sound and it's very quiet and mellow around here. Here is Le-Le's latest post on the subject.

JR wants to come by soon and help us unpack and clean up, so we're not on our own in that regard. Plus we put most of our stuff in storage, so what we have here now will actually 'fit' and when put away will leave us with room.

We still have no gas, which means no hot water or cooking. We should however have that hooked up by the end of this week. The park owner will do that, and take a reading, as SoCal Gas can't seem to get the finger out to so so until the fucking 13th.

Turned the Sonja Drive keys over to Landsgaard yesterday afternoon. I talked to both him and his minion about mold etc. Wanted to make sure he knew that up front so he'd be less inclined to 'take it off Bette's hands', even though I have a bet on that.

Our lawyer called him 'an odd duck', which he is. Seems semi-autistic almost. He did however laugh at the idea that Kern Co Tax claims the place is worth 62G's. Fucker. lol

I'll recommence the mold reporting process on that next Monday as state offices will be closed until then. But I'm bound and determined to get that place Red Tagged. Fuck me if Bette Goldenring is going to make a single fucking dime off of our misfortune and especially not upon the back of some other poor fuckers.

Of course when the time comes we're gonna shove a legal cock all the way up her fiscal ass without even a tiny drop of lube. This fucking war is not over by a long shot.

Yes, I'm feeling better....
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"I'd say Obama is the preferred choice of the Monied Establishment, the well spoken conciliator who steers a Center/Right course and holds our fracturing Republic more or less together without too much pain for The Rulers.

I suspect they consider the GOP base has become far too insane to be trusted. [I agree] Mittens, as was Capn' Crusty in '08, is a merely sacrificial candidate meant to keep genuine loons out of the actual race. They have likely learned the Hitler Lesson; a real radical cannot be controlled once they grasp the levers of Power.

Better that smart and accommodating Black fellow who is A Credit To His People and is more than happy to advance their cause before the Latinos take over. Why do you think he and Holder are so fierce in their drive to deport them?

...Goddess, sometimes the depth of my cynicism surprise even"

..a comment here


May. 27th, 2012 06:46 pm
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~Goddess fuck, I'm in a foul humor today. Didn't even realize I was until I went to the store. I was a short tempered cunt...though I didn't act out. Just muttered in an ugly fashion and got in&out PDQ.

When I got back, I examined my state of mind for the reason. First thing was I didn't feel like cleaning the litter boxes today, so they wait until tomorrow. The garbage can is topped off anyway.

The second thing – and this is the key item – is that we have not spoken with our lawyer for over two weeks now. It's been very quiet and that is making me nervous. I suppose it's possible That Woman has figured out that she has spent roughly a third to a quarter of the actual value of this house on legal fees and has called it quits.

But I ain't banking on that. I don't think she's entirely rational on the subject. Maybe she had an 'umblick', which is a Yiddish word that means 'a truly nasty event'. One can hope. lol

Most likely The Ambulance Chaser is busy with other things and is waiting for her to cough up more money. Truth is he hasn't really been all that on the ball with this thing from the beginning...

...see, I've been secretly obsessing and with a new month coming up, it surfaced.

I also don't like this holiday weekend. Too many bad memories. Domestic drama and the like. *sigh*
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~I confess that my first thought upon hearing that Santorum had suspended his campaign in the aftermath of his three year daughter having pneumonia was that her illness was a staged event designed to allow him to exit the race with sympathy and in a 'non-defeated' manner.

Though I felt slightly 'unclean' for thinking that, such is the poisoned state of politics here in The Republic that I suspect I'm not the only one who entertained such suspicions.
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~I did some journal reconnaissance and it seems that Paid Accounts still have Comment Subject Lines and the icon drop-down menu.

Yeah, that's a 'dick move' and yet I cannot totally give them shit about it. There are a lot of Free Riders and I'll bet they're the ones bitching the loudest.

When we ran Commie Journal we had over 12,000 journals. We had maybe two dozen Paid Accounts. And we couldn't get the lousy eighty bucks a month to pay our server rent. We begged nearly every month. I even said, 'just send us a buck'. We never got a single one. And when we went under and I told those selfish cocksuckers to go fuck themselves, I was called a 'sore loser', etc.

Sure I think SUP Fabrik are a bunch of fucking jerks who have fucked up Live Journal. But honestly, if you're not paying anything for the site, you really don't have much to complain about.
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~I found this piece upon one of my Blog lists this morning: There is no excuse for GLBT or Cultural Appropriation

The writer said, “You may have guessed by now that I have a very little tolerance for appropriation. Recently it was revealed that an author in the m/m genre, faked a gay male identity which included paying someone to make public appearances with a fake boyfriend, writing a coming out story and writing about an instance of gay bashing. This moves beyond the concept of taking on a pseudonym for the purposes of publication and cannot be seen as anything out than outright appropriation.”

I commented; “That first example is not 'cultural appropriation'. It's a Capitalist Hoax. There is a critical difference. I'd classify things like white owned and run 'Native American' stores as Capitalist Hoaxes as well, though simply more overt.

That said...cultures 'appropriate' from each other all the time. It's what they do, and have done, throughout history, race notwithstanding. If they don't, they stagnate and die. Trying to stop that is self defeating foolishness at best and Intellectually Fascistic at worst.

