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Short Version: What follows is a Philosophical Treatise, Grand Majickal Working and How To Manual for an entirely new form of Matriarchy, one that not merely 'empowers women', but may be the best chance for the survival of our entire species, a Vision centered completely around you, my Sisters.

Long Version: To many of you what will be presented in these pages will seem like madness. Often, it seems like madness to me, as well. And yet....when I am quiet and calm and centered it all unfolds perfectly and makes complete sense.

Madness, of course, is very frequently a socially subjective state of being. What is considered insane in one culture or epoch can seem rather run of the mill in another time and place. But, no matter the time or place, to lay out a plan that takes contemporary society and turns it upside down and inside out is a form of madness simply by virtue of the ambition of the thing, and whether it is a workable plan or not.

But that is in fact what is being presented in the pages that follow, so I suppose that makes me a madman. I accept the title with alacrity.

As with so many things of this nature, The Pentavalent was born from a place of Despair and out of a journey through Fear. Along the way, my heart was broken many many times and my Spirit also pushed to the point of breaking more than a few times.

I believe I survived all that for a number of reasons. Innate personal fortitude. Awareness hard won from this life time [plus a few others]. And sheer bloody mindedness. But, for whatever the reasons, I 'remain to tell the tale'.

And an interesting tale it is, as yet unfinished and really just beginning. Some of you reading these words are going to be part of it, too.

I know that sounds rather airy-fairy. Such is how most so-called 'gurus' hustle people, grand but vague pronouncements and promises about a Better Future. Even Karl Marx did that. His critique of Capitalism was spot on. [Capitalism is the omnivorous Bastard Child of Patriarchy by the way. Make note of that.] But when he started talking about The Revolution, things got very 'grand and vague' indeed.

But this volume, my Sisters, is an actual How To Manual. It is chock full of detailed plans that show 'how to' go from the present 'critical phase' of Patriarchy all the way to a True Matriarchy. That includes a transitional phase as well.

Obviously, these detailed plans are not all exact. We are talking about The Future here and that place is always full of surprises. But there is a Grand Goal plus an Operational Doctrine and several Mission Plans to guide you as you move forward.

If that sounds like War, that means you're paying attention. You will find the following words in the text; "The issue at hand is the survival of the species at more than a merely survival level.

So far, no one has presented a solution that will not be undermined by insistent masculine egotism. Think that through. Conceive of your paradigm and then place it into the world. What is the first obstacle that it encounters? Someones political, economic, and/or theological interest. Examine the fundamentals of that opposing interest. If you are really honest, you'll find threatened masculine ego, individually and collectively.

The Male must End. Conscious True Men who are secure in their own masculinity will understand this harsh necessity and step forward to save the goodness in the civilization that we have built. Some Beta Males will be 'taken in hand' by my Sisters and learn to work with their more enlightened Brothers.

Of course, most men will fight, but that is what men do. I keep telling my Sisters over and over again that there is no peaceful coexistence with men, not even upon their own terms. Yes, there are times of truce and yes, some of my Sisters have established peaceful, even loving relationships, with some of my Brothers.

But as one group with another, overall, this is not possible. Men are unable to even live in peaceful coexistence with their own Brothers, much less achieve such a state with beings that they are compelled as a group to consider inferior to them as a group.

My Sisters, you can have the peace of the slave or the peace of the grave, but, believe me when I tell you that the vast majority of my Brothers will never, ever, allow you to have the peace of the autonomous being. The only way you will ever have that is when all of my Brothers are gone."

I expect that concept will terrify many of you, my Sisters. “Who would I be without Men?” is very likely the thought underneath all those fears. No worries. It will take generations to reach that place, a True Matriarchy. My Brothers will be with you for a while longer. But you're going to have to bring them under strict control during that 'transitional phase'. That too be addressed in this volume. That phase is called Gynofascism. I believe you'll find it both exciting and enjoyable, my Sisters.

