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~45 years ago, Gloria Steinem, a feminist writer and former CIA employee, founded Ms Magazine. She said she wanted 'a magazine owned and operated by and for women', of which there was none at the time. And the publication pioneered many Women's Issues. But it also did something else, something rather more subtle; it shifted Feminism away from Radicalism and mainstreamed it into the American Corporate Culture.

In the process it turned Feminism from a vital social movement into a Marketing Niche. Once again, actually. Edward Bernays had done that with women publicly smoking cigarettes as an 'act of freedom' back in 1920. Virginia Slims reproduced that model quite successfully in the 1970's.

This Corporate Feminism told women [though mostly White Middle Class woman] that they 'could have it all' within the Capitalism paradigm if they just worked hard. Of course the actual Corporate World [White Males] fought that tooth and nail and many of those women who tried to 'have it all' dropped out exhausted. Some, like Hillary Clinton, became even worse than most of the bastards they were up against, Hillary still having to use one of those bastards as a wedge to push her way in.

And now, here she is, at the pinnacle of her 'have it all' career and she cannot even put away a goon like Donald Trump. It's not because she's a woman, though that is a factor. No, it is because she is so obviously a Corporatist and the Electorate hates that now, having been plundered and pillaged by Corporations for decades.

This is ultimate betrayal of Feminism in all its forms. When the perfect Corporate Feminist reached her moment of triumph, Corporatism has become so toxic she will be lucky to scrape out a victory against the most vile and hated presidential candidate since Huey Long.

And that is why so many of you women who have committed to this brand of Feminism – and have no doubt it IS a Brand – are losing your minds. It's not about Hillary. It's not even about Trump. It is that the failure of your Brand is now stark and undeniable, though of course you'll keep denying that to the very end.

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Jul. 28th, 2016 10:21 pm
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"We had a chance to put a good honest decent man in the White House, though I suppose we really never did have that chance. Be that as it may, that good honest decent man was ridiculed and brutalized and shoved aside...and now we're given the choice between The Corporate Fascist and The Overt Fascist and told 'you MUST vote for the The Corporate Fascist because “rights!!”'

Well, fuck you. Fuck all you craven mother fuckers. I'd call you sheep, but sheep are cute and your crawling moaning fear is ugly. The truth is, The Republic deserves Donald Trump for our sins, which are Legion. And I strongly suspect we're going to get him..."

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Jul. 24th, 2016 06:22 pm
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Here's the Good News/Bad News regarding the 2016 Presidential Election. A Clinton II White House and a Trump White House will each suck badly, just in their own special ways. But neither one will be the fucking Apocalypse, so chill the fuck out with that noise.

That said, I'm inclined toward a Trump White House – which would almost certainly be a chaotic nightmare, as opposed to Hillary's battened down Corporatist horror show – because if he defeats Hillary, that will likely destroy the Clintonista wing of the DNC. And will almost certainly wreck the GOP in the following four years...if he doesn't say fuck it and walk away beforehand, that is. [Trust me, The Donald is perfectly capable of that]

And then maybe, just maybe, Bernie et al, could salvage something out of all that wreckage. That's the Good News.

The Bad News is that either White House will not make a great difference in the overall state of things. We are in Collapse, which is not tattooed barbarians roaming the highway, but the general break down of the Social Contract, the one where The Rulers agree to allow the rest of us to have decent lives while we allow them to be Rich and Powerful.

Extreme Climate Change, endemic economic inequality, and the final brutal stages of Capitalism are all in the pipeline and we seem incapable as a species to stop we therefore get to ride them out.

Even Bernie has said – many many times over – no single President can turn that around. And I suspect we're going to see far tougher times ahead before we as a race come out the other end. And I seriously doubt the American Republic will come out of that other end with us..... enjoy what you have now. What you do come November probably won't make that much of a difference in the long run.

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Jul. 23rd, 2016 11:54 pm
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~Back some time in 2012 Vince Lamb said he hoped 2013 would be ''a better year'. I told him, 'no, it would be worse...and so would every year after it for the foreseeable future'. And looking out at the mid-point of 2016, I can see I was right. But once one knows the patterns, one can generally predict the future.
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~So, once again, my foray into American Electoral Politics is ending in Disappointment and Depression...and a fair amount of Rage. I knew better, but 'hope' seduced me. I allowed my cynicism to abate. More the fool me...

...and that brings me to this meme I created a half dozen years ago and which still holds true:


“Do not expect to defeat The Corporate Confederacy* at the ballot box. Big Money can power its way through almost any election cycle. That is not however a call for Revolution. Big Money can power its way through those as well and rather unpleasantly.

Instead it must always be remembered that by its conscienceless and rapacious nature, the thing sows the seeds of its own destruction. Therefore what is required is both the ability to survive its collapse *and* to have another functional structure extent to replace it. Anything else is empty rhetoric.”

For me, that 'functional structure' is The Sisterhood. So once again I need to refocus upon the Liber Sorores. What has been written needs some editing - like the Preface now that my mother is dead - and obviously the whole thing needs to be finished...

