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~I'm twenty years Sober today...
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~I was supposed to call the vet this week and find out how much cash had been donated – I know there's at least $380 in there – and I haven't. I'm avoiding. I'm emotionally burnt out and no matter what they tell me, it's not going to be 'good news'. Even if we've reached the half way mark – apx $750 – and we can go ahead, the two outcomes – 'ol Ginger gets his leg off or he has lung spots and going to die in the near future – both fucking suck and I don't want to face any of this. [I can never get through these fucking posts without crying]

But The Universe came knocking at my door – as it tends to do – and I got a private message from our Principle Donor asking for a progress up-date. He's been very generous and is a fellow cat hoarder, so today [Sat] I'll push my sorry ass and make that call.

I have more whining to do about myself, but I'll skip that for now.

And here's the vet info again:
Mission Animal Hospital
845 West Palmdale Blvd.
Palmdale, CA 93551
Ask for Michelle

His name is Icarus, and his owners are Leesa Hayes and Michael Daly.
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~Okay, Le-Le's feeling like shit, too. I'll push myself, but she's got MS, so I won't push her. We'll rest up today and take a run at the vet first thing, which would be 7am.


Aug. 1st, 2013 01:50 am
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~Fuck, this was a miserable day. I wrote nothing except depressing missives, of which this is one. At least I cleaned the litter boxes and put some gas in the trucklette for our drive to the vet. Gonna lay down in a few for a few hours sleep. And I think I've abandoned the Matriarchal Calendar. I just don't feel like posting it any more...

...ah yes, the countdown to my birthday has begun, in all its hideous glory...


Jun. 29th, 2012 05:48 pm
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~Today has been a slower day because we're all tired, JR and Charlene included. It's been hot and we have been pushing.

In a little while Le-Le, JR and I are heading up to Mojave to get the new modem, which didn't get dropped at the office as it was supposed it. Le-Le is like, “We're going to have Internet this weekend, dammit!” *snort*

Then back down to Funky Town to set up her bed frame. That'll be one thing less to deal with tomorrow.

Anyway, we'll see y'all on the other side....


Apr. 28th, 2012 12:49 pm
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~Slept badly for a day or so, but kinda caught up last night/this morning. Anyway, I feel better, though not great.

Been slowly working my way through the 'park tasks'. Still pisses me off to have to spend any money on this place when we're on the way out the door. But whatever...

I've been cogitating on a lot of things, but have been too tired and distracted to really write about them. Making notes instead.

More later...


Apr. 20th, 2012 07:05 am
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~Yesterday I swooped and zoomed up and down between Depression and Rage. I finally slept it off for the most part between 1am and 5am. That cycle is still dogging me a bit, but by and large I'm stabilized for now.

It was all 'situational' of course. The Housing Issue is central, but there is actually a larger issue here which is even more depressing.

That Woman has proclaimed herself for decades to be a Progressive and a Champion of Social Justice. She joined the Peace Corps at 64 and last year went down to Mexico to volunteer at an orphanage.

But in the crunch she lapsed into the worst type of tribalism, totally refusing to look at the real culprit in the matter – The Note Holder – because they go to the same synagog, going straight to obfuscation and legal terrorism as fast as any Republican Plutocrat and with all of their self justification.

That she is economically oppressing a disabled woman on a fixed income with a life threatening, physically disabling disease never enters into her mind. She wants her money. That she lost her money by getting involved in a national Ponzi scheme also never enters her mind. The Note Holder is a Righteous Jew and would never cheat anyone, at least not a fellow Jew.

That is, in microcosm, why I have no faith in the survival of The Republic. I strongly suspect much of Occupy would behave in the same fashion. The American Middle Class is self obsessed, fickle and myopic. It fully deserves the ass fucking it is presently getting.

All this has been tiring and will continue to be so for the next number of months. As I have said, I can sleep it off. It's Le-Le that I worry about. If anything happens to her...

...well, that is best left unspoken. Those who know me can piece it together.


Feb. 7th, 2012 11:51 pm
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~I'm sorta blah. Not depressed or 'down', just kind of generally uninterested. I think this is the 'post' part of PTSD.

My dreams have been pleasant and eventful, so sleeping has been especially nice. Can't sleep all the time of course. But right now I'm happier when I am.

I know I need to process this betrayal some more, but I don't have the heart for it just yet....


Nov. 13th, 2011 07:30 am
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~I slept another five hours and feel much improved. I pulled something in my lower back when I help Le-Le with cages the other night, but that's getting better as well.

I can tell some 'bug' [or maybe just stress] is trying to 'get me sick'. But I'm bloody well not having any of that nonsense. I'll sleep, supplement and medicate my way right thorough it!

Not much else to say right now...
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~Felt like I had my head in pudding all day. I fucked off. Watched Brit cop shows. Slept. That's about it.


Oct. 9th, 2011 05:52 am
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~Okay, I'm killing time until I head up to the store. [it opens at 6] Doing some laundry and makin' a post.

I cut my hair three days ago. Don't panic, ladies, it was just a trim. I hadn't gotten it cut in over six years and the ends were just fucking thrashed. I had to cut a knot out of it and that just did it. I knew what had to be done.

I did a blunt cut on my ponytail; took off about 3&1/2 to 4 inches. It's still plenty long and it looks good. Even kinda feels good, too, though I guess that's subjective.

Anyway, it grows like Topsy and all will be fine. I'm going keep making smaller trims every few months from here on in, like a quarter inch or so. That'll keep it healthier. And remember I grew up in the fashion industry, so I DO have some idea of what the fuck I'm doing.

And now...I shop!


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