Jan. 1st, 2017

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The Wölfin Foundation, a non-profit organization to help and support women and girls world wide.

The Wölfin Foundation's goals are to provide grants to projects, organizations and businesses that help women in a substantive way.

Die Wölfin-Stiftung, eine gemeinnützige Organisation, um Frauen und Mädchen weltweit zu helfen und zu unterstützen.

Die Ziele der Wölfin-Stiftung sollen Zuschüsse für Projekte, Organisationen und Unternehmen gewähren, die Frauen in einer materiellen Weise helfen.

Where The Wölfin Foundation will primarily focus is the areas of Women's Reproductive Science and Life Extension Technologies. [I'll give you a 'cheat sheet' on this] Death is a disease and can be cured. [you can quietly suggest that these are personal issues you are passionate about, but can be vague about details]

Focus on related businesses and projects started by women. Provide support in the form of planing, organizing, funding.

Provide scholarships and living grants for talented young women who seek to work in these fields.

The Wölfin Foundation will be a European based organization to begin, but we will eventually seek expand to North American as well. [always emphasize Europe...the rich are conservative and want Europe to survive. You'll have no issue being supportive of the concept of Europäisch Kultur. If anything, you'll have to restrain yourself LOL]

These Human Enhancement Technologies are the future of the race. The primary goal of The Wölfin Foundation is to make certain that women are well represented in the development and distribution of these technologies.

“Death is a disease. Diseases can be cured.“

“I plan to live a thousand years.“ Those who work in this field have said that the first human to live a thousand years has already been born. You plan to be one of them.

Whole body goal: implanted computers [credit card sized] just under the skin [side of the chest/arm pit] to guide medical nanites [sub-microscopic robots in the circulatory system https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanorobotics] that use raw stem cells [regular injections] to constantly repair the every part of the body.

This would also assist with pregnancies and live births.

There would be a security company dedicated to protecting these implants. It would be a highly coveted career because the employees would themselves have this tech in their bodies. And this would make the job 'personal'.

The Rich love this stuff. The want to live very long lives and enjoy their wealth. Plus this stuff is going to be expensive and that will divide the race into The Enhanced and the Baseline. The Rich love that shit, too.

Part of the basis of SH's Servitor class https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jos%C3%A9_Manuel_Rodriguez_Delgado

Eulenverein a women's club


PL Wannabes

Jan. 1st, 2017 08:24 am
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~I had remembered about a half dozen or so of my Past Lives [PL's] before I met Eva Anna. None of them are a big deal. Interesting to be sure, but no one famous.

Over the years, I have encountered a lot of 'Cleopatras' and 'Julius Caesars' during my PL work and while traveling throughout the New Age Community. They were usually mousy little people and I didn't believe them. They were clearly just trying to make themselves 'more' off of the dead.

Since I met Eva Anna and have spent time around her, I have seen the same syndrome. Lots of NS wannabes. Some run a good game, but there are some who are total fuckups, who do not even do basic homework, like noting that the person you're supposed to be was still fucking alive when you were born!!

And when Eva Anna called a few of them on that, they went psycho on her, defamed her as widely as possible and then ignored all those inconvenient facts. *sigh*

But Eva Anna is really The Gatekeeper of NS/PL's. As I have said elsewhere, “Eva Anna is not just Eva B’s reincarnation. She is her living embodiment in this Life.” She has also suffered through her PL. It's not a 'game' for her. I can testify to that as well.

So those wannabes piss me off, too. I'm looking at you, 'Nancy' and Leni'. As for Kali, no you're not Dr G. Actually we're pretty sure you're Helga G.


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