May. 2nd, 2017

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Richard, your games are over. You've been unmasked as a fraud. You are not rich. You are certainly not Wolf. I know that for a fact because I have spoken with him directly via Eva. He utterly despises you btw.

And Tracy said you're not even a Wagner.

Yes, it was me who texted her the other night. She said, “Tell her to stay away from him,” regarding Eva. I understand she screamed at you. Good. You need to be screamed at.

Eva played your game for a while, but she and I never stopped talking. Our bond is not romantic. It is Spiritual. I stood with her last year through a very very dark time. Some might say I saved her life, but that would not be true. We can only save ourselves. I merely helped her to save her own life.

You on the other hand have driven her crazy.

While you were leaving stupid “We're married” IM's to Eden, you were sending Eva pix of you cutting yourself to try to guilt her. That is evil and triggering. You have triggered her ED issues. You have triggered her PL issues. You have stressed her to the point of being suicidal. You have stressed her so much she has gone into hospital.

You are mentally ill and need help. Time to go and get some.

If you do not go away, Eden and I will make it our mission to stop you. If that requires outing you as a rabid Nazi and possible pedophile to your employers and to the world, then so be it.

I'm doing this here discreetly for Eva, not you. If it were solely my call, I'd put this on every Internet platform I have. Suing me for slander would be useless as I'm on Disability and that cannot be garnished in civil matters.

I will not communicate with you further.

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~A few days ago I wrote the following, “I never wanted to be a 'guru'. It's a brutal and heartbreaking Path and usually ends in failure and a lonely or violent death.” Grim, but not really all that pessimistic if one honestly reviews the historical record. Prophets are usually hated in their own times and tend to die unheeded.

The past day or so I have been under the weather and tired and that always gets me all emo and shit. I whine and cry and beat my breast...and then I get past that and keep on.

I expect I shall do that again. I'm already half way there. And at the moment I'm really fucking tired. I should have slept six or seven hours, but only managed three.

So now of course all my fears and self doubt are crawling out the woodwork and clawing at me. I've wept a few times, fallen deep into despair and self pity. [I fucking hate self pity!!]

I'm also washing my bed linen and plan to wash my hair. [waaaay overdue] And I'm blathering here into this desk top file. Not much else I can do right now. Too tired to really focus on any serious writing and I don't feel like watching any of the shows I've got downloaded. [a fuckton tbh]

I'm sorta stalled right I'll shut up now...

PS Mercury goes Direct tomorrow.


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