Aug. 30th, 2016

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~On this day back in 2004 I first wrote the words, 'The Temple of The Pentavalent” onto a piece of paper and began to see in my mind's eye what we now refer to as The Sisterhood. I was resident in a Sober Living House in West LA and halfway through my two years of 'technical homelessness'. [I never slept on the street]

It has been twelve long years and at times I've despaired that it would ever come into being. Today, I am hopeful and will enjoy that moment.

Blessed Be....

In the Matriarchal Calendar today is 7th Novembria Oshunday.
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My Mission Statement for The Wölfin Foundation

I have suffered from a number of illnesses that have seriously impacted my health, brought me close to death and I am not yet even twenty years old. I am recovering from most of them, but it is a long and difficult process. Therefore the subjects of Health and Longevity are very personal.

When I discovered the concept of Transhumanism and the technological fields that make up its core, it was a major revelation to me. I was excited and hopeful. I was especially interested in the various Reproductive Technologies being explored, as my illnesses had created issues for me in that area.

However, as I looked into these fields, I noted that, as with so many other things, they were dominated by men and that a number of things that were of concern to women were being overlooked.

The Wölfin Foundation is to be an instrument to correct that.

The Wölfin Foundation's goals are to seek out organizations, projects, businesses and individuals that engage in research into technologies that advance Transhumanism while also helping women in a substantive way.

The Wölfin Foundation will simultaneously seek investment partners to join us in funding these organizations, projects, businesses and individuals. Our goal is to provide support in the form of funding, planing and organizing.

The primary areas in which The Wölfin Foundation will initially focus are the following:

Medical Nanites: Nanorobotics is an emerging technology field creating machines or robots whose components are at or near the scale of a nanometre (equal to one billionth of a metre) Medical Nanites are Nanobots designed specifically to navigate the human body, repairing tissues and organs at the cellular level upon a continuous basis.

The Mass Cloning of Stem Cells: Human stem cells are the raw material needed for the 3D printing of organs and human tissue. They are a the basis of much of modern immunological medicine. And they will be the raw material that Medical Nanites will use in their work.

Uterine Replicators: AKA 'artificial wombs'. Many women are not able to carry a child to term even if they can be fertilized. Uterine Replicators will allow IFV to be used without requiring the mother do physically do so. It will also eliminate the need [and emotional complications] of a surrogate.

Genetic Engineering: The above listed technologies are all very important and realizable in the near term. But they are only Augmentative technologies. For the long term, true Human Enhancement with come from Gene Tech like CRISPR.

We as a species are facing many challenges and, at our present level of evolution, it is quite possible that we are not up to surviving them. These Human Enhancement Technologies are the future of the race.

Death is a disease. Diseases can be cured. Those who work in this field have said that the first humans who will live a thousand years have already been born. I plan to be one of them.

The primary goal of The Wölfin Foundation is to make certain that women are well represented in the development, distribution and acquisition of these technologies.
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~It is presently 105° and 9% humidity.


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