That would mean that I as a White Male writer would be forbidden to include any non-white female characters in my work. As the substantial majority of my characters are exactly that, you would functionally kill my work merely to prove a political point.

Such puts one in the same category as both the Soviets and the Nazis. And that shit can bite one upon that ass in oh so many ways...don't YOU dare write/paint/sing about White Men! etc [fill in all those who you 'are not']”

It's awaiting moderation. She's fairly tough, so I expect she'll approve it, though I suppose some kind of shitstorm will brew up. Frankly, I don't care.

Meantime, if you call me 'cis-gendered' I'll shove a chair leg up your ass. I'm Fixed Gendered, thank you very much. And I too am a Person of Color. It just happens to be pinkish. Sweep in front of your own doors, kids.

...yes, Nebs is in a 'mood' today...
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~According to the UN, the world's population will pass the seven billion mark on Halloween.

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~Yes, someone actually said that to me, an LJ friend in fact. At first I got really furious. This is the prefect example of Privileged White Equivalency dogshit. I referred to it as a Moral Obscenity. See, as best as I can tell, no Bagger has ever been lynched for being such. And Baggers are supposedly not born 'Bagger'. It's a choice, though given the raft of shit that comes out of their mouths, its may not be a conscious one.

But then, while I was surfing porn, I heard something that made realized how fucking stupid that statement actually is; it was how ridiculous the juxtaposition of Nigger to Bagger sounds in common usage. Here are some examples:

“Bet you like sucking that big nigger dick.”

NWA [that's Niggers With Attitude for those of you who don't know Rap history]

“Hey, my nigger, wazzup?”

I'm sure y'all can come up with plenty of your own examples. Hours of fun for the whole family.

Honestly, that some White Folks are this fucking square and clueless deeply embarrasses me as a White Man. Shit, if you mutha fuckaz are that fucking stupid, then you fully deserve the ass fucking you get from The Corporate State....youknowhatimsaying?
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..but I love having written.

My writing process has always be problematic. I start off excited and full of enthusiasm, then I get moody and morose, grind to a halt and have to fight my way to the end, with gritted teeth, through sheer will power. Once whatever project it is is done, I collapse into depression for a week or a month or more, depending in direct ratio upon how long the thing actually took to finish. [I use 'actually' far too often btw]

After some time passes, I 'get over it' and start on the editing and rewriting. That tends to be far less painful as it reminds me of what got me excited in the first place, but without the prospect of having to write the whole fucking thing still looming in front of me.

And, unlike so many artists, I do generally like my own work. Some of my old poetry does embarrasses me somewhat, but overall I'm quite happy with my long form fiction pieces. Maybe that's narcissism, but I'll take that over endless artistic self-loathing any day, thank you very much.

...and I wrote all that to avoid dealing with this. A sign of the True Professional; writing to avoid writing.
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"It is no measure of good health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society." ~Jiddu Krishnamurti

..reposting inspired by this: Most People Are Depressed For a Very Good Reason


Jul. 28th, 2011 11:21 pm
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~Goddess Fuck, I'm in a foul humor. This LJ bullshit isn't helping, but it's not the cause. There are 'personal matters' that I won't air publicly because they're, well...personal.

But they manifested in Family Rejection Dreams, which always leave me drained, depressed and angry. These were the worst of that variety, where they redesign the Ice Palace – the brownstone in which I grew up – in such a way as to literally physically exclude me from living there.

I wasn't really ready to get up, but that shit made it the better option. Now that I've caffeinated, supplemented, medicated, eaten and ranted, I'll take a nap to 'reset'. *sigh*

I sure the fuck hope that works. I've become far too used to being comfortable in my own skin to sit with this fucking feeling. /ack
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~I just tried LJ again a few minutes ago. Seems I'd been logged out. And logging back in yielded only 'cycling'. Fuck Russian internal politics.
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...from 4 Terrifying Shootings This Weekend: Gun Violence Sweeps Nation...

Moi:“And there were plenty of stabbings, strangulations and bludgeonin­gs, too. We're a murderous species in a time of crisis. That things can be Safe and Nice is a middle class delusion.”

Other Person: “While safe and nice may be (most likely is) an impossible ideal , must we accept armed and dangerous?”

Moi: “If you look at your desk I suspect you can find several items that can be used as a weapon. Humans are ALWAYS 'armed and dangerous'­.”

Other Person: “Are there straws on your desk? You seem to be grabbing for them.”

Moi: “I looked at my own desk. The first and most obvious item was a pair of pinking scissors in my pencil jar. Too obvious actually.

Next was a pair of sharpened pencils at the foot of my keyboard. Better choice as that is two weapons.

But the best is the plate on top of my comp tower. It is to the right - I'm right handed - and it is not an obvious choice.

I would strike my target on their left temple, which would stun them and break the plate. On the swing back, using the jagged edge of the broken plate, I'd cut their carotid artery on the right side of their neck. That would fountain blood, causing shock and unconsciou­sness in seconds and death within two minutes.

See, it's all a matter of intent. *grin*”

Other Person: *crickets*


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