…I wrote the above in a burst on June 8th and then the aforementioned 'Disappointment and Depression' ground me to a halt. This has stewed the past few days [it's a bit after 4am on the 12th] and it finally dawned upon me how I was 'seduced'. I want things to 'be okay', at least for a while. And that is what is driving so many now, especially Hillary supporters and those Sanders supporters who's turned on a dime to become the former.

But that's not going to happen, kids. I finally remembered my Primary Mantra; "It is no measure of good health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society." And that's what supporting Bernie – and then Hillary – is all about. We all what to 'be okay' with what we've got...and that is killing us.

Bernie means well, Goddess Bless him, but he's trying to fix something that is irrevocably broken and so many of are desperate for that to happen because we're rightly afraid of what comes next.

So Her Prophet is back once again to where he is supposed to be; working as hard as he can on building that other 'functional structure', the one he probably will not get to see, which makes said work very lonely and sad, but that is my Path and such is what I must do...

...and so it is.

*I call the thing a 'Confederacy' instead of a 'state' because it is not monolithic, but a series of groupings that compete among themselves, but are more of less unified in their general outcome, which is to own everything and keep 'the masses' under control.

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Jun. 9th, 2016 09:48 am
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"Okay, Bernie has a sit down with POTUS and Smilin' Joe. He's talked with Hillary. And he's staying in the race until Philadelphia even though he seems to know she's gonna take it. As I've said, he's made a heavy investment in the Democratic Party and I suspect he plans to call in all his chips in order to play ball. He also said “Donald Trump cannot be president,” more than once.

That sends him back to the Senate with a lot of juice. From here on in, whenever he talks, a large number of Americans will listen. So expect him to hold Hillary's feet to the fire...if of course, she can actually beat Trump, which is not a sure thing in my books.

As I'm in California, I possess the luxury of not having vote for her. She'll win the state no matter what. I might vote for Jill Stein. I might sleep in. Too early to tell...."
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Seems like Hillary is tanking and there's noise about 'parachuting in Joe Biden' to 'save the party'. Well, go ahead, you mother fuckers, just try to slip Smilin' Joe past Bernie on the floor in Philadelphia. There's going to be hundreds of thousands of Bernie supporters in the streets outside. Pulling that shit will make Chicago '68 look like a fucking bake sale. You have been warned....
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~Most Americans know a sports fanatic, if not more than one. Not a 'fan', someone who likes a certain game or team and follows it/them during the season, but 'fanatic'; someone who is obsessed with a certain sport [often more than one] and knows Every Single Thing about that sport and follows it All Year Round.

They know who's being drafted and what their stats are and who did what on which team going back into the dark mists of time. And they can watch a game and tell who is likely to do what and when and how and why. Honestly, they are a little nuts and probably drive you crazy when they go on endlessly about their favorite sport.

Well, kids, that kind of obsessional behavior is what Democracy requires to really work, which is why it always fails. Most of us cannot be like that and those of us who can [like me] tend to drive people crazy when we go on endlessly about Democracy's various elements, like Politics and Economics and Power.

But suddenly, in this election season, a lot of people are really truly waking up to the Life and Death nature of Democratic Process here in The Republic and have become one of those 'fanatics'. I am heartened by this development, but I have a few Words of Wisdom; No matter what happens, this does not end. Ever. It does not end if Bernie wins California. It does not end if he wins the nomination in July or the Presidency in November. Also, it does not end if he loses. We must stay Active and Involved...until we die.

Now a lot of you will simply not be able to maintain – your lives are too demanding, and don't think that's an accident – so some of us [like me] will have to take up the task of being 'guides', those you can come to 'to pick up the banner' when necessary and who will stay focused upon the often overwhelming Big Picture. Don't listen to MSM. They are paid to lie about that Big Picture and usually to our determent.

Right now, we focus on getting Bernie as far as we can. But remember what I said a few days ago: “Bernie has made serious investment in the Democratic Party. Even if Hillary wins, it will likely be a narrow victory. If she loses, Bernie is positioned to become the effective head of the party. Either way, he returns to the Senate far more powerful than he was before. In addition, he will be able to use the party's infrastructure to move the Brand New Congress project forward."

With the Brand New Congress project, we now have a practical near term framework to create real positive change. Just be aware that The Corporate Confederacy will push back and push back hard, with money and with bullshit. But if enough of us commit to this work, if enough of us commit to make sure this thing is not hijacked by Big Money, we will prevail.

...and we must prevail, because the future is upon us and that transition is going to be rough. This is where the cliché “Think of the children” truly applies. If we fail, they will judge us.

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May. 24th, 2016 07:13 pm
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"If [when?] Hillary takes the Democratic nomination, [I said 'takes', not 'wins'] Bernie is not going to run a Green Party ticket. That would a tactical and strategic mistake.

Tactically it would almost certainly guarantee a Trump victory. Such would validate DNC accusations that he 'did a Nader'. If Hillary loses to Trump on her own, those accusations will be made anyway, but won't have the same kind of weight.