No doubt many of you are wondering why a man is preaching Matriarchy. Some of you are even thinking, “How dare he?” or “Who does he think he's kidding?” I've certainly thought the latter myself, Big While Male that I am. But it is actually very simple; my Spirit Guide told me to pursue this Path. Well, She really ordered me to do so. And as a 'Patriarch' myself, I can tell you, my Sisters, with great accuracy, what you are up against when it comes to dealing with my Brothers.

Clearly, this is not just another 'relationship course', one to help you find your Soul Mate or Dream Job or The Life That You've Always Wanted, though you might do one or all of those things. Just know that if such does happen, it is highly unlikely that any of those things will look even vaguely like what you'd picture at this point.

The goal here is to tear the guts out of Patriarchy and replace it with Matriarchy and that will not be a peaceful process. Some of you who take up this Work will be killed doing so. [see 'most men will fight' above] None of us will see the end of this Work. It is a task for generations. This is not about you, my Sisters. This is about your Daughters and Grand Daughters and so on for centuries, even if you personally do not breed. You must think of All Girls as Your Daughters.

That said, let me give you your first piece of Operational Doctrine. It is a quote from the great non-guru Jiddu Krishnamurti; "It is no measure of good health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society." If you are reading this you almost certainly can see that our society is sick. Take a few moments to examine how you have 'adjusted'. I guarantee you such will include most of the 'self help' and 'personal growth' regimes you have undertaken. They tend to be spun by bogus gurus who blow smoke up your ass while picking your pocket. They pitch Endless Happiness and Bottomless Satisfaction, a profoundly American Middle Class Conceit that is the prime mover behind the short sighted and self absorbed attitude that has brought our Civilization to the brink of disaster. Functionally, they are sociopathic paradigms.

Now before I finish here, let me indulge in sharing one more part of my personal motivation.

Some may think it obvious that I have a few 'mother issues'...and I will confess to such. My mother was an intelligent, talented and beautiful woman who never got to have her own life. She died in a gilded cage – a sixteen room house on top of a hill in Beverly Hills – imprisoned in an abusive relationship with a brilliant sociopath and the alcoholism that engendered. In the last decades of her life she'd become fully Stockholmed by that abuse and the 'enemy' of those who tried to free her.

There is however one woman whose fate, even more than my mother's, drives me and this Work. Her name was Sara.

I met her when I was fifteen and she fourteen. I was immediately smitten. In a poem written three decades later, I called her 'a little blond angel'. She was also terribly damaged, seduced by her father at eleven as if she was his adult lover, all that compounded by her being the eldest daughter of his life long mistress. She had just run away from home when I first met her.

We danced around each other for a few years. When we finally became lovers, it was for all the wrong reasons and it ended quickly and badly. A few years later, when her life was spiraling down, she sought refuge with me. And in my own pain and confusion, I treated her horribly.

It is my understanding that she went on to heroin addiction and street level prostitution. In the end, she was murdered by persons unknown – a pimp or a john – her skull crushed and her body dumped in the Charles River in Boston, where she drifted for two weeks.

Over the course of my life I have learned the hard way that we cannot save anyone but ourselves. And yet...I still wonder if I had just shown her some real kindness that last time, had not allowed my own anger and frustration to wound her more, that maybe – just maybe – she might have had a little more time and a little more help in saving herself.

That haunts me to this day and likely will until I die. So I do the Work you'll find in the pages that follow, do it as a Living Amends to Sara, to hopefully provide her Sisters with a little more time and a little more help in saving themselves...

I have endeavored to make this volume as complete, comprehensive, and coherent as is humanly possible, and, being human, I have likely failed somewhat in each of those areas, but this is only the first version, and, as ever, more shall always be Revealed.

One final point before you plunge in; there will be a lot of Metaphysics up front as befits what is in part a 'holy book'. But remember, this is also a How To Manual and there will be a good deal of 'nuts and bolts' as well. The Metaphysical aspects are simply the 'why we'll do what we plan to do' underpinnings to the 'how we'll do what we plan to do' elements. Great ideas are all well and good but one must ever be practical. We may not live by bread alone, but we certainly cannot live without it either.

So, let us begin....


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