Aug. 20th, 2017

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~I downloaded two old Rod Taylor movies, The Time Machine and Seven Seas to Calais. I realized after I'd done so that I'd first seen both of them at summer camp back in the early Sixties. And I thought about how long ago that was and that my sixty fifth birthday is only a week away and I got very sad.

I should be grateful. I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge, a nice bed, high speed Internet, and kitties and Le-Le to keep me company.

And these are my feelings right now...which I was going to expound upon in detail, but once I got to this point, such seemed very tiresome and rather too indulgent....
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~It is fairly certain that unless humans become a space-faring species, we shall go extinct and very possibly in the not too distant future. See Stephen J. Hawking. Elon Musk, et al

~Baseline Humans [that’s me and thee, folks] do not do well in space. Not at all. Tends to break our bodies down quite rapidly.

~Only deeply modified Humans, both Genetic and Cybernetic mods, have a real chance to survive and prosper in space.

So, it is pretty much go Transhuman or go Extinct. I know which future has my support.


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