Strategically, Bernie has made serious investment in the Democratic Party. Even if Hillary wins, it will likely be a narrow victory. If she loses, Bernie is positioned to become the effective head of the party. Either way, he returns to the Senate far more powerful than he was before. In addition, he will be able to use the party's infrastructure to move the Brand New Congress project forward."
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"These days when I get up I dive into Electoral Politics. I do my best to promote Bernie Sanders and destroy Hillary Clinton. After three or four hours of that, I'm exhausted and either go back to bed or retreat into reading Space Opera, which allows me to decompress from our current reality.

Whatever surplus energy I have goes into maintaining this household and getting my dental issues resolved before these rotting teeth kill me. I'm hoping to feel better once they're gone. Then I'll need to get a dental appliance of some sort so I can chew properly. Uncertain as to how that is going to happen just yet.

What little I might have left over after all the above I devote to working on Liber Sorores ect.

..and that is pretty much that."

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May. 13th, 2016 06:38 pm
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"If Hillz gets the nom – and the fix IS in – Bernie may have to give her some sort of endorsement, but then step back. However, that depends upon how evil the DNC establishment acts at the convention. And they can be pretty fucking evil.

Even if she gets a 'clean win', I seriously doubt Bernie would take the VP slot. That would hamstring him and badly damage his credibility. Better to stay in the Senate and hold her feet to the fire.

He knows this is a long game, so he cannot overtly sabotage her yet neither can he actively support her. He would need to balance in between while moving to consolidate what he has started and move forward to create a solid progressive power base within the party. He's already started that with the Brand New Congress initiative. He could kick start that by campaigning for the handful of real progressive down ticket Dems.

Of course, the harsh truth is a Trump victory would serve that goal better by discrediting the present DNC establishment, especially if it he beats Hillz by a wide margin. If it's narrow, the DNC will blame Bernie et al.

That said, if Hillz has to drop out because she gets indicted and the DNC establishment tries to give the nomination to someone besides Bernie, then all bets are off. I'm already getting a Chicago '68 vibe from Philadelphia '16. Philly cops are just as fucking psycho as Chicago cops.

And I also worry about Bernie post a solid California win, vis Bobby Kennedy." /sigh

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Apr. 9th, 2016 02:47 pm
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~I find myself in a truly bizarre place this election season in that I am rooting for a Presidential candidate from each party, namely both Bernie and The Donald, when I usually have zero use for any of them. Certainly when the time comes, Bernie gets my actual vote. But I pull for The Donald too because, even if I think he's really just trolling, he IS trolling The Establishment.

And I really really really want to see them debate each other. Those debates I'll watch! I'm sure when they disagree it will an extreme disagreement, but I'll bet you they'll agree on a lot of things that would highly discomfort The Rulers, such as how thoroughly rigged the system actually is and how 'the little guy' can't catch a break.

It's obvious why I support Sanders. To quote myself, “I'm a fat old man on Disability. I support Sanders out of selfishness, as he seems the only candidate who'll work to make my last few decades of life bearable.”

But even though much of what Trump says is appalling, ALL of that stuff is exactly what the GOP Establishment has been saying since the summer of 1968, only he's removed all the filters and shouts it from the rooftop. He has totally stolen their narrative and there's nothing they can do to stop him....except cheat. Of course, if they do that, the base will come after them and not rhetorically either. We'd see the actually shedding of blood at the GOP convention, 'watering the Tree of Liberty' as it were, which many of us would find most entertaining.

So there you are, kids.. #FeelTheBern and #Trump2016!


Sep. 25th, 2015 04:45 pm
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~In the past week and half I have found myself hip deep in local Rosamond politics, specifically a bitter recall election drive. I didn't look for it, it found me, largely because of my Political Trolling on a local FB community. Of course, being the Political Junkie I am, I jumped right in.

But I pushed myself too hard as usual and finally crashed two days ago, nearly puking from exhaustion and the heat on a rare visit to the bank. And then I was so overtired, I could not sleep properly. So yesterday afternoon I took one of Le-Le's muscle relaxers, you know, the ones that knock me flat on my ass for like 36 hours, and went to bed.

That did the trick. I slept from 3ish PM until half past two in the morning. Then I did my Breakfast Cycle and was back in bed by 6AM. I figured I'd sleep another two to four hours. I woke up at 2:47PM. I slept so hard I don't even feel to usual fuzziness from the muscle relaxer, which 'should' have lasted another half a day.

Anyway, I suppose this is really only important to me, which is why I'm blogging it....

...and there you are.

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Aug. 25th, 2014 02:35 pm
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"As an example of how much of a clusterfuck global politics is at the moment, while the US and Russia are working on a new Cold War regarding Ukraine, American and Russian pilots, along with their Iranian counterparts, are flying missions over Iraq against the Islamic State in support of Iraqi and Kurdish ground forces, which are also being supported by Iranian armor.

Even if one does not know the history of the region, that's pretty bizarre. If one does know said history, it is downright mind boggling...and yet not."


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