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~Our Internet connection goes 'poof' sometime today because of the move. Back...Saturday evening? We'll see.
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~Starting tomorrow, from I believe the 'start of business' [9am local?], we will be without Internet access until hopefully no later than Saturday evening when Le-Le can plug us back in at our new digs. Of course AT&T might screw the pooch and leave us off line until Monday. We shall see....
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~I now have the rather dubious distinction of having filed Support Notices with both Live Journal and Dreamwidth back to back.

All of LJ's Posting Event Window functions [beyond posting itself] have crapped out again. And Dreamwidth keeps on 'timing out' when I try to post more than two fucking words.

..and of course this one posted no sweat..[see title]


Dec. 23rd, 2011 04:24 pm
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...file created at 1:09pm...

~The AT&T tech got here three hours ago. At least that's what Tyger told me. She's been babysitting him while both Le-Le and I were out cold.

The diagnosis seems to be 'degraded cables'. We're still copper wire out cause AT&T is [are?] too fucking cheap to upgrade their fucking infrastructure. They're gonna have to dig up cables in our backyard and also out on 20West. It seems their cables are crappin' out all over the landscape.

...back at 1:51pm...

~Been out on the porch with Tyger shooting the shit. Had to come in cause the desert sun was frying me.

The tech is roaming around with his ground radar and spraying orange paint all over the fucking landscape. The park manager is getting twitchy. But hey, that's the deal. And we ain't the only ones who bitched.

I'm feeling a little woozy from the heat. It was 15° when I went to bed at 4 this morning. It's probably only in the low 60's out there, but in the direct sunlight on the porch with no wind it could easily be in the upper 70's. installment at 4:16pm...

~The AT&T tech did some 'patch ups' and Le-Le hooked up the new modem. Things are better and some glitching is to be expected. The digging won't start until after the New Year, but hopefully we'll be okay until them.

And there you have it....

PS LJ's tags don't seem to be working. Copy/pasta'd from Dreamwidth. lol


Dec. 23rd, 2011 04:01 am
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~We're still having connectivity issues. [fuckin' AT&T] Tech never showed up either. [see previous]

I had a bit of meltdown in the late afternoon. Holiday stuff. I shared, wept and then took a nap. Slept like the dead. Better now.

Gonna end here and post while the posting's good....
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~I did some journal reconnaissance and it seems that Paid Accounts still have Comment Subject Lines and the icon drop-down menu.

Yeah, that's a 'dick move' and yet I cannot totally give them shit about it. There are a lot of Free Riders and I'll bet they're the ones bitching the loudest.

When we ran Commie Journal we had over 12,000 journals. We had maybe two dozen Paid Accounts. And we couldn't get the lousy eighty bucks a month to pay our server rent. We begged nearly every month. I even said, 'just send us a buck'. We never got a single one. And when we went under and I told those selfish cocksuckers to go fuck themselves, I was called a 'sore loser', etc.

Sure I think SUP Fabrik are a bunch of fucking jerks who have fucked up Live Journal. But honestly, if you're not paying anything for the site, you really don't have much to complain about.

LJ Up Date

Aug. 5th, 2011 08:10 pm
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Varnish Error 503 Service Unavailable

LJ Up Date

Jul. 30th, 2011 02:11 am
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Note: This is my local experience. YMMV

~Obviously I can up-date. But I have not been able to up-load images, getting a 500 Internal Service Error. The other regular glitch is a partial up-loading of my friend's page. That takes hitting Refresh once or twice to correct.

Stay tuned...

LJ Up Date

Jul. 29th, 2011 06:47 am
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~So, five days down this time. Last April is was three.

I'm still getting the 'up-load lag' that had been annoying me for weeks, but that's a separate issues. My comp is five years old and LJ has become a bandwidth pig.

Not much else to say at the moment. This has left me a bit wrung out...

I will however keep out with my DW account this time.
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~Okay, it seems the comment went through, but I got that page anyway. =/

Still unable to load the Up-Date Window.
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"Once again, the crossposter from to this LJ account has died. It might be fallout from the DDoS attack LJ's supposedly been under this week, or from whatever unknown ballsup stopped LJ from working last week, or perhaps the internets have just given the fuck up. Who knows.

It's time for me to take LJ off the list of things I need to check once a week to see if they're working. The crossposter will be switched off for good in two weeks, and this will become a static account.

Please consider adding to whatever feed reader you use. It's currently on low power while I focus on the novel, but it'll continue to pop every day or two.

I can also be found on Tumblr, and on Facebook, on Instagram as warrenellis, and, of course, on Twitter as @warrenellis.

My public "dump" email address is, which gets checked every day, if you want to contact me.

Thanks for being around. Take care.

-- W"

LJ Up Date

Jul. 28th, 2011 01:28 pm
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~I was able to get to my own LJ, but I still cannot comment nor post. I scrolled back 250 entrees and only about a dozen of them were actual friend's posts. The rest were RSS feed entrees. I had to 'push' to do so, lots of 'double clicking' and 'page refreshing'.

Gonna hunker down on DW until this blows over. But I won't abandon LJ, though I suppose it's possible LJ might abandon me. *sigh*
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~DW is running pretty slow right now. I expect it's all the LJ refugees either rediscovering their semi-abandoned journals [like moi] or starting new ones.


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