Jan. 21st, 2017


Jan. 21st, 2017 01:57 am
nebris: (A Dark Boy)
~I'm having one of those 'feeling broken, pathetic and sad' windows. In part because we had a very rough week in this household. In part because I'm having some Writers Blues after that big post about Europe etc, the one all of you ignored. [yes, I'm bitter about that]. But mostly because I am in fact 'broken, pathetic and sad' and in all likelihood just marking time until my death.

I have brief moments of hope, which I do my best to savor...and they do not last.

I do have gratitude for the things I do have, a roof over my head, food in the fridge, companionship, fast Internet, kitties...and I am discontent by nature. My dreams all seem foolishness most of the time and I suspect I am just another deluded old man doomed to die bitter.

But I am aware of my Karma and will continue on with this Life in the hope that by doing so, I will have cleaned up some of that Karma and on the next Turn of The Wheel, I'll be able to achieve greater things.


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