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~In so many things, I am quite resolute and determined. But in 'matters of the heart', I can be impulsive and very immature, a weak foolish old man who is still healing from Damage left over from before most of you reading this were born, Damage I am fairly certain I shall take with me to my grave.

I have deleted a number of posts that immaturity generated. That is all I shall say on the matter.

As for the rest, I am hoping to resolve the issue positively, though I suspect such an outcome is unlikely. I kind of feel that in my guts. But I have dedicated the past year and half of my life to guiding and nurturing this special young woman who had professed a desire to be a Priestess of The Sisterhood, and my Duty and my Love for her requires I follow through the end, no matter the expected outcome.

If however she does not stay on this Path...well, then she is not meant to be our High Priestess, all her extraordinary gifts notwithstanding. But even then, she has had a powerful impact upon this Work and she will always be remembered with Love and Honor.

And I, as ever, will go on. I must remain on this Path and continue to do this Work even in the face of such a loss. But I have faced loss and broken hopes on this Path before and likely will I again...and I will persevere.

My One Great Hope is that I will live long enough to see The Sisterhood become a reality beyond my dreamings. I Pray to Goddess that such may come to pass...

...and so it is.


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