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~I have been working on the concept of The Sisterhood and its liturgy, its metaphysics and its nuts and bolts plans for over twenty years now. I talk to anyone who will listen about it and live my entire life is dedicated to the Work of getting from the page into an actual working Spiritual movement. My reasons for this can be read in the Preface.

The plan has been that once SH actually gets underway, I would begin to fade into the background, and whichever Sister had assumed the mantel of leadership would be front and center from there on out. We now have a brilliant, beautiful and tempestuous young woman working hard toward assuming that mantel. She has a long ways to go and many challenges to face and overcome, but I am more optimistic than I have ever been. She truly wants SH and has the skills and talents to make an excellent High Priestess.

To those of you who support The Sisterhood, I request that you Pray to Goddess that our nascent High Priestess finds within herself all she needs to succeed in these endeavors. After all, my Sisters, she is working for your future.

That said, there is one other whom I am required to acknowledge and that is my long time Companion Le-Le. She is Sister One, the first woman who came to SH. I have not called her that in far too long. If not for her presence, love and support, this fat old man known as Her Prophet would not be here, at least in the moderately decent shape I am in.

Le-Le is quite and can be shy. But she is immensely strong and resilient. More than one who have taken her gentle quietness for weakness have found out to their regret how strong and tough she can be. She is also a experienced and Talented Witch. It is her Majick that protects this house. And her steady presence that has been there when my own spirits flagged, which they have oh so many times.

As SH grows – Goddess Willing – there will be many 'bright lights' that will illumine it, our nascent High Priestess foremost among them. But Sister One must be acknowledged and Honored, for without her, there almost certainly would have been no Sisterhood. Sister One is the Rock upon which The Sisterhood is being built.

Her Prophet has spoken